Chapter 543: The crisis of Shui Linglong

Pierre began to treat Midi’er and Long Yi walked to the front of Lugexiya.

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“What’s going on here? Why did you run to the Blue Waves Continent without cause or reason?” Long Yi asked.

“We discovered that the Demonic Dragon Clan has broken the agreement and they entered the Blue Waves Continent. Father emperor thought that they were plotting something and he dispatched us to thoroughly investigate the situation.” Leguxiya was a little afraid of Long Yi. At that time in the sea, Long Yi had beaten him until he had a bloody nose and swollen face. Now, he discovered that Long Yi was even stronger than this elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan. How would he dare to be presumptuous in front of him? At this moment, Lugexiya was beginning to suspect if his big sister was lying when she said that she had taught him a good lesson.

Long Yi nodded his head. Presumably, the Divine Dragon Clan noticed those two girls, Sharman and Crystal, when they snuck into the Blue Waves Continent. Midi’er and Lugexiya were dispatched to investigate what the Demonic Dragon Clan were up to. Since the Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan were as incompatible as fire and water, they naturally fought the moment they met. As a result, both Midi’er and Sharman suffered injuries. Sharman was cured by Liuxu but both Midi’er and Lugexiya encountered Elder Pierre. How could the severely injured Midi’er fight against Elder Pierre?

“Boy, come here with me. There is something I want to ask you.” Long Yi suddenly smirked mysteriously and led Lugexiya to the corner. He held onto Lugexiya’s shoulder and prevented him from running away.

“You…… What do you want to do? I am not interested in men.” Seeing the wicked expression on Long Yi’s face, Lugexiya’s heart trembled and hugging his chest with his hands, he panicked.

Long Yi rolled his eyes and knocked his head. He ferociously snapped at Lugexiya, “Talk nonsense again and I will cut off your little brother.”

Leguxiya shuddered and hastily used his hands to cover his lower part. It didn’t matter what other people said… He was still the awe-inspiring second Tyrant Dragon King of the Divine Dragon Clan. If his little brother was cut off, it would be a fate worse than death.

“Tell me honestly. Do you have the official seals needed to open the forbidden area of the Divine Dragon Clan?” Long Yi lowered his voice and asked.

Leguxiya relaxed seeing that his little brother was safe and answered, “We got seven elder seals. However, it’s extremely difficult to get the Dragon King seal which is held by father emperor. Moreover, I think that he is already beginning to doubt us.”

“Only the Dragon King seal is left? Pretty good. After the matter here is completed, we will think of a way together.” Long Yi was very satisfied in his heart. He patted Lugexiya’s shoulder and said with a smile.

In the next moment, Long Yi brought Lugexiya back to the Ximen Residence. The moment he arrived at his courtyard, he saw that Nangong Xiangyun was anxiously waiting for him. The moment he appeared, she anxiously rushed over to welcome him.

“My husband, why did you just return? Patriarch had sent people several times to look for you.” Nangong Xiangyun said.

“Do you know why?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

“I don’t know the specific detail, but a guest is here and patriarch is very respectful to her. It has to be related to her.” Nangong Xiangyun said.

Guest? A guest who could make father respectful… Who could she be?

Long Yi didn’t think too much and he asked for Nangong Xiangyun to make the arrangements for Lugexiya before leaving for Ximen Nu’s study.

In the study, Long Yi discovered Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan sitting side by side on a sofa as they talked about something. The door of the secret room inside the study where his grandfather was was opened.

“This son greets father and mother.” Long Yi walked in and greeted respectfully.

“Yu’er, go in and take a look.” Ximen Nu waved his hand and said.

Long Yi nodded his head and entered the secret room. There, he saw a figure wearing a purple colored robe sitting at the bedside of his grandfather. She was blankly watching his grandfather who was in suspended animation state and her little hand was caressing his beard gently. She seemed to be reminiscing the past and she seemed sad.

When Long Yi was entering this secret room, he had already guessed the identity of the guest. It was probably Aunt Ou and when he saw her, he wasn’t too surprised. At this moment, he didn’t disturb her when he saw that she was immersed in her own world. Long Yi simply stood quietly at the side as he watched Aunt Ou. She had such a deep feeling for his grandfather but why were they not together? Was it because she was unable to withstand his grandfather’s romantic nature?

After a long time, Aunt Ou turned around. Her appearance was still beautiful and elegant. However, some of her black hair had clearly turned grey as time waited for no man. He could remember that she didn’t have them when he last saw her in the Mea Holy Magic Academy.

“Aunt Ou, long time no see.” Long Yi greeted her with a smile. He didn’t dare to behave too unbridled in front of her.

Aunt Ou sized up Long Yi and nodded her head. She said, “You have improved, now, I cannot even see through you.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and he walked over to his motionless grandfather. He asked softly, “Did my grandfather use a technique of the Ice Palace to enter this state of suspended animation?”

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“Yes, I taught him this secret technique back in the days. I never thought that several tens of years would pass by so quickly.”  Aunt Ou sighed softly. It seemed as though it was difficult for her to forget this past love of hers.

