Chapter 176- Diplomatic Invasion

KMega6KMegacharacter waited less than a day before he received a notice from a messenger representing one of the heads of the giant guilds. He had been weary and nervous because his encounters with big guilds in previous games. As a space pirate, he had fought the injustices of the giant guild that ruled the game. Most surprisingly, it had worked. In the game there had been a lawless zone over which he was king, or rather queen because of his female character. Despite being a lawless zone, it was fair and the last bastion of fun for players. Perhaps if he had not ruled over this zone, he could have befriended real players. As a necromancer, he was often scouted, but he could see the guilds only wanting to use him for their own gains.

Only through intimidating his family did they coerce him to offer up his legions along with his account, but without his personal skills, the loyal upper-rank undead abandoned their new master, leaving the giant guild with a slightly better than average lich character abandoned by KMega. As a wizard, he had often fought in wars. He had been the WMD, the bane of players. His spells killed tens of thousands. The meteor he became in the demon war paled in comparison to the spells that only he had been able to control. Power made one blind, so he sold the account. As he had moved out of his parents’ home, he had smiled upon learning that the new player who had bought the account had blown up his own country. As a master bandit, he only stole from players, namely the large guilds. He had actually retired this account instead of selling it more because it was damaged than for any other reason. Now, he seemed to be setting up a welcoming party, but in actuality, he was preparing for war.

The only military asset KMega had was the Silent Merc guild. He set up three hard points of defense, Silent’s guildhall, the academy and the church. Her strongest members would be stationed at these three places while her weakest would patrol. Likewise, Lowlo spread his underling priests to these locations while he and Berry watched over the church. KMega was not sure what was coming, but he knew it was not good.

KMega was surprised by the sheer number of players that appeared. He knew the giant guilds had lots of players, but he had not expected over a thousand for a diplomatic mission. Most disseminated throughout the country to speak to the heads of the other companion groups, leaving over a hundred with their king.

However, after a moment he took a deep breath and gave his best smile as he stepped forward in his first dragon4dragonspeciesian form. “Welcome to Karma Sky Island, King of Ravenroot. I am Duke KMega.” (KMega)

The player king stared coldly at KMega as one of his aides spoke, “Sir Duke KMega, many are wondering why you stole all the companions.” (aide)

KMega paused, stunned that they blurted it out to him like this. He was glad that he had decided to stream this live.

“Well, stole is a strong accusation. If I recall the stats in the Green Corporation statement, 61% of all companions outright abandoned their soul companions due to mistreatment. To this date, several thousand more companions have abandoned their partners. As you know, a NPC normally cannot leave the game world they are part of unless they die, so they became refugees, and many NPCs in other nations pitied them. Because of my decision to leave my contribution points with the Bishop of Eastguard to benefit the country, the system used this opportunity to give the former companions a safe place and a home to live in.” (KMega)

The aide seemed upset with his answer. He had expected KMega to be an idiot noob or at best, a mid-tier pro with a good head at toon-growth. He did not expect that KMega had done some homework and fact-checking. “Then, why is Eastguard closed off to players? There is a lot of property taken by the fleeing companions.” (aide)

KMega shook his head. “I have a very good relationship with my companion, so I don’t understand why a companion would run away, but I imagine that if an employee has not paid for a long time, they resent their employer. Everyone wants what is owed them, whether it is only a base wage or more than that. Again, I have never experienced such a circumstance. I respect my companion…” (KMega)

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