Chapter 137: Soaring Cloud Sword Intent

The arena was flooded with people, but a majority of the inner sect disciples were just here to spectate. Only 20% of them were qualified to enter the tournament.

“Let me try.”

An eighth level Origin Realm inner sect disciple came out from the group of testees.

He clenched his sword with both hands and cleaved at the black iron ore.


Sparks burst forth, but only left behind a white mark on the surface of the black iron ore.

“Disqualified. Next.”

An inner sect deacon in charge of the screening test declared.

It was a certain difficulty to leave an inch deep mark on the black iron ore. Several inner sect disciples who were at the peak state of the Origin Realm, somehow managed to leave a mark of half an inch.

“Too difficult! I think that not many inner sect disciples can actually achieve the requirement?”

“My estimation is numbered at 200.”

“200? Che! At most 100.”

Within the inner sect, no one else used ores to practice their sword arts with except for first grade inner sect disciples.

Even for first grade inner sect disciples, they would generally use an ore which was at most a yellow class, high-tier.

No one would have expected such difficulty in leaving an inch deep mark on a yellow class peak-tier, black iron ore.

“Let me have a go.”

The one who spoke was Zhao Mingyue.

In order to participate in the screening test, Zhao Mingyue consumed a half mystic class pill one month ago and raised her cultivation level to the seventh level of the Origin Realm.


Sparks burst forth, but only a shallow mark was left on the black iron ore.

Zhao Mingyue shook her head and stepped down from the stage.

The results were still disqualification.

Inner sect disciples who fulfilled the screening test requirement stepped up one after another. Each and everyone of them went off stage with depressed expressions, one after another.

Soon enough, almost 2000 testees have failed.

The previous 10 Prodigies of the outer sect had all been disqualified except for Yu Wen Tian.

“It is Yu Wen Tian’s turn. I wonder if he can qualify.”

“He should be able to do it. He is after all of 5 star bone frame and his cultivation isn’t weak either. He is already at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.”

As the spectators discussed, Yu Wen Tian arrived in front of the black iron ore.

With the sword out of its sheath, Yu Wen Tian exerted his maximum force to cleave at the black iron ore.


Shards flew as a mark of that was slightly more than an inch appeared.

“Yu Wen Tian, qualified.”

The inner sect deacon in charge nodded with a slight smile.

As of now, Yu Wen Tian was the only qualified testee under the ninth level of the Origin Realm. It was quite a remarkable feat.

“Is this what a 5 star bone frame can do? I definitely cannot compare to it.” Gao Changtian sighed.

Out of the previous outer sect 10 Prodigies, only Yu Wen Tian qualified. The rest of them still weren’t tempered enough.

“Haha, allow me.” A figure landed on the stage.
“It’s Xiao Libie, Xiao shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple).”

“Xiao shixiong is definitely going to qualify. But I wonder how deep a mark he leave on the black iron ore.”

Xiao Libie’s fame wasn’t inferior to Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang. Some even say that he is the inner sect’s no.1 disciple.

Of course, this title was just a temporary one.

Xiao Libie’s strength was accumulated by time. His 4 star bone frame wasn’t as superior as Liu Wuhuang’s or Yu Wen Tian’s 5 star bone frame.


Xiao Libie was indeed worthy of the inner sect no.1 disciple title. His blade left a two inch deep mark and was the deepest so far.

“It’s my turn.”

Chen Fanghua’s toes touches on the ground as she floated onto the stage like a drifting cloud.


Chen Fanghua cultivate two different mystic class, low-tier sword arts. One of them was the group attack sword art, Myriad Blossom Sword Style. The other was the Flying Blossom Sword Style.

The Flying Blossom Sword Style had a high attack power, a single blade was enough to etch a slightly deeper mark that went pass one inch.

“Chen Fanghua, qualified.”

Hearing the verdict from the inner sect deacon, Chen Fanghua let out a breath of relief.

