Chapter 175- Player King

There are two concepts to guilds; limited and unlimited. Limited guilds have a fixed membership limit of ten, fifty, or a hundred. They’re usually small or medium-sized guilds that have various advantages. Since there are usually so little members, they are rather friendly towards each other and can easily maintain their affairs. They also hold lower standards for playing time. Unlimited guilds are guilds that usually have over a hundred members, but they’re rather rare. It’s been said that if you start the game in an area controlled by an unlimited guild, you should scrap the character and star anew. This is because of two simple facts; they dominate players for money and experience. A guild controlled area, which you can easily conquer as long as you have the numbers, will charge a player by the kill. This amounts to you doing all the work, but only receiving 40% of the drops and exp. However, god forbid you get a rare drop. You will be hunted down without remorse if you don’t turn it over for a minimal finders fee. Additionally, if you’re a player that does crafting without farming for the materials yourself, you will want to cut your own wrists at the prices you must charge to break even compared to the guilds.

Even if you persevere and finally catch a break, every gamer dreams of, and can trigger unique quests. However, if you do such a thing in a controlled area, they will do everything in their power to stop the player and steal the quest after they fail.

These large guilds are all business, making them very unsafe compared to mobs.

Kyl rode in his carriage with a smirk on his face. The entire main force of the guild, consisting of about a thousand players, was mobilized for this operation.

This event is something created by players, so it’s very important they succeed.

[Quest: Return of the Companions

Quest Level: National SSS+ (Player Quest)

Description: You have discovered where most of Sword Kingdom’s companions have disappeared to. Your actions will now decide the future

Reward: ???

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Additional: There is no set success or failure for this mission. Everything will be decided by players.

Additional: Through your dealings with the Markwell Empire, your actions will be easier. You may keep all gear and resources that are given to you as long as the Hero of Eastguard dies. As a soul traveler, the empire knows he will be back, but that is sufficient. If this condition is met, the Empire will support your actions and claim that they were helping you liberate the soul companion captives. Fail, and they will denounce their involvement and will block your escape routes out of the country. Succeed, and a non-aggression pact will be formed with Ravenroot.]

Kyl didn’t really care much about the Markwell Empire much. In his eyes, they were just a bunch of NPC’s waiting to be conquered. However, the unexpected gift of ‘demon’ gear made him pause. Naturally, since he doesn’t trust the empire, he had his personal smiths analyze the gear and they found out they’re defective prototypes used for disposable pawns. Still, that was enough alone to kick-start their own demon research all the way to making proper tools out of the material. Since they had gained tons of material in the invasion, they weren’t behind by much. However, the system saw through his plans to a greater degree. If they succeeded, then the Empire will swarm in and claim that they’re liberating the companions. If they fail, they will block off their enemy’s escape and say they incited a massacre. He was rather amused as he thought about his plans and the trump cards he prepared. One such trump card is a scroll box next to him. In order to get large returns, one must make investments. They cost the guild a combined total of ten million contribution points, but that isn’t actually a huge amount in the grand scheme of things.

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