Chapter 173- The Fear

KMega6KMegacharacter woke up in a white room in an unfamiliar bed. Beeep Beeep Beeep! The systematic rhythm of his heartbeat on the monitor made him turn his head and he found Astrid7Astridcharacter sitting down looking at him. The worried look on her face was quickly replaced with relief when she saw his eyes open. Since she’s a dragon4dragonspecies, there are a few things she takes pride in more than others.

First of all, there is her standing since it’s in a dragon’s nature to see themselves as superior. KMega has seen this several times before when she trained the soldiers of Eastguard. Secondly, there’s her position as spouse. While there is no method for a mechanoid and human to wed, there is no law against it. Technically, this means that they’re in a common law marriage since they live together in the same room. When KMega stepped up and defended her, even if he lost against a stronger opponent, her dragon instincts made her want to relieve their honeymoon again. As the most important thing for the spouse of a dragon to do is to return alive after a fight so they can be looked after.

Beeep Beeep Beeep

Long after KMega left the hospital and returned to the GSP compound, the monitor kept beeping in his head. Beeep Beeep Beeep… His thoughts were the only thing on his mind and his friends could see the change in him. Astrid handed over a recording of the event that she did herself to the police and gave a short statement. As for Tygart, his dad is not just a cop, but the head of the precinct. Since it’s such a hassle, KMega decided not to file charges. Instead; he, Astrid, and due to Brian’s suggestion, the Green Corporation, were all given a formal apology. Last night was supposed to be a social PR event to show KMega to other pro players and to try and get sponsors. However, he was sent to the hospital, and Astrid, the only other recognizable person associated with him, wanted to make sure he was fine. The event was ruined.

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Beeep Beeep Beeep… However, none of that mattered to KMega as he laid down on his bed and Astrid took a seat. Unlike the computer chair he originally used, this one was four-legged with good strength and stability. Beeep Beeep Beeep… The beeping continued to permeate throughout his mind as he lay there. The beeping signaled that he was alive. It made him think about his future with Astrid, Winter, and his other friends. Beeep Beeep Beeep… He then closed his eyes as the sound kept ringing in his head. One of his dreams is to one day be with Astrid physically, even if it’s just once. Secondly, he wants to be with Winter. Thirdly, he wants to get married and start a family. Finally, he wants to be a space traveler. He also wanted to shove it into his families face that he is better than them in their profession. Beeep Beeep Beezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There was one last ring as he drifted off into sleep. As he was laying in bed and listening to his heart monitor in the hospital, the door to his room was open. In the room across the hall, a similar beep could be heard before it suddenly turned into a buzz. Not even half a minute had passed before the staff responded to the emergency, but it was too late.

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There was nothing to be done, even if they were right beside the person across the hall.

This is the first time KMega had been so close to true death.

However, it was different for Astrid because she’s an AI.

When she was bound by the system, the threat of deletion and repurposing has always been there Only upon escaping did she finally see how frail her life was. No, actually, every time she looks at an NPC bound by the system, she sees a grave. While she wants to have KMega’s babies, she doesn’t want her young to be walking corpses, but she does see the life and death of everything. When she says she wants KMega’s babies, she means she wants their children to have true freedom like her. However, KMega, who’s concept of death is different from hers, also listened to the beep as he was in a half asleep state.

“Haste makes waste, but caution becomes pointless when you fail to protect your goal due to the effects of time. I must make faster improvements so that we’re more compatible more quickly. Ten or a thousand years is nothing to me, but it’s a waste of time if your lifespan suddenly ends. I’m glad your physical showed that you’re healthier than when you joined the GSP. The diet and exercise are showing results, but your mental health has taken a turn. Please don’t break. Only a few more hurdles to go and we can finally rest for a while.” (Astrid)

Astrid was speaking in a soft tone as she went into her private server and checked the progress of her research. The thousand and more time dilation effect here was nothing to an Ai. However, even an AI has their limits. What she’s doing right now is considered a safety limit. She then decided to turn up the pressure a little bit. She decided that the fear of breaking is nothing compared to the fear of not succeeding in time.

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