Chapter 135: Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain

“Fuchen, with your current abilities, what stage have you reached?” Along the way, Li Tianshi was both surprised and pleased.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s ability was much too dominant. Putting aside Yang Ao and Guan Yilong, Shen Tu Jianming was at the ninth level of the Origin Realm and Li Fuchen simply made him kneel. This was much superior than just defeating his foe.

Li Fuchen laughed but didn’t answer the question. He asked, “Tianshi ge, you will be turning 36 soon. What are your plans?”

The Azure Water Sect rules state that disciples who do not breakthrough to the Earth Realm by the age of 35, will not be able to be promoted to become a direct disciple. But wil instead be demoted to inner sect deacon apprentices. Or they can choose to appeal to the sect and let them return to their clan. Li Tianshi was now 35 years old, in another few months, he would be 36; but his cultivation was only at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

Li Tianshi gave a bitter laugh, “Advancing to become a direct disciple is much too difficult. 80% of the 3 star bone frame disciples will not make the mark, so don’t even mention me. I have yet to think of the future.”

His feelings were overwhelmed with complexity. After so many years, he was already used to the sect life. If he were to leave the sect, he would definitely be unable to adapt. But inner sect deacon apprentices had many chores to carry out and he didn’t know if he could adapt to that either.

Patting Li Tianshi’s shoulder, Li Fuchen said, “Tianshi ge. Give it some thought. If you have any difficulty, let me know. Perhaps I may be able to help.”

“Many thanks.” Li Tianshi felt overwhelmed with the favor.

He who was supposed to be the leader of the Li Clan’s youth generation, should still have some airs of seniority. But now, he felt like the junior and Li Fuchen was the senior.


As his soul spirit was gradually turning pale blue, Li Fuchen noticed that his perception was gradually improving too.

Through his observations, during the evolution process, when there was a 10% change in color, the increase in perception wasn’t obvious. When there was a 20% change in color, his perception would increase by 10%. Now that there was a 90% change in color, his perception was now 40% higher than before.
Of course, this was just his estimation, as perception is an immeasurable existence. There may be periods of time where your perception is strong, but afterwards it may become weaker.

Perception is dependent on the surrounding environment, and it is normal to have fluctuations.

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“It is now stagnant at 90%. Since the soul spirit has attained a 90% pale blue state, the speed of its evolution has decreased by at least a few folds.”

“Perhaps, it is due to the color change from green to pale blue?”

From pale green to green is just a different tonation of colors. Which was why it evolved and metamorphosed faster.

But from green to pale blue, the colors are different, which is why there is a higher difficulty to evolve and metamorph.

“I have always used pills to support my cultivation. I think it is time to use pills to increase my cultivation.”

Li Fuchen had a premonition that something important was about to happen. His ability is strong, but who would not take up the opportunity to become even stronger.


Arriving at the resource hall, Li Fuchen spent 20,000 contribution points to redeem a half mystic class pill, the Flame Spirit Pill.

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The Flame Spirit Pill originally cost 40,000 contribution points, but for Li Fuchen who was an inner sect prodigy now, he only needed to pay half the price.

In his courtyard, Li Fuchen consumed the bright red Flame Spirit Pill and began revolving his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.

The half mystic class pill was indeed worthy of it’s tier. The dense medicinal effects was like hot oozing magma, spreading across Li Fuchen’s body.

Sixth level of Origin Realm, latter stage.

Sixth level of Origin Realm, peak stage.

Seventh level of Origin Realm, entry stage.

In the middle of the night, an intense red light flickered. In the room, the temperature of the surroundings rose rapidly, as bits and pieces of objects became ignited.

“Finally I am at the seventh level of the Origin Realm.”

Except for feeling some void with his qi, Li Fuchen didn’t feel anything abnormal.

It wouldn’t take a long time to solve the void issue, as his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique was already at the fourteenth rank. Everytime he revolved the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, his qi would be purified even further.


The acute premonition of Li Fuchen hit the mark.

On the third afternoon of his return…

Gong, gong, gong, gong…

Inner sect. The melodious gongs of the bell sounded.

A total of seven gongs.

The bells were limited to nine rings. If nine gongs were heard, it would mean that the Azure Water Sect was facing it’s most critical moment and everyone had to gather.

Of course, when that time comes, it wouldn’t just be the inner sect bell, but the Azure Water Sect’s treasure, the Azure Water Bell.

Seven gongs was also considered a huge matter, which was why all inner sect disciples had to gather.

All the inner sect disciples who heard the gongs headed towards the plaza in front of the inner sect grand hall.

After two hours, nearly 20,000 inner sect disciples had arrived.

At the main entrance of the inner sect grand hall, the inner sect grand elder Zhao Wujin raised his hand up. On both his sides were all the inner sect elders.

Seeing that the disciples were roughly all here, Zhao Wujin spoke in a loud voice, “The reason why everyone is gathered here is because of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain which only opens every five years, is reopening in another three months. At every opening, only Origin Realm disciples are allowed to enter; and with a limited quota. Our Azure Water Sect has ten slots and as such, only ten inner sect disciples can enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.”

As Zhao Wujin finished his statement, a large commotion erupted among the disciples.

“The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain is finally opening again. I have waited for much too long.”

“The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain has countless herbs within. Mystic class herbs which are rare in the outside world are littered all over within. Legends say that earth class herbs exist within too.”

“During the previous opening, Sword Maniac shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) managed to find a mystic class peak-tier herb, the Nine Elements Plant. After he consumed it, he broke through from the ninth level of the Origin Realm to the second level of the Earth Realm. He then slayed tons of disciples from other sects.”

“Sword Tiger shixiong also obtained a mystic class peak-tier herb, the Red Tiger Plant and used it to achieve the completion rank for a secret technique, the Mystical Tiger Transformation.”

“Other than herbs, the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain contains plenty of rare ores too. There are yellow class ores everywhere and numerous mystic class ores too. If those ores can be brought back, who knows how many contribution points they will be worth.”

Everyone was in heated discussions.

“The hidden domain of heaven and earth. The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with a blinding light.

Hidden Domains were mysterious voids created alongside the heaven and earth. The spiritual energy within these domains were ten or even a hundred folds denser than the outside world. Which was why higher classed herbs that required the energy of heaven and earth, were able to grow much easier in the domain.

Hidden domains had classes too. They were seperated into the earth class and heaven class.

An earth class hidden domain was already large enough. Its size could be up to a hundred or even a few hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters wide. The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain belonged to the earth class.

Heaven class hidden domains were even bigger. It is said that a heaven class hidden domain is as big as a sect’s domain.

“My opportunity is finally here.”

Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang laughed.

Actually, he could well breakthrough to the Earth Realm. But in order to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, he suppressed his cultivation and didn’t allow himself to progress.

Waiting for everyone to be quiet again, Zhao Wujin said, “The Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain will only be open in another three months. Before that, the inner sect will decide it’s top ten ranked disciples. All disciples who are at the seventh level of the Origin Realm and above may participate. If you can obtain the rank of top ten, you may also pick a 2 star secret technique of your choice.”


The plaza’s aura bursted once again.

A 1 star secret technique was enough for them to be tempted. A 2 star secret technique had made them go mad.

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