Chapter 170- Gamers Night Out Part 1

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KMega6KMegacharacter just finished making breakfast when Adams spoke, “Hey, Brian and I are going out later. You should come, Kevin.” (Adams)

Winter was instantly on him as she spoke, “Adams, even though you know me and him are a bit of thing, you want him to be your wingman for your girl chasing?” (Winter)

Everyone, including KMega, blinked with surprise when she said that.

“Actually, since KMega hasn’t shown his face since the pub tournament and after he made a splash during the PPV, we had nothing even though we’re paid experts. If Brian didn’t pull something off as he did, we would have left at the end of the broadcast full of shame.” (Adams)

Brian then pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he spoke, “He owes us for that stunt at least. Besides, he should try being a pro tourney player for once. It’s a good idea to mingle with some of the other pros from time to time.” (Brian)

When Brian said that, KMega looked at Astrid7Astridcharacter with an unsure expression on his face, but she didn’t say anything.

“Sure, I guess. All the chaos that occurred at my location has been dealt with. If I don’t cook dinner tonight, I can be ready by five.” (KMega)

Adams smiled as he responded, “Perfect! We’re going to a new joint called The Gamers’ Hangout.” (Adams)

Nothing extraordinary happened after that as KMega logged in to visit Lazar’s children at the newly built school. Yirk, several retired soldiers, some scholars, and some magicians were the teaching staff. Yirk knew that his knight days are behind him, so when he tutored KMega before he was the hero of the nation, he became interested in teaching. This fact also made him an unquestionably good fit to be headmaster. As for Lazar’s young, they didn’t grow as fast as Astrid did, so the little dragon4dragonspeciesians were just starting to walk and talk. Just as they looked at their father with wonder and pride, they admired the alpha of the brood, KMega, with innocent eyes. His gentle smile showed them he had a big heart behind his powerful will, inspiring them to grow strong like him.

When he logged out, KMega put on his ‘nice’ clothes and walked downstairs to see everyone but Elsa and Winter. Emma was in a long skirt with a sleeveless shirt that had ‘Fastest gamer alive’ and her world record time for a popular speedrun game on it. Adams was wearing loose fitted jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a chain necklace. Brian was wearing similar clothes, but his shirt was of a mad alchemist mixing potions. When Elsa finally came down, it was obvious she’s going to a party. As for Winter, she looked like a schoolgirl going out with friends. Still; everyone, even the girls, couldn’t help but stare at her. The last person to come down was Astrid wearing a backless dress. Even though she was a mechanoid that stood 5’7” and had a size A chest, the guys still thought she was rather sexy.

Even Emma was rather envious of her since she could pull off a flat chest with ease.

By the time it got dark outside, their small group arrived at the club. When they walked in, it was obvious that it catered to VR gamers since there was public and private pods that customers can use. There was also popular videos of multiple games continuously playing. They consisted of a vast range between Sword Kingdom, a fantasy and adventure game, all the way to a futuristic one with space battles and laser weapons. When they walked in, they didn’t draw much attention, but as soon as a bored gamer started looking around the room for a cute girl to pick up, he noticed an unusual mechanoid.

This made him bump his neighbor’s shoulder before pointing at Astrid and saying, “Isn’t that Astrid!? The companion to the bada*s in Sword Kingdom? You know…, the one who crashed the f**king game!” (Gamer A)

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