Chapter 542: Meeting Midi’er again

“Your Majesty, good news, good news.” A trusted subordinate of Long Zhan entered the hall in excitement. Long Zhan was startled and he woke up from his meditation.

“What good news? If your news isn’t good enough, I’ll cut off your head.” Long Zhan said with displeasure.

“This is the secret letter sent by the Dark Pope. Please take a look, Your Majesty.” This subordinate took out a magic letter and respectfully handed it over to Long Zhan.

Long Zhan opened it and quickly scanned through it. In a few moments, his indifferent expression changed into one of surprise and then into a pleasant one. After reading the letter, he looked up to the heavens and laughed wildly. Patting the shoulder of his trusted subordinate, he said, “Good, good. This time, you have done a meritorious service. With strong support from the dark church, we don’t need to worry about the Ximen Clan. They will definitely perish this time around.”

It was of no surprise that this fake Long Zhan was so excited. Although the Dark Church had always been hidden in dark, when all was said and done, it was the dark organization which had been contending against the Light Church for a long period of time. There was no need to speak of their strength. With their support, the odds of success were much higher.

“By the way, has there been any abnormal movement in the Ximen family recently?” Long Zhan asked.

“Replying to Your Majesty, there is no abnormal movement in the Ximen Clan.” This trusted subordinate answered.

Long Zhan frowned… Wasn’t this somewhat too quiet? It was reasonable to say that beastmen army had already entered the western border of the Violent Dragon Empire. If the Ximen Clan relied on their information network, it would be impossible for them not to know about this. How could there be no movement at all? Long Zhan inexplicably felt somewhat uneasy, however, he quickly tossed the uneasy feeling to the back of his head. In any case, no matter how the Ximen Clan reacted, they were completely screwed.

At this time, Long Yi was in the underground secret room and he was lying on the bed with Mu Hanyan in his bosom. He was speaking nauseating whispers of love into her ear. In the midst of this, he was naturally touching here and there, causing Mu Hanyan to slowly lose her sense of self-control. However, because she wasn’t fully recovered, Long Yi didn’t permit her to experience the love session. This caused her endless amount of frustration and she gritted her teeth in hate.

“You are not allowed to touch me, hateful bad fellow.” Mu Hanyan pushed Long Yi away with a red face. Because her spirit had received an extreme amount of damage, she seemed to be easily triggered.

Getting up, Long Yi draped a robe over her body. He said with a smile, “Then, I won’t touch you. Wait until you have completely recovered. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I know that you are feeling empty inside, however, doing that will worsen your injury.”

Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth and glared at Long Yi. Didn’t she end up like this because of his teasing? Now, he was making it seem as though Mu Hanyan was the one who was forcing him to do naughty things to her.

“My lascivious hussy, don’t be angry and quickly wear your clothes. If other people see you now, wouldn’t I suffer a huge loss?” Long Yi smiled and pulled off the brocade quilt, revealing her beautiful **. That perfect curvy figure was so soul-stirring that it could captivate all living creatures.

“I’m not wearing anything unless you help me.” Mu Hanyan curled up her lips and stretched out her hands. Now, she appeared as though she was just a young girl who was acting spoilt. Even though she was trying to be difficult, Long Yi actually swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Long Yi was also very willing to help her wear her clothing. Not only was he skilled in taking off women’s clothes, but he was also very skilled in helping then wear clothes. In addition, it was a kind of pleasure to look at this ** body that belonged to him being covered by pieces of clothing one after the other.

“Yu, are you ready to make a move?” After wearing her clothes, Mu Hanyan asked softly.

“Mmm, things will become troublesome if I drag it for a longer time.” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

“Okay? But why on earth are you enlarging that hole above the secret room?” Mu Hanyan curiously asked.

“This… This is a secret. You will know in the future.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“What secret! You obviously don’t fully trust me.” Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes and said. Her expression also became somewhat dejected.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, he had to do some matters according to the rules. Of course, he couldn’t fully trust Mu Hanyan. When all was said and done, her origin was too mysterious.

The atmosphere around these two people stagnated a little and no one opened their mouth to speak for quite a long time.

“Yu, I am sorry, I…… I know that you do not trust me. I am also not someone who is deserving of your trust. However, you can rest assured. I will help you to settle the dark warriors who are working under the Military Advisor.” Mu Hanyan sat on the edge of the bed and she looked extremely lonely.

“Hanyan……” Long Yi was somewhat depressed in his heart. Mu Hanyan had an important place in his heart. However, the two of them were extremely clear about the fact that there was an invisible barrier between the two of them.

“Don’t say anything. There are some things we don’t need to talk about throughout our lives. I am tired now… Can you leave me alone for some time?” Mu Hanyan turned her head and said faintly.

Long Yi sighed before he disappeared from the secret room. He didn’t notice Mu Hanyan suddenly turning around. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears and they also contained a complicated emotion.

