Chapter 544: Deep regret

Shui Linglong’s steps stopped and she used one of her hand to catch Shui Ruoyan’s little hand. Her other hand shone with a faint blue radiance.

At this moment, Shui Ruoyan also noticed the abnormality in the atmosphere and stood close to Shui Linglong. She became extremely alert.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared in the air. Dozens of black-robed people completely surrounded Shui Linglong and Shui Ruoyan. The leaders of this group were Pope Lady and her three trusted subordinates.

“Mother.” At first, Shui Ruoyan was startled when she saw Pope Lady. She called out with a pleasant surprise.

Instead of replying her, Pope Lady looked at Shui Ruoyan with indifference before turning to Shui Linglong. She said with a smile, “My good mother-in-law, why are you in such a miserable situation? Since you are here to look for me, I have come to welcome you.”

“S*ut, make that unfilial son come out and see me.” Shui Linglong coldly said.

“Old bastard, do you think that you still have the ability to see him? Since you are here to court death, today, I will help you to achieve your aim.” Pope Lady coldly snorted and dense killing intent leaked out from her body.

Shui Ruoyan was dumbfounded. This was completely different from her expectations. Why did her mother appear as though she was another person?

“Mother, why are you like this? You are my mother, aren’t you?” Shui Ruoyan shouted as she begun to see the light. However, she didn’t dare to believe the truth.

The expression of Pope Lady instantly became complicated. However, it reverted back to her usual calm expression in an instant and she said with indifference, “That’s right, I am indeed your mother. However, if you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself for resembling that damned grandmother of yours. Even the aura around you is the same… So hateful. Don’t blame your mother for being cruel.”

“No, in Mea Principality, you weren’t like this, no……” Shui Ruoyan muttered in a daze.

“Humph, if I didn’t want to borrow your hand to deal with this old bastard, do you think that I would have spent so much time and effort to pretend to be nice to you?” Pope Lady said with a smile. However, the smile on her face was colder than the wind in the winter.

Shui Ruoyan was startled for a long time and her entire body suddenly trembled as she looked towards her pale and suffering grandmother. Could it be that her grandmother became like this because of her?

“Ha ha, your thoughts are correct. This old hag’s suffering is all caused by you. You personally casted the Blood Cursing Magic on her.” Pope Lady grinned cruelly.

“Nonsense, nonsense, I did not……” Shu Ruoyan felt as though her heart was crumbling and she shouted herself hoarse.

The eyes of Pope Lady turned cold and she said, “Attack. I want them both to disappear from this world.”

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Dozens of black shadows rushed towards Shui Ruoyan and Shui Linglong and the remaining dark magicians began to chant a magic incantation.

A magic staff appeared in the hand of Shui Linglong and with a wave, a light blue colored protective barrier appeared around herself and Shui Ruoyan. It managed to block those dozens of dark swords which were slashing towards them.

“Ruoruo, calm down.” Shui Linglong anxiously called out when she saw that Shui Ruoyan had collapsed into the snowland.

Shui Ruoyan was in a daze and she appeared as though she was unable to hear Shui Linglong at all. She kept mumbling to herself, “No, no, everything is fake…..”

All of a sudden, magic elements surged in the air and various kinds of dark magic slammed against Shui Linglong’s protective barrier.

Along with a crisp cracking sound, the protective barrier of Shui Linglong dissipated and a hint of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She was already an arrow at the end of its flight. The reason she was able to hold on till this point was because she still had not taken Shui Ruoyan to meet her biological father. However, it seemed as though she would no longer be able to continue her journey any longer. She would not be able to realize her dream of allowing her granddaughter to meet her father.

When Pope Lady saw the appearance of Shui Linglong and Shui Ruoyan, she smiled. Although there was a place in her heart which was throbbing with pain, she deliberately ignored it.

Those dozens of shadows rushed towards them when they saw that Shui Linglong’s protective barrier was destroyed. Just as their swords were about to pierce through Shui Linglong’s body, all the shadows stopped in midair. It was as though time had stopped for all of them.

The beautiful face of Shui Linglong became bright red and her eyes shone with divine radiance. Her entire body was shrouded in a thin layer of blue radiance.

“Domain, Freeze Over.” Shui Linglong muttered. In an instant, those shadows in the sky froze into ice sculptures as they fell from the sky.

