Chapter 29: Going Downstairs to Get Something

Xia Xiaomu was feeling helpless, but Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. didn’t feel that way!

He was lost in thoughts for a long time before blinking his eyes… He didn’t expect that he would cause so much pressure to Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City just by accepting fifty percent of the shares.

He felt uncomfortable. After all, Xia Rongrong was the one who paid off his debt on Li Jiaye’s Mercedes-Benz!

With the Xia Group being in such a terrible state, surely that amount of money was quite a lot…

Thinking of that, Xia Xiaomu’s last few words appeared in his mind. If there are ten more ginseng, maybe the Xia Group would be able to revive, then Xia Rongrong wouldn’t have to suffer the heavy pressure anymore.

Darn it! You should let me know earlier! The other half-sack of wild ginseng was still somewhere in the car trunk now. I don’t even know where to throw it. I didn’t expect that Xia Rongrong actually needs more. It isn’t a big deal at all!

Having that thought, he intended to confirm with Xia Xiaomu once more, “You’re not lying, right? Is it true that the Xia Group could be revived with just ten more ginseng?”

Xia Xiaomu didn’t presume Su Qiubai to enquire another time. Noticing Su Qiubai staring at him wide-eyed, Xia Xiaomu said inexplicably, “Yes, ten would be almost right, but I heard from Grandpa that it was an understatement to even call the ginseng a national treasure…”

As he spoke, Xia Xiaomu once again seemed to be disappointed. Su Qiubai didn’t care much about his thought. At that moment, he was contemplating on whether or not he should meet his second brother, Chai Jin. Chai Jin promised to look for more ginseng last time. It had been a long time since then, so he should have found some more.

Xia Xiaomu didn’t know that Su Qiubai had thought so far about the matter. Seeing his slightly sluggish look, Xia Xiaomu patted him.

“Brother Bai, what are you thinking about?”

Su Qiubai snapped back to reality. He stared at Xia Xiaomu and asked, “What elsed does your sister need in order to invest in a pharmaceutical company?”

“The rest aren’t important, it’s mainly the capital.” Xia Xiaomu replied, twitching his lips in frustration.

Su Qiubai once more became quiet. He wasn’t sure if his half-sack of wild ginseng was enough to start up a company or not. There were more than a dozen five-hundred-year old ginseng in his house. He had other unknown medicinal herbs which he assumed weren’t worth much.

Coincidentally at that moment, Xia Xiaomu’s phone rang. He took it and glanced at the caller ID. It was actually from Xia Rongrong, so he picked up the call without any hesitation. Before he could speak, he already heard Xia Rongrong’s voice from the other end.

“Xiao Mu, which private dining room are you in? I’m at the entrance of the restaurant.”

Xia Xiaomu stunned for a moment and then stood up immediately, “Aren’t you at the hospital? Why are you here?”

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“Tell me which room you are in now. We shall talk when we meet.” Xia Rongrong’s voice was still as decent as ever, but Xia Xiaomu could sense a little anxiety in it.

Without any delay, he quickly told Xia Rongrong the room number.

In a matter of minutes, the room’s door was pushed open. Seeing Xia Rongrong in a black coat at the door, Su Qiubai was astonished by her tall figure with an exquisite little hat on her head, making her looked like a princess.

“How are you? Where’s the injury? Is it serious?”

Xia Xiaomu was about to speak to his sister when he saw her coming into the room.

However, Xia Rongrong only had her gaze fixed on Su Qiubai and softly asked about his conditions as if she didn’t even notice her younger brother sitting beside him.

“I… I’m quite well. It was nothing serious.”

Su Qiubai was briefly taken aback. However, he felt an indescribable warmth then assured Xia Rongrong with a smile. Although he said he was fine, Xia Rongrong still saw a little white gauze exposed on his waist.

“Where did you go for checking? Do you want to go to the hospital for further check up?”

Xia Rongrong was really worried. For the whole afternoon, she was thinking about how much she had depended on Su Qiubai and now she realized another type of anxiety that she felt for him.

“It’s really nothing, how about you? Is it okay for you to discharge earlier from the hospital?”

Still smiling, Su Qiubai suddenly recalled that Xia Rongrong shouldn’t be discharged today, so he asked right away.

“It’s fine, I’m feeling very good…”

“Oh, you two, are you done? I’m not invisible, am I?”

Xia Xiaomu noticed that her sister was about to continue speaking so he helplessly interrupted the two of them.

Geez, what are they doing? It seems that I’m invisible the moment she entered the room!

His words made Su Qiubai and Xia Rongrong a little awkward. Su Qiubai grinned as he let Xia Rongrong sit down. She then calmly glared at her brother, making his heart skipped a beat.

“Well, let’s talk about you, why did you mess around with those people from the Street Racers Gang? And even let Su Qiubai take such a risk to save you?”

After sitting down and taking off her hat, Xia Rongrong stared and queried Xia Xiaomu.

