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Chapter 171- Gamers Night Out Part 2

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His words caught the attention of a few people around them, and that attention made other people turned around to look. In general, gamers aren’t very well versed with the real life identities of great players unless they regularly participate in tournaments like Adams, Brian, and Elsa do. On the flip side, gamers are very familiar with in-game characters such as heroes and legends that essentially make their game. Since Astrid7Astridcharacter retained her in-game height and racial traits, such as her dragon4dragonspecies tail and wings, it was no surprise that she was recognized.

“That’s the GSP team! The unshakable tank TIJ; IRL name Adams. The unparallelled mage Legilight; IRL name Brian. There’s also Asgaber, the unstoppable assassin; IRL name Elsa.” (Gamer A)

As they walked to the VIP room on the second floor, it’s natural that the tournament team were recognized first.

“I see… Then, who are they?” (Gamer B)

A new voice answered his question, “The person in the goth looking getup is Emma; the worlds best speedrunner. Her shirt isn’t just for show. That’s the screenshot of her time. That wannabe school girl is Winter; the worlds best FPS player.” (Gamer C)

The two of them looked at the stranger with amazement.

He isn’t just a crazed fan, but someone who has pro-level intel.

“As for the last guy, he’s the guy that crashed the game the other day as you said.  They say it was the first game crash caused by a player in twenty years.” (Gamer C)

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When KMega6KMegacharacter and his group walked into their private booth, they saw that there was a round couch and table inside. The girls sat in the middle and the guys sat on the outer edges.

Adams and Brian would have normally invited groupies by now, but since the girls came with them, they had to control themselves. Since Brian and Adams are rather well-known, they sat at on end with Elsa while KMega, Astrid, Emma, and Winter sat on the other end. After the waiter took their order, KMega was enjoying the atmosphere as he watched a tournament on the main screen. He isn’t very big into PVP, but he does know a little about it and he was rather intrigued by how other people fought. Astrid was just happy sitting next to him. She saw this as a good opportunity since KMega is pretty much a shut-in and it took months for him to open to his housemates. She hoped he would become a sociable member of society.

They talked about this and that such as how KMega’s college courses in astrophysics and astrodynamics were going. They also talked about how Brian was close to finishing up his master’s degree in engineering and how Adams was thinking about retiring from video games5video gamestheme and joining the army. To the surprise of the rest of the group, the normally shy Emma even opened up to say she wanted to find a boyfriend and was envious of Winter. It was as if nothing could spoil their mood. However, he soon came and ruined everything…

Tygart Tyler, the former priest and team leader of the Green Corporation GSP pro tournament team, walked away from the people he considered nobodies and headed up the VIP stairs.

The bouncer made no attempt to stop him since a few other well-known pros besides the GSP team were already mingling. They talked about real life things such as the weather, the stock market, and streaming tips. The last one is KMega’s expertise since he does live events and records his gameplay.

When KMega left to go to the bathroom, Tygart smirked as he approached them.

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“Well well well! Look what the cat dragged in!” (Tygart)

Emma grabbed the scared Elsa by the arm and nodded at her in understanding. Winter stared daggers at the intruder and Adams tensed up his muscles while Brian pushed up his glasses.

“What are you doing here? I thought only respectable pros are allowed in the VIP section?” (Brian)

Tygart smirked as he responded with four words that made them all feel dejected, “I own the club.” (Tygart)

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