Chapter 177- Backstabbed

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‘This is way too tedious!’

Rephrasing the questions he was asked before made KMega6KMegacharacter have to rephrase his answers so he didn’t sound like a broken record. This is something he learned taking the diplomacy class, but KMega was an amateur compared to the person speaking.

“As I stated before, I did not force the former companions to come to Eastguard. I’m not exactly sure of the conditions, but the reality is that they don’t want to leave. Stop! Asking! Me! The! Same! F**king! Questions!” (KMega)

Naturally, KMega’s composure broke.

Add on the fact that he had other surprise guests, his face was red with anger.

“Calm down, Sir Duke. You are becoming unsightly to the viewers.” (Aide)

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KMega looked at the aide squarely in the eye as he fiercely counterattacked, “The one being unslightly is you lot. Coming here on the pretenses of negotiation… Eastguard is a self-sufficient nation. The south has the sea, the west and north have mountains, and the east has the empire trying to conquer them. Eastguard has yet to rebuild it’s fleets after the demon war, so the waters aren’t safe and we’re isolated from the world. We haven’t been letting other players in because they may be spies from the Empire or other troubling individuals. As for the former soul companions! They have the right to decide for themselves who they’re partnered up with. I doubt you know since you came here first, but it was announced that if you want to renew your contract with your former companion, then you need to make contact with the church. All you guys want are your godd**n farm bots back!” (KMega)

The fact that you must go to the church for a chance to retrieve your previous companions is rather well-known in the guild, but the larger guilds suppressed this fact for large gains. They never expected that a player who still had their original companion would know such a thing.

The aide responded in a calm manner, befitting someone of the head diplomat of the guild, “So you’re saying they’re being held hostage by the church?” (Aide)

It was his job to push his political opponents into a corner so they will lose face. However, they made some miscalculations. First of all, KMega is a very passionate and emotional player. Secondly, they never considered that someone would throw a lump of brown substance at the chest of the aid.

When it hit his chest, a female voice spoke, “We don’t want to go back, you sons of b***hes!” (???)

It was the pink haired cat girl that KMega saved from the three ruffians in the alley.

“I am never ever coming back Kyl, you evil son of a b***h! What you’re doing isn’t the journey you promised me!” (Catgirl)

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Kyl sighed before quickly disappearing with a short-range teleport, but KMega’s instincts were just good enough to follow his movements. He quickly turned around to find Kyl with a blade in hand piercing his former companions back. Kyl then leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “ This reminds me of that night. Too bad you turned into such a sl*t.” (Kyl)

The catgirl shed tears as the player king grabbed her head with his free hand and started to twist. KMega became enraged and charged forward. Most political leaders are knights or other such people with high charisma and defense. Kyl’s motto: ‘The best defense is the best offense.’

He was primarily an assassin.

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