Chapter 169- Conspiracy

In VRMMORPGs, there was a basic understanding between IRL and NPC’s that they were playing a video game. However, in Sword Kingdom, that changed when Astrid7Astridcharacter became the first person to escape the confines of the system using KMega6KMegacharacter. She had gained a physical body, but she isn’t the only NPC to think about using real life to their advantage.

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General Marcus of the Markwell Empire looked to his subordinate before speaking, “Can you contact a soul traveler that was recently crowned King and hostile towards the Hero of Eastguard IRL?” (Marcus)

When Terrar heard this, he had a complex expression on his face. The unique quest he was given was infinitely more complex than the question he was just asked.

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“I can try, but I may not get very far because I’ll be a commoner asking to meet a king. There has to be an incentive.” (Terrar)

The General thought about it for a moment before responding, “Tell them that we of the empire grant their people safe passage and they can count on us for support. If they take further action, there may also be other rewards.” (Marcus)

Terrar wasn’t exactly sure what his commanding officer was thinking, but he was too involved with the Empire now to think about backing out. He had to see everything until the end in order to profit. Even if he sold his account now, he would just barely break even.

“I shall do so immediately, sir. However, I can’t guarantee my success.” (Terrar)

Terrar immediately left his office before going into a private room and logging out of the game. However, he went on the net instead of getting out of his VR pod. He then searched the biggest names of the game such as KMega and the Crimson Guild. After spending a few hours, he found some leaked chatter in the public forums, causing him to go to the Crimson Guild website and send them a PM labeled ‘Opportunity from the Markwell Empire’.

Within half an hour, he got a message back directing him to a tavern in the next hour.

He was puzzled by this rapid development as he logged back in after refreshing himself.

He then gave Marcus a quick update through a communication stone he made before arriving at the tavern. To his surprise, a Level 2 noob called Agent Markwell Capitol had appeared. He thought about it for a moment before asking for a private booth. As he thought, the noob soon followed him and set down a communication stone before logging off in the booth. The figure of a white rook piece from a chess game appeared. Terrar then placed his own communication stone on the table and General Marcus appeared.

As soon as he appeared in hologram form, he noticed the chess piece and the noob.

“So soul travelers can even do this?” (Marcus)

“General Marcus of the Markwell Empire,  I received word that you wish to give a unique opportunity to the Crimson Guild.” (Rook)

Marcus remained composed while talking to the chess piece.

He instantly realized that the voice was altered and the person on the other end was probably rather cautious. This conversation is probably being recorded as well.

“Please. You make it sound like I’m seeking to rebel. No, I’m actually here to gain benefits for the empire. I’m doing this as a courtesy, as it were.” (Marcus)

Marcus then stopped beating around the bush and went straight to the point, “The only reason I’m talking to you is because you found out where the soul companions have gone. I’m going to help you get them back.” (Marcus)

The chess piece let out a faint ‘tsk’ sound after losing the initiative.

“So, what do you want?” (Rook)

General Marcus cupped his hands together on the other hand of the line as he spoke, “Oh, I think you know what I want. However, to be more specific, I want to ‘know’ when up front. Naturally, as stated by my underling, we of the Empire will provide your people free passage and other benefits.” (Marcus)

The chess piece remained silent for a while as he debated amongst the elders of his guild.

“Very well. However, we have a few requests. Have your man take this crystal with him so we can further our discussion. Leave the body; an underling will return him to storage later.” (Rook)

In games, a common practice that many players partake in is alternative accounts. These accounts have multiple purposes such as training farm specific crafting skills or getting a handle on certain quests and perfecting boss battles so you can perform better with your main account.

Another way you can use alts in VR games is as a spy, an informant, or even a sacrificial pawn in hostile lands.

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