Since young, Xia Xiaomu was afraid of his sister questioning him. When he saw she was about to interrogate him, he urgently explained, “I didn’t mess with the Street Racers Gang. They provoked me first, saying that the Xia Group was going to cease!”

After having said that, Xia Xiaomu didn’t continue anymore.

Su Qiubai took a sneaky glance at Xia Rongrong and noticed that she was still very calm, as if the brother’s explanation had no impact on her.

“I’ve been warning you, don’t make a fuss with other people, why are you still throwing bets?”

Xia Rongrong demanded whilst continued to scowl at Xia Xiaomu.
“You shouldn’t scold me about this. Although it was indeed a bet, but I won!” Xia Xiaomu got more anxious, so he continued right away.

However, his words made Xia Rongrong and Su Qiubai frowned together.

“Have you won?”

“I already won! Brother Bai helped me to win! Sister… You don’t know this, Brother Bai was the killer today. The Street Racers Gang bows to him now, even the professional racers from Donghai City lost to him. In fact, it was a miserable lost!”

Finally having the opportunity to start a conversation, Xia Xiaomu didn’t hesitate as he began to describe the events that had happened at Kangzhuang Avenue28Kangzhuang AvenueThe place where Su Qiubai first met the Street Racers Gang, Cheng Ya, Xiao Dao, Gu Zhanchuan and others. It was also where he first raced with Cao Toufei and Xiao Dao. to Xia Rongrong.

Weirdly enough, Xia Rongrong, who had never been interested in her younger brother’s topics, listened very seriously and without any interruption this time. Yet, Su Qiubai kept coughing in embarrassment. Su Qiubai felt that the story told by Xia Xiaomu had made him a kind of person who liked to show off. However, seeing that Xia Xiaomu was enthusiastic and Xia Rongrong was also really attentive to the story, so Su Qiubai could only red-faced as he listened to Xia Xiaomu exaggeratedly telling his sister the whole story.

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When Xia Rongrong heard about Jun Xiaodao stabbing Su Qiubai with a dagger, she felt an inexplicably pain. It was weird because even though the pain was brief, it felt as if it was real. She felt indescribably touched, peering at Su Qiubai who was still beaming with clear eyes.

He had risked himself to save my brother…

Just then, Xia Rongrong returned to her coolness. “Who is that Jun Xiaodao?” Xia Rongrong directed the question to Xia Xiaomu.

“He’s from the Drivers’ League, but he’s only a marginalized racer. I assumed that he’s only here this time to accompany the people from Donghai City.” Xia Xiaomu knew about Jun Xiaodao, so he immediately answered.

Drivers’ League?

Recalling the name, Xia Rongrong suddenly took her phone out and dialed a number.

“Hey, is this Director Liu? Do we have a sponsorship cooperation with the Drivers’ League?” Xia Rongrong asked as soon as the call was connected.

The recipient from the other end instantly gave her a positive answer.

“Tell the management there that our cooperation is cancelled, and the sponsorship is not needed anymore.” Xia Rongrong then hung up the phone.

For a large group like the Xia Group, it was definitely involved in various business fields, so cooperating with others was inevitable.

Although the Xia Group had capital issues now, as long as the group hadn’t fallen, all operations were as usual; no one would dare to ignore or offend the group.

“Erm… Wouldn’t this be bad for you?” Su Qiubai hesitated for a moment, though he felt touched, he couldn’t help but asked.

Xia Rongrong grinned, then whispered, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem. I cancelled only one sponsorship cooperation.”

Looking into the lady’s bright eyes and her pale face, Su Qiubai suddenly felt an unusual sway. That was when he once again thought of what Xia Xiaomu had told him about the pressure Xia Rongrong was suffering from the group.

“Xiao Mu just told me about the Xia Group’s current situation. Is the capital deficit very serious?” Su Qiubai didn’t hold back his question.

Xia Rongrong suddenly became solemn. Frowning, she glanced at her younger brother, before turning to Su Qiubai and chuckled.

“There are some problems now, but I’ll have the solution.”

Su Qiubai had already understood a lot from her smile.

“You two wait for me for a while, I’ll go downstairs to get something.” Su Qiubai also smiled and stood up as he spoke.

“What are you taking?” Xia Xiaomu asked.

Both siblings were confused, but seeing that Su Qiubai was acting mysteriously, they could only let him go.

Su Qiubai soon returned.

He came into the dining room with a really old and hefty sack in his hand, panting heavily to catch up his breath.

“What’s this?” Both siblings curiously asked.

Without a word, Su Qiubai closed the door and spilled the contents of the sack on the floor. Xia Rongrong was dazed for a moment. She didn’t understand what Su Qiubai was doing. But when she shifted her gaze to the things on the floor, she suddenly felt a little familiarity.

She leaned forward to have a closer look…

Her mind suddenly thought of a frightening guess; she gasped.

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