Chapter 245: My Mother Got Hit By a Car

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Zhuang Nai Nai goes to the top floor without harbouring any hope.  That man is so proud, he will definitely ignore her.

So, after waiting outside for half an hour for Ji Chen to come out, she sighs in resignation.

She still needs to work after this and she has not eaten anything since she woke up.  Although she does not feel hungry, her limbs feel strangely soft.

She needs to eat something.

Just as she turns around and is about to leave, the door creaks open.  She turns around and sees Ji Chen looking at her.  Just as she is about to speak, Ji Chen speaks first, “Sir invites you in.”

Zhuang Nai Nai feels like she must have heard wrong.

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But, when she sees that she is not getting blocked by anyone, hopes begin to fill her heart.

Is he inviting her in because he wants to hear her explanation?

She clenches her fists, nervous beyond belief.

She is about to badmouth his own mother in front of him, will he believe her?  There is no proof and the tape from years ago has been destroyed. 

She grits her teeth and walks in, determined to explain herself no matter what.  What happened years back was not her fault, why should she bear the brunt of it?

The walls of Si Zheng Ting’s office are made of glass.  The general feel of the place is similar to his own temperament; calm.

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This is not her first time entering this place, but she still feels nervous.

She walks into the office and the first person she sees is the man sitting behind the desk.

The office is bright, but since he is sitting with his back against the light, she cannot see the expression on his face.

He is still wearing his yesterday’s shirt.  His clothes are creased, but he still looks as imposing as ever.

When she sees the icy way he is looking at her, she feels like she is a criminal being brought forth to a judge.

The look in his eyes made her feel really uncomfortable.

Even after being beaten by life for so long, she still has never felt as small as she feels right now.

She looks at him before breaking the tense silence, “Si Zheng Ting.”

He continues looking at her.  He is like an expressionless statue, sitting there looking at her earnestly.

She knows that he is waiting for her explanation.

“My mother got hit by a car back then.  She hurt her head pretty badly and needed 300,000 yuan…..”

“I know,” Si Zheng Ting cuts her off.

Half an hour ago, Ji Chen has begun investigating about what happened to Zhuang Mama.

Si Zheng Ting was shocked when he heard about all that.

After he went abroad to further his study back then, he lost touch with her.

He did meet Zhuang Mama before the breakup.  After he accepted her in the 3rd year of high school, Zhuang Nai Nai forced him to visit her house to meet her mother.

He had put on a very cold face that day, unwilling to go.

It is not that he looked down on them, just, everyone would be nervous to meet their lover’s elders, even the cold Si Zheng Ting.

He had made a really clean plan for both of them.  They would further their education together, graduate together and then get married.

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