Chapter 244: If You Can’t Accept It, Get a Divorce!

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The top floor,

Si Zheng Ting stands quietly in the balcony, looking into the distance like a stone statue.

He has not slept the entire night and is looking very miserable, but he does not look like he intends to move from that spot anytime soon.

He feels as though there are thorns stuck in his heart, freshly wounded and still bleeding.

He takes a long drag on his cigarette.  The rush of smoke burns his lungs and he coughs in pain.  He snubs the cigarette on an ashtray.

5 years ago, she abandoned him for money.

What a ridiculous and pathetic reason for a breakup.

He was too angry last night to bother listening to her explanation, but no matter how angry he was and still is, after a long night of thinking, his sense of reasoning returns to him.

He returns to his office and picks up his phone.  He turns on his phone and discovers 109 missed calls from Zhuang Nai Nai and 5 from his mother.

Just as he opens his phone, a call from Ding Mengya comes.

 He hesitates for a while, looking at the vibrating phone before finally accepting the call.  Ding Mengya’s hoarse voice makes her sound like she has aged overnight, “Everyone did mistakes when they were young.  I was wrong first, I shouldn’t have tried to test her.   Besides, she wouldn’t accept the money the first time, and only accepted on the second time, and even then, she only took 300,000 yuan.  Maybe she had her own difficulties back then.”

Despite everything she said, Ding Mengya knows that Si Zheng Ting has a very high expectation on relationships.  No matter what the reason was, Zhuang Nai Nai did take the money, hurting him on the process.

After saying all that, Ding Mengya cannot find anything else to say. 

After the call ends, a call from Si Jing Yu comes.  She is a lot blunter than Ding Mengya, “What do you plan to do?  If you can’t accept it, get a divorce!”


Si Zheng Ting’s pupils shrink as he frowns.

He shouldn’t have let her go 5 years back, much less now.

Si Jing Yu continues speaking, “If you don’t want to get a divorce, live happily.  The future is the most important thing.  People cannot always live in the past.”

The last part has been said emotionally, as though it was directed to herself rather than him.

After the call ends, he throws his phone to the table.  He seems to consider something for a moment before calling his assistant, “Ji Chen!”

Ji Chen walks to him respectfully before eyeing him carefully, “Yes, sir?”

“Investigate if something had happened to Zhuang Nai Nai 5 years ago.”

“Yes, sir.”  After saying that, Ji Chen looks at him for a moment before forcing himself to say, “Sir, wouldn’t you know everything if you simply ask the madam?”

When Si Zheng Ting hears that, he looks up.

Ji Chen quickly lowers his head, but even then, he can feel the other party’s piercing glance at him.  He makes his way out of the office with his head lowered.  Just as he reaches the doorway, he catches sight of Zhuang Nai Nai standing outside, looking at him.

After hesitating for a moment, Ji Chen bites the bullet and says, “Madam is here, sir.  Would you like to……”

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Si Zheng Ting is taken aback for a moment before saying, “Let her in.”

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