Chapter 172- Never Back Down

“Fine then. What brings the owner of this establishment out here?” (Elsa)

Elsa inquired boldly; she was only acting strong because a cute girl leaned on her arm. Had she been alone, she would be clinging to an arm instead. Tygart was a showman playboy type who could not take a hint. Three years ago, he had entered the GSP as a pro healer. His skills were excellent: skill timing, resource management, tactical oversight. He had it all. When the team had moved over to Sword Kingdom, it was natural that he would be resentful. The game they had played before had reached the end of its life. Players no longer tried to build their characters because the dominant guild could no longer be realistically challenged. Instead, the guild charged fees for every hunting ground and demanded insane taxes. It was at the level that you would have to spend a bag of gold just to possibly earn a silver coin as profit. This was the fate of many VR games.

Tygart or Hopope, which was his IGN, smirked as he sat down where KMega6KMegacharacter was originally. “Don’t be like that, we used to be friends.” (Tygart)

Winter bit her lip hard enough for it to bleed, the bitter taste helping her concentrate. She restrained herself to keep from attacking him. “Dude, forget the d**k moves you pulled during the tournament. Forget the in-game bulls**t you made us go through! What you put the girls through was nothing but cruel. You kept hitting on Elsa even though she’s gay, you stole Emma’s underwear every time she showered, and I don’t even dare to mention the worst of it in public…” (Adams)

Adams tensed. Like KMega, he and Brian had joined the GSP only a little over a year before as new players for the next game. They had been members of the backup team for when there were over twenty gamers in the GSP, but after the purge, the team had been cut to only those at the table.

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Still, that stint had been long enough to get to know Tygart. He was not some arrogant braggart; he had wit, charisma, intelligence, and money. To top it off, he was a lot more skilled at martial arts than Adams. “You still sore about what happened the other day to land your a*s in jail? My dad being a cop had nothing to do with me staying out.” (Tygart)

Astrid7Astridcharacter watched the reactions of her friends as she kept an eye on the stranger. He cast a hungry look at her. She had failed to notice till this moment that he was feeling her chest. “I must ask you to stop. I am authorized to perform self-defense.” (Astrid)

With a rub of his fingers, he moved in for a pinch that would make a normal woman bleed in the sensitive area. However, just then a hand grabbed his wrist. Everyone but Astrid was surprised by the look in KMega’s eyes as he stared at Tygart.

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“Get the f**k away from her, you g*d d**n pervert.” (KMega)

Astrid was KMega’s mechanoid. He was her guardian, as it were. The mechanoid laws were very clear about certain cases. In Astrid’s case, because she had a female body model, anything that would count as normal sexual harassment would be classified as the same for her. Add along the fact that she had requested the action to stop put Tygart further in the wrong. A normal person would admit that they had gone too far and apologize. KMega and Astrid might have spite and petty desires, but they would have let it slide. Tygart was not a normal person.

Without warning, Tygart reversed the grab on KMega and brought him down to a knee, one hand on his shoulder blade and another controlling KMega’s wrist. This was a common hold to subdue individuals in martial arts. However, KMega was not ordinary either and lowered his center of mass as the hold was applied, destabilizing his captor’s stance. With a twist and a jerk, KMega broke the hold, yet before he could regain his footing, a knee landed on his face, breaking his nose. As blood poured down his face and Tygart smirked at the supposed fluke being just that before turning back to the others, who Adams was attempting to defend. KMega stood up and caught Tygart’s shoulder. As KMega reached out, Tygart went for his wrist, but this was what he wanted as he caught Tygart’s wrist. As Tygart turned, blind to KMega’s stance, expecting another hand grab, his face turned red as his junk found a knee in them, before KMega tried to trip him. Tygart’s mind was hazy from pain, but he still floored KMega by instinct before he could successfully trip him. This time Tygart stood over him, sneering.

Every time KMega stumbled up, Tygart greeted him with a swift kick to the ribs.

“F**king punk a*s b***h, stay down!” (Tygart)

A command KMega did not listen to.

When the police came, Adams made his statement regarding why KMega was in such a bad shape that he required hospitalization.

His line was this: “Kevin is the type of person that doesn’t back down, no matter the consequences…” (Adams)

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