Chapter 168: Travelling with You through Wind and Rain

That was him treating her as his own platoon during training, telling her what a qualified soldier on a battlefield should do to cooperate well with his whole team.

Major Xia’s glare was cold, and even though he knew Ye Jian would react negatively to him if he scolded her sternly, there was nothing he could do as events like this needed to be lectured at!

With a low voice as cold as ice, he spoke slowly but sturdily, and words clear, “If ever you lose contact with others, always leave a mark to notify your comrades! Never act alone and make your own decisions.”

Hearing that, Ye Jian