Chapter 136: I Am Too Outstanding

“I have to get into the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had on a determined look.

During the course of cultivation, both talent and resources were equally important.

Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, there were countless mystic class herbs. Any one of those mystic class herbs could allow him to easier progress on the path of cultivation.

In the outside world, a single stalk of a mystic class, low-tier herb is worth 10,000 to 30,000 gold coins. A mystic class, mid-tier herb would be up around 100,000 gold coins. A mystic class, high-tier herb could go for about to 500,000 gold coins. A mystic class, peak-tier herb is valued at 1.5 million to 3 million gold coins.

If the herbs could be further refined into pills, their value would grow by at least ten fold.

Not considering Origin Realm martial artists, even Earth and Heaven Realm martial artists were in desperate need of mystic class herbs.  A stalk of a mystic class, peak-tier herb can cause two Heaven Realm experts to get into a conflict.

“If anyone obstructs me from entering the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, I will destroy any ties we had previously.”

Yu Wen Tian’s eyes were filled with ambition.

He who has a 5 star bone frame, has an extreme cultivation speed and was already at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

But he desired for a faster pace and general yellow class pills weren’t able to increase his cultivation level anymore. But mystic class herbs had the ability to do so.

“Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, huh? So exciting!”

Chen Fanghua had reached the ninth level of the Origin Realm for a period of time now. Naturally she too wished to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain too.

She understood that it wasn’t a simple task to achieve a top ten rank in the inner sect.

There were plenty of inner sect disciples who suppressed their cultivation progress just to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. 3 star bone frame disciples weren’t the threat, but those 4 star bone frames are the true terrifying ones.

According to Chen Fanghua’s knowledge, there were at least a dozen 4 star bone frame disciples who suppressed their cultivation for months or even a whole year just to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden domain. How much experience have they accumulated during this period of time.

“Just like before, the top ten inner sect disciples will be decided with a placement tournament. It shall be held 3 days later. You guys better prepare yourselves and not blame the heavens or anyone else when you lose.” Zhao Wujin added.

“Elder, why are seventh and eighth level Origin Realm disciples able to participate too? Isn’t it a waste of time?”

One of the inner sect disciple who was at the peak state of the Origin Realm raised a question.

Zhao Wujin laughed, “If you have absolute confidence, why would you bother about little details like this? Of course, before the tournament, there will be another screening test. Only after passing the screening test, would you then be able to participate in the tournament.”

Hearing the explanation, those inner sect disciples who wanted to raise their opinions, all went silent.

“Alright. Dismissed! Everyone work hard during these three days and fight for the top ten positions.”

After the briefing, Zhao Wujin and the rest of the inner sect elders left, leaving behind a whole group of inner sect disciples who were at their peak state of excitement.

“What do you guys think? Who has the chances in entering the top ten?”

“I am not sure about the rest, but I am sure that Dominion Sword shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) will be in the top ten.”

“That is for sure. Dominion Sword shixiong is at least able to enter the top five, top three, or even no.1. Only those shixiongs who suppressed their cultivation for a very long time can be on even grounds with him.”

“That’s right. I heard that Xiao shixiong could have progressed to the Earth Realm since a year ago. But in order to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, he forced himself to stay in his current state.”

“Bai shixiong is the same too.”

“Yu Wen shixiong has a huge chance too. He is a 5 star bone frame after all.”
“How do you guys feel about Li Fuchen? I noticed that he has progressed to the seventh level of the Origin Realm and is qualified to enter the screening test.”

“Li Fuchen? He better forget about it! Those shixiong that are top ranked aren’t comparable to Liao Tianjun shixiong. Any one of them can easily defeat Liao Tianjun shixiong.”

“Li Fuchen has no hope at all. Why mention him?”

In the plaza, everyone was discussing and couldn’t help but glance at some of the more notable figures.

Li Fuchen paid no attention to the comments. One’s ability was meant to be displayed not spoken. Everything would be clear in three days.

Right when he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang stood in his path.

“It seems you want a share of the action for the Hundred Herbs Hidden Dominion. You actually advanced from the sixth level to the seventh level of the Origin Realm so quickly.” Liu Wuhuang said coldly.

Li Fuchen didn’t reply but just listened silently.

“I advise you to give up! If you dare step up on the stage, I will oust you off.” When has he, who was the Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang, been disrespected by anyone. He still held a grudge for the matter that happened before.

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Li Fuchen laughed lightly, “I wonder if you have ever heard of the saying, ‘Leave some reservations in relationships, as you never know when we will meet again’. We originally didn’t have any grudges, but you just had to pick some faults with me.”

“So what if I am finding faults with you. What can you do about it?” Liu Wuhuang replied with disdain.

“I will send your words right back at you. If you dare to come on stage, I will oust you off.”

“This is the worst joke I have ever heard. Three days later, I shall see how you’re going to oust me off the stage.”

Three days was a short time and Liu Wuhuang could afford to wait.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), when did you made an enemy out of Liu Wuhuang too?” Chen Fanghua could not believe the luck of Li Fuchen. Wherever he went, there would be an enemy. He literally has enemies everywhere.

Li Fuchen helplessly replied, “Maybe I am too outstanding?”


Chen Fanghua couldn’t help but laugh.

“Chen shijie7jieelder or big sister, Li Fuchen is right. He is indeed too outstanding, but yet he doesn’t have a fine bone frame. Those that are similarly outstanding would find him rather irritating.” Zhao Mingyue walked over.

“That sounds rather reasonable and logical.” Chen Fanghua nodded.

Zhao Mingyue advised Li Fuchen, “You better be wary. Liu Wuhuang may be overly domineering, but his abilities are rather overwhelming. Even my grandfather says that he has a chance to create his own sword dao.”

“Don’t worry, I never underestimate anyone. I would never overestimate anyone as well.”

Li Fuchen had his own pride. Now that Liu Wuhuang intentionally provoked him, Li Fuchen would carve a bitter experience into his memory.


Li Fuchen was in the midst of sword arts practice in his courtyard.

The more he practiced the Meteor Sword Style, the more Li Fuchen felt the limitless border of the sword dao.

Logically, once the Meteor Sword Style was at the trance stage and developed sword intent, it should have reached its limits.

But Li Fuchen instead felt that with the appearance of sword intent, it actually opened yet another door.

Only after Li Fuchen stepped through this door, did he gradually realize how broad and wide the sword dao could be. He too comprehended the prowess and lethality of the sword dao.

From the Meteor Sword intent, Li Fuchen could sense an essence that transcended the Meteor Sword Style.

How can the meteors in the sky be limited to just a single Meteor Sword Style?

With his blade drawn, a huge ore became carved out like a honeycomb.

“Not bad, three additional strikes compared to the previous execution.” Li Fuchen nodded with satisfaction.

Three days went by quickly.

The screening test was about to begin.

The screening test was very straightforward. The testee was simply required to leave an inch deep mark on the yellow class, peak-tier metallic ore.

It may sound simple, but it was much harder than imagined.

Black iron was a yellow class, peak-tier metallic ore. Metallic ore wasn’t as tough as actual forged metal, but it wasn’t something a regular ninth level Origin Realm martial artist could break. It would require one to have a formidable sword art which has attained a competent stage.

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