Pope Lady was somewhat stunned and she hastily retreated. She looked at Shui Linglong who was standing in the midst of the show and ice… She appeared just like an inviolable fairy. However, she quickly noticed that Shui Linglong was bleeding from seven apertures. Her appearance was extremely strange which made people feel flustered in their heart.

“Old bastard, how long can you maintain it? Also, if you were not injured, it would be impossible for your domain to be so small.” Pope Lady laughed but she was trembling in her heart. Fortunately, she had the foresight to not step forward to kill her in person. Otherwise, she would be one of the corpses lying on the floor right now. The power of a Water Master Archmage was something one couldn’t look down upon even if she was on the verge of dying.

Shui Linglong smiled bitterly and laid down her right hand that was holding her Ice Magic Staff. The terrifying pressure disappeared in an instant.

“Puff!” Shui Linglong vomited a mouthful of blood again, dying the white snowland red. In the next instant, she collapsed and lied in the midst of the blood-colored snowfield. The light in her eyes was quickly dissipating, just like her life.

Viper, the trusted subordinate of Pope Lady, was very eager to render meritorious service. The moment he saw that Shui Linglong had collapsed on the ground, his figure flashed and his sword chopped towards Shui Ruoyan who was lying in a daze.

The moment Viper moved, Dry Bones moved as well. When Pope Lady saw the both of them moving, she didn’t think too much about it. She simply thought that they were both vying for credit.

When Viper’s huge sword was one centimeter away from Shui Ruoyan’s forehead, it stopped. Blood came out of Viper’s mouth. He looked down in disbelief and he saw a fist sticking out of his chest. His heart was crushed by this fist.

Bang, Dry Bones swung his hand and the corpse of Viper was tossed aside, falling in front of Pope Lady.

“Dry Bones, you dare to betray Dark Church?” Pope Lady screamed.

“I have never betrayed the church. If Pope knew that I saved his daughter, he would definitely not blame me.” Dry Bones laughed in his hoarse voice.

“Kill him.” Pope Lady gnashed her teeth and ordered.

Suddenly, Dry Bones threw out a swarthy pearl which exploded in midair. Along with black mist, dense magic fluctuation appeared all over the place.

Dry Bones caught Shui Ruoyan and he wanted to run away. Who would have thought that she would suddenly struggle free and rush towards Pope Lady while screaming in grief and indignation.

Dry Bones immediately waved his magic staff and two Golden Armored Corpse Kings appeared in front of him. They rushed after Shui Ruoyan and he wasn’t far behind.

The moment the pearl exploded, the strong magic fluctuation caused by the pearl thrown out by Dry Bones woke up the Dark Pope who was in the midst of meditation. When he didn’t see his wife, Yu’er, he was startled in his heart. He gathered all his men and flew towards the direction of the magic fluctuation.

Shui Ruoyan appeared as though she had gone mad. She chased after Pope Lady while casting magic spells one after another. She basically ignored the attack from other people. If it was not for Dry Bones Protecting her, she would already have fallen.

Pope Lady dodged the attacks of Shui Ruoyan and with black light flashing in her hand, she rushed behind tens of dark warriors.

The corpse kings summoned by Dry Bones made all of the dark magicians shrink back behind the dark warriors. In this extremely short period of time, they had suffered a loss of several people.

After that, Pope Lady ignored Shui Ruoyan who was recklessly charging at her. With a baleful aura condensing in her eyes, her figure became illusory and several hidden thread-like black qi shot quietly towards Shui Ruoyan. This was the attack move of the Ninth Heaven Dark Magic.

“Watch out!” When he saw that Pope Lady actually unleashed this move, Dry Bones shouted in order to warn Shui Ruoyan. He rushed up in order to guard her. However, a thread of black qi changed direction all of a sudden and shot towards Dry Bones.

“Dry Bones!” “Wife!” At the same time, two voices resounded throughout the sky. An invisible air current blew away the dark qi which was shooting towards Dry Bones.

In an instant, a bunch of dark shadows strangely appeared on the battlefield.

Dark Pope had a cloudy expression on his face as he showed his figure. At this time, Long Yi carrying both Dry Bones and Shui Ruoyan also appeared in front of the weak Shui Linglong.

“Many thanks for saving my life, Uncle Master.” Seeing as Long Yi had appeared, Dry Bones relaxed.

Long Yi waved his hand and supported Shui Linglong to a sitting position in the snowland. Seeing her current appearance, he was startled. He hastily used his internal force to protect her heart veins before using his spirit power to scan her body. He discovered that all of her internal organs had festered. Even Gods themselves would find it hard to save her.

“Grandma, I harmed you, I harmed you……” Shui Ruoyan kneeled on the floor and felt extremely heartbroken.

Long Yi used one of his hand to support Shui Linglong and his other hand pulled Shui Ruoyan into his bosom. His eyes were cold as they stared straight at Pope Lade whom he had met once before. This woman was truly ruthless. Shui Linglong was the mother of her husband and Shui Ruoyan was her daughter. This kind of woman was a beast without feelings… No, she was inferior to even beasts.

“Mother.” Dark Pope stared blankly at the bloody face of Shui Linglong whose life and death status was unknown. He staggered for a few steps as he walked towards her.

Bang, Dark Pope heavily kneeled on the ground in front of Shui Linglong. Using his trembling hands, he wiped her cheeks and he said in a shaky voice, “Mo…… Mother, wake up! Mother, wake up.”

“Don’t shed crocodile tears, you murderer!” Shui Ruoyan shouted and slapped away the Dark Pope’s hand.

Dark Pope accepted everything without a single reaction. With his blue eyes filled with tears, he mumbled, “How can this be? What exactly happened here?”

“What happened? Why don’t you ask your good wife?” Long Yi coldly said before pulling Shui Ruoyan into his bosom again. He could tell that the Dark Pope was truly unaware of this matter. Moreover, he had deep feelings for Shui Linglong.

Dark Pope looked towards his wife but she unnaturally dodged his gaze. She looked elsewhere without saying anything.

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Dark Pope suddenly recalled the words of Mist Fairy which was brought to him by Lafaer. She said that he should watch his wife properly and not let her do anything. Otherwise, it would be too late for him to regret. Could it be that she was talking about this?

At that time, Shui Linglong’s eyelid trembled and she opened her eyes with great difficulty.

“Grandma, you woke up.” Shui Ruoyan forcibly stopped crying and tightly held onto Shui Linglong’s ice-cold hand.

“Mother.” Dark Pope trembled. Now, this fierce and ambitious person appeared very weak just like a child in front of his dying mother.

“Qing’er, you…… Do you still hate mother?” Shui Linglong’s eyes shone with some vigor after seeing the Dark Pope.

“No, this son never hated mother. This son hated himself…” The Dark Pope finally couldn’t control his emotions any longer and he started to shed tears, crying in regret in front of his mother. Previously, when Shui Linglong had intervened in his love life, there was a period of time he hated her. However, as time passed, he only felt regret. The only reason he didn’t return to look for her was because he felt that he had no face to see her again.

A hint of relief flashed through Shui Linglong’s eyes and she said with difficulty, “Qing’er, mother has always missed you. Do… Do you remember, even though you were already ten years old, you would always sleep together with mother? You also wanted mother to sing a lullaby for you……”

Shui Linglong smiled as if she had returned to those beautiful days.

“This son remember! This son remember everything! Mother, don’t leave me!” The heart of the Dark Pope was torn and tears dripped on the face of Shui Linglong, washing the bloodstain off her face.

The gaze of Shui Linglong blurred and she looked towards Shui Ruoyan. She said, “Ruoruo, pro…… Promise grandmother that you won’t hate your father…”

Shui Ruoyan looked at the tearful face of the Dark Pope and nodded her head.

“Qing’er…… Before, mother used to sing a lullaby for you. Now, sing a lullaby for me… Will you?” Shui Linglong weakly said.

The entire body of Dark Pope trembled and he began singing, “The north wind blew, the fluttering snowflakes piled up…… Whose family’s child refused to sleep……”

Dark Pope choked with sobs and all the time he had spent together with his mother replayed in his mind. He had no father since he was a child so he was unable to remember the thick, broad, and safe back of his father like other children. He could only think about the warm bosom of his mother.

Shui Linglong smiled and the light in her eyes gradually faded. Her head fell to the side and she entered eternal sleep in the bosom of the Dark Pope.

“Mother, mother……” Dark Pope sadly shouted as he looked up to the heavens. As he tightly embraced Shui Linglong’s corpse, he was filled with bitter remorse.

As for Shui Ruoyan, the moment she saw that her grandmother had passed away, her heart stopped beating and she lost consciousness.

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