The moment he left the secret room, Long Yi had a depressed look on his face. His heart shook all of a sudden and he took out the message pearl given to him by Divine Dragon Princess, Midi’er.

He injected his spirit power and a transfer magic array suddenly appeared in the prison cell of the Heaven Forbidden Prison. Along with a flash of golden light, Leguxia staggered out of the transfer magic array as he held a feeble Midi’er in his arms. Before the transfer array could disappear, Elder Pierre of the Demonic Dragon Race appeared. He was the elder whom Long Yi had met before.

“What’s going on?” Long Yi stood in front of the brother and sister duo and asked with a solemn expression on his face. No matter what one said, Midi’er was his friend. He couldn’t tolerate it when other people were bullying his friend.

“This old man wants to kill us, save my big sister! I will do anything you want…” Leguxiya hugging unconscious Midi’er hatefully glared at Elder Pierre with tears in his eyes.

Long Yi squatted down and used his spirit power to examine Midi’er. He discovered that, although she was weak, she was not in mortal danger. The physique of members of the Dragon Race was truly doughty.

“Elder Pierre, say, aren’t you from the older generation? You don’t want your face anymore? Why did you seriously injure a junior from the younger generation?” Long Yi sneered. A bit of the good impression he had on this old man also disappeared at this moment.

Pierre coldly snorted and said, “As for the matter of the Dragon Race, it would be best for you, human, not to meddle. Otherwise… Humph…”

“Are you threatening me?” The smile of Long Yi became very brilliant but his eyes narrowed dangerously. At this moment, a shocking killing intent radiated out from his body and the surrounding air seemed to have twisted. Pierre felt a huge pressure crushing him.

Pierre was startled and his heart tightened. Moreover, a kind of fear unexpectedly appeared at the bottom of his heart. This was unbelievable to him.

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“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want. You are just a trifling old dragon from the Demonic Dragon Clan. If I want to kill you, it’s going to be really easy.” Long Yi indifferently said without a trace of emotion. He looked at Pierre as though he was looking at an ant.

The eyes of Elder Pierre glimmered. Such a strong momentum coming from Long Yi was far beyond his expectation. It seemed as though Long Yi was truly a little bit stronger than him. However, Pierre didn’t believe that it would be an easy task to kill him.

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“If you don’t believe my words, you will believe me after you see them.” As if seeing through the thoughts of Pierre, Long Yi said and with a wave of his hand. Long Two, Little Three, Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast appeared in front of him. Their powerful aura surrounded Pierre.

The moment he saw the three god beasts, Pierre retracted his aura and he sighed. He gave up resisting as he knew that Long Yi could kill him easily.

“What do you want?” Pierre asked.

“Kill him now and I will do whatever you want.” Leguxiya shouted hatefully.

“Shut up, it is not your turn to speak.” Long Yi coldly stared at Leguxiya and said.

The heart of Leguxiya trembled and he obediently kept quiet. However, he still glared at Pierre with a hateful look.

“Elder Pierre, you said that I do not have the qualification to meddle in the matters of the Dragon Race. However, you seemed to have forgotten that I have a relationship with Liuxu. Niur is my daughter and she has the Devouring Dragon Physique. Besides, the relation between me and Sharman and Crystal is also not bad.” Long Yi smirked and said.

The moment he heard the Devouring Dragon Physique, Pierre stiffened. Devouring Dragon Physique… Other than Niur, since the beginning of history, it had appeared twice in the Dragon Race. Both of those ancestors had been the king of the Dragon Race as they led the Dragon Race to glory. There was an unwritten rule in the Dragon Race that said that as long as a dragon with the Devouring Dragon Physique appeared, he would be the leader of the entire Dragon Race.

“Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan come from the same root. Why do you have to kill each other the moment you see someone from the other clan? Now, I will ask Elder Pierre to heal the injuries of Princess Midi’er before we start to discuss about this matter.” Long Yi also retracted his momentum and a harmless smile appeared on his face.

Pierre seemed to be somewhat struggling. Since he was asked to save a member of the mortal enemy clan, it was naturally hard to make a decision.

“There is a saying… It’s better to make friends than enemies. Your Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan became divided because of different faiths, thus leading to the drastic decline in the position and reputation of the entire Dragon Race. Do you think that Dragon Race was always like that? I think the appearance of Niur should be the turning point of your Dragon Race.” Long Yi said confidently with a smile.

Pierre waved his hand and said, “No need to speak anymore, I will save her.” He walked past Long Yi and he approached Midi’er and Lugexiya.

“Who wants his help, I don’t believe that he will help my sister. Who knows whether he will attack my big sister when he tries to treat her.” Leguxiya said in a stern voice.

“I believe in him and I will take responsibility for any mishaps. This is not the time to fight. Your big sister is seriously injured and if she isn’t treated now, her life will be in danger. Is this what you hope to see?” Long Yi glared at Leguxiya and grabbing his neck as if carrying a chicken, he threw him away.

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