“Chen shijie7jieelder or big sister, congratulations.” As Chen Fanghua returned, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist congratulated.

Chen Fanghua said, “It’s my luck.”

As of now, only 30+ disciples have qualified. The numbers was much lower than expected, which was why she was rather nervous about the result.

“Bai shixiong is going up.”
“Luo shixiong is going up too.”

“Too strong, how can they only be at the Origin Realm?”

The Bai shixiong and Luo shixiong mentioned by the spectators, each left a mark that was close to two inches deep.

They were undoubtedly of the overwhelming class.

“The inner sect sure has a lot of hidden dragons and crouching tigers!” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

He felt that Xiao Libie had comprehended sword intent. There wasn’t any during normal times, but when Xiao Libie executed his sword move, Li Fuchen could sense a subtle wave of sword intent.

It meant that Xiao Libie was most likely hiding his true ability.

The Bai and Luo shixiong everyone was mentioning may perhaps not have comprehended sword intent, but they were most probably close.

If not, it wouldn’t be possible to leave a two inches deep mark on the black iron ore.

After all, this wasn’t a matter of simple addition. The increase in difficulty was at least a few folds in order to leave a two inch mark instead of a one inch mark.

“Weak, a bunch of weaklings.” Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang walked out from the crowd.

“Dominion Sword Liu Wuhuang is finally going to make his move.”

“Leave Sword, Dominion Sword, White Water Sword, and Mountain Creek Sword. These four shixiongs are undoubtedly the inner sect’s top 4 experts.”

Everyone’s expression became excited.

This four names represents:

Leave Sword, Xiao Libie.

(TL note: Libie, literally means take your leave)

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Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang.

White Water Sword, Bai Tao.

(TL note: Bai Tao means white wave)

Mountain Creek Sword, Luo Yishan.

(TL note: Yishan means one mountain)

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The ability of the four of them were at the peak state of the Origin Realm. Their names were rather famous even in the outside world.

All four of them had each slayed an Earth Realm martial artist.

“I wonder what level of ability Liu shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) has achieved?”

Xiao Libie sized up Liu Wuhuang with curiosity.

Three steps away from the black iron ore, Liu Wuhuang drew his black iron sword.

“Everyone take a good look at this.”

Liu Wuhuang roared in his heart and cleaved at the black iron ore.


Producing a sound different than the rest, Liu Wuhuang’s sword intent made a sound that seemingly aimed to destroy the ore.

“Sword intent!”

Xiao Libie’s eyes widened.

Because he too comprehended a sword intent, he obviously felt it when Liu Wuhuang utilized sword intent earlier. It was an extremely dominating sword intent, one that could conquer any obstacle.

Soaring Cloud Sword intent.

Soaring Cloud Beheading Sword Style is similar to the Meteor Sword Style, both of which walked on the extremity of sword arts. The sword intent of the Soaring Cloud Beheading Sword Style was very domineering and gave off the feeling that it could cleave anything under the heavens.

“2.8 inches, qualified.”

The inner sect deacon in charge of the screening test was shocked too. He who was an Earth Realm martial artist had yet to comprehend any sword intent. He didn’t expect an inner sect disciple to actually comprehend sword intent.

Absolutely unbelievable.

“Did I hear it wrong?! 2.8 inches?”

“Fearsome. I would like to ask who is a rival for Dominion Sword shixiong? I’m afraid even Xiao shixiong can’t win.”

With Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue included, everyone took a deep breath.

There was a drastic difference between having the ability to use sword intent or not.

With the comprehension of sword intent, a sword art’s lethality would be increased by at least two fold. It would overwhelm the opponent, leaving them no room to defend.

“Li shidi, you have provoke someone you shouldn’t have!” Chen Fanghua said to Li Fuchen.

“It’s my turn now.” Li Fuchen smiled and stepped up to the stage.

So what if you comprehended sword intent?

There are different depths of sword intent and different levels too.

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