Chapter 168- Queen KMega

Direrevia sat on the chair and talked with Lazar when KMega6KMegacharacter finally came out later in the day. When KMega got the event noticed, he skipped his morning exercises and quickly ate breakfast before logging in. When he saw the demihuman and dragon4dragonspecies nonchalantly chatting, he paused. Astrid7Astridcharacter was busy making their swords, so he was a little disheartened the person he shared a ‘dragon bond’ with was gone.

When KMega walked up to Lazar, he bowed his head with respect to a higher member of the brood before speaking,

“My Queen, you have a guest.” (Lazar)

KMega nodded as he responded, “I will speak to him at the tavern. Do you need to say anything important before I leave?” (KMega)

Lazar paused since KMega usually doesn’t ask such a thing.

“It has come to my attention that calling you My Queen makes the other races uneasy.” (Lazar)

When he said that, KMega glanced at Direrevia before responding to Lazar, “It’s fine if you call me by my name or my human title when we’re around other races.” (KMega)

Lazar then bowed his head and didn’t say anything else.

KMega then looked at Direrevia and offered him a direction with his hand as he spoke, “Shall we?” (KMega)

When they arrived at the tavern, KMega requested a private second-floor booth and ordered some drinks. KMega then started the conversation as they waited, “Senator, I’ve been meaning to speak with you, but as you can see, I’ve been rather busy over the last month.” (KMega)

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When he finished speaking, their drinks arrived, but Direrevia left his untouched.

“I knew you before the unification of the union when everything was still in shambles. Your story is one of legend, but some people are worried that one person has too much influence.” (Direrivia)

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KMega rubbed the back of his head before grabbing his drink and downing half of it in one go.  

“Blame the Bishop for the recent incident. I wanted to live a more quiet life with my wife and start a family. ” (KMega)

Direrevia chuckled as he grabbed his mug, but he didn’t drink any as he said, “So I’ve been told. However, your flying fortress has a lot of people cautious.” (Direrivia)

KMega put down his half-empty mug and crossed his arms with an unamused expression on his face. “If the island gets too far away from the portal, it will become inert until we’re back in range or vice versa. At best, I could only maintain an army of five thousand people. However, that’s only if I have the time to do such a thing. After things settle down with the new immigrants, I don’t mind donating a rather large portion of my trade profits as a tax for a while.” (KMega)

Direrevia rubbed his chin in thought.

That would silence several senators, but the more threatened ones will be extra weary.

“Perhaps you can do something more. If you can keep your army small to show that you won’t rebel, I think that’ll work.” (Direrivia)

KMega lowered his head as he responded, “I can’t promise something like that without my wife. Since we share control of the realm and the directive of several species, it makes things harder.” (KMega)

Direrevia finally took a small drink as he said, “KMega, Hero of Eastguard, the world is in a state of chaos. Nations have broken the edict that forbade experimentation with demons. The innocent and abused masses at the hands of many soul travelers have come to our doorstep seeking shelter and new lives. I’m sure you aren’t blind to everything that’s happening or what it’s leading to.” (Direrivia)

KMega closed his eyes for a moment before responding, “Did you know that humans have been hunting dragon whelps in the north?” (KMega)

Dererevia was shocked when he heard this. Humans killing infant dragons was a clear breach of the treaty. What kind of fools were poking the tail of the Dragon King? As he wondered such a thing, he then saw KMega’s eyes as he spoke, “We’re sheltering about a dozen young dragons in our lair right now until the Dragon King gives his verdict. I have no time to raise another army when I have so many mouths to feed. Every waking moment, I have to worry about everyone under my care.” (KMega)

Dererevia pondered what he said as he recalled during an old vote there was a faction that adamantly denied KMega. It was a vote to allow a foreign King to visit for negotiation purposes.

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