Chapter 167: Betting on the Two

She took the bag out and placed it on the bed. Ye Jian smiled while contacting Xia Jinyuan; as she pulled the zipper open, multiple packets of white crystal-like objects appeared before her eyes. “They’re around 40kg, if my guess is right, all of this is heroin.”

Xia Jinyuan leapt out of his bed like that of a carp, his deep and handsome pupils gleaming with a cold light in them, bellowing “Wait for me, I’ll be right there!”


He did not give Ye Jian the chance to refuse, immediately cutting off communication before he charged downstairs.

And he did not even enter by the front door. Ye Jian heard light knocking on the glass outside her window and she stood there, stunned, for half a second.

She lunged towards the window immediately. Pulling away the curtains, she saw the dangerous man, who said that he was about to come just a minute ago,… standing outside dangerously without any barriers. There were only a few pots of bonsai placed on the side of the windowsill.

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Ye Jian’s lips twitched a little while she hurriedly opened the window. “There’s a front door but you didn’t went to use it. Instead you use…” She stopped speaking halfway through her sentence.

He couldn’t enter through the front door, which meant that whatever he had just done needed him to avoid being seen. Did that mean… there were other associates of the suspicious criminals in the hotel?

When he came in, Ye Jian who had a cold expression, subconsciously extended her hand and wrapped her slender arms around Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder, “Be careful, we’re now on the eighth floor, if you fall off, even if you don’t die you’ll be a cripple.”

Although the lass’ arm was slender, he felt a sense of security. Even if he did not need her to protect him, at that very moment when her arm was wrapped around his shoulders, Xia Jinyuan clearly knew that there was a warm feeling in his heart.

He had not misjudged the little fox; although she was only a student right now, she already possessed the awareness to always protect her comrades.

He did not reject her, even taking the initiative to hold her thin yet indomitable shoulders before jumping in from the windowsill.

The two of them were like comrades who had known each other for many years. Under the illumination of the dim light, his tall silhouette paired with her short one seemed extremely compatible.

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“Heroin, weighing forty-two kilograms, if converted to Vietnamese dong, you could live lavishly for a few lifetimes.” Ye Jian placed the black bag on the coffee table as she continued, “An hour and five minutes ago, the Red Scorpion personally entered my room.”

Xia Jinyuan’s brows creased and he looked at Ye Jian with a stern glare that seemed like he was about to kill someone. “You discovered it an hour and five minutes ago, and you’re only telling me about it now!?” The Major was slightly mad now.

What if something happened to the little fox? What would he do, and how would he explain to the two seniors who were waiting for her return in the deep mountains?

“Oh, you’re mad. But please don’t be.” After being swept by his gaze, Ye Jian’s heart rate increased and started explaining everything calmly. When she was finished, she arrived to a conclusion, “… someone who is so hard to handle would never do anything to me before the trade had been completed, tomorrow is the competition! If anything happens to me, the whole competition would immediately be cancelled! Once it’s cancelled, wouldn’t he get nothing in return?”

That’s was why she was not afraid at all!

Xia Jinyuan didn’t know if he should be happy or angry, the overly smart little fox can be quite worrisome at times.

As she said, since Red Scorpion had hidden the drugs in her room, he could not murder her in the room, proving that the saying “the most dangerous place is the safest” was true.

But the little lass was simply too daring!

Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face became gloomy and he gently sighed, and when he spoke, sternness that would emerge when he was facing his own troops appeared in his brows, “Ye Jian, listen up! In group operations, we must ensure that in every step, we must understand each other, and whenever we can contact our comrades, we must report our location and findings immediately.”

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