“Then, do you have a way to wake up my grandfather?” Long Yi asked.

“I have a way, but it would take at least a month.” Aunt Ou said.

Long Yi sighed with relief and smiled, “That’s good. It’s just a month. As long as my grandfather can wake up, everything will be fine.”

“Sit down and talk.” Looking at Long Yi, the expression on Aunt Ou’s face was a lot gentler compared to before.

Long Yi obediently sat on the bedside as he inhaled the thin fragrance in the air which came from Aunt Ou. A comfortable feeling washed over him.

Aunt Ou raised her hand and smoothened out the hair on Long Yi’s forehead. She asked with a doting expression, “How is Wuhen?”

Long Yi made a bitter smile in his heart when Aunt Ou mentioned Ximen Wuhen and he replied, “She has been accompanying the army for the past two years.” He really wanted to ask about the relationship between Ximen Wuhen and Aunt Ou.

Aunt Ou seemed to have seen through Long Yi’s thought. She sighed and said, “When the time comes, I will naturally tell you. However, now is not the time.”

When he heard what she said, Long Yi reluctantly gave up inquiring about Ximen Wuhen. All of a sudden, he thought about Shui Ruoyan and her grandmother. He decided to ask Aunt Ou about them.

The eyes of Aunt Ou glimmered and she silently shook her head.

“Aunt Ou, tell me, what exactly happened?” When Long Yi saw the expression on Aunt Ou’s face, his heart tightened and he hastily asked.

Aunt Ou had no other choice and she didn’t want to hide the truth from Long Yi. As such, she slowly told Long Yi everything about the matter of Shui Ruoyan being controlled and using the Blood Cursing Magic on Shui Linglong. Although she intervened in the final moment, Shui Linglong’s body had already been severely damaged by the Blood Cursing Magic. As of now, she had no idea where the grandmother and granddaughter duo had gone.

Long Yi’s heart shook the moment he heard the news. Where would Shui Linglong take Shui Ruoyan? He could easily guess that he was taking her to the Dark Church in order to meet Shui Ruoyan’s father.

The moment this thought crossed his mind, he could no longer stay still. He rushed out of the secret room and left the study. He even ignored Dongfang Wan’s calls.


The temperature was much colder compared to the previous year. Heavy snow had been falling for many days and everywhere was covered with snow. There was a howling gale passing through the land which caused many people to be unable to open their eyes.

At this moment, in a small village that was only 100 li away from the imperial capital city of the Violent Dragon Empire, Soaring Dragon City, it was very quiet. Even the barking of dogs and the tweets of birds couldn’t be heard. However, there were many black-robed people squeezed in the log cabins of the small village. Each and every one of them was sitting on the ground and they didn’t breathe. It was as though they were dead people.

In the largest log cabin of this village, there was a bonfire. Unlike the other cabins, there were only two people present in the cabin. They were none other than the Dark Pope and his wife, Ye’er.

The blue pupils of the Dark Pope were staring at the fire in a daze as he thought of something.

“My husband, since not all of them are present, how about you take a rest?” Pope Lady advised in her soft voice.

The Dark Pope nodded his head and sat cross-legged as he entered into a meditative state.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared outside the window and instantly disappeared. The eyes of Pope Lady shone and she shot a quick glance at the Dark Pope who was in a meditative state. She gently got up and she walked out of the log cabin.

“What’s the matter?” Pope Lady frowned and asked. She stared straight at one of her four trusted subordinates.

“Lady, this subordinate found the traces of Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong and her granddaughter. They are advancing towards this village.” This trusted subordinate said in a low voice.

The eyes of Pope Lady glimmered with pallid light and coldly said, “Since you didn’t walk through the gates of heaven and intruded on the gates of hell, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Lady, should we make a move now?” This trusted subordinate asked.

“Call Dry Bones and Viper. Bring along some trustworthy subordinates as well. All of you will go with me in order to deal with them. Make sure not to alarm the Pope. Otherwise, I’ll kill you as well.” Pope Lady coldly said.

At that time, Shui Ruoyan was supporting Shui Linglong as they slowly made their way through the snowstorm. Just a moment ago, Shui Linglong had vomited a mouthful of blood when they were flying and had fallen down. Fortunately, Shui Ruoyan noticed it in time and caught her in mid air.

This moment, the complexion of Shui Linglong was wan and sallow. It looked as though she had aged for tens of years. She looked pale and her eyes were deep set. Her gaze no longer had a divine radiance like before… Instead, it was cloudy. She would often bleed from all seven apertures. Now, she looked like she was a person who was on the verge of death. She no longer had the elegance of her past self.

“Grandma, you must hold on, we are about to find my father.” Shui Ruoyan choked with sobs as she said. Along the way, Shui Linglong’s body was getting worse by the day. Even if Shui Ruoyan was stupid, she would be able to see that there was a serious problem with Shui Linglong’s body.

“Ruoruo, be at ease, grandmother is fine.” Shui Linglong forced out a smile but she was miserable in her heart. In any case, she had to hold on until she saw her son.

At that moment, Shui Linglong’s relaxed pupils contracted. She sensed killing intent all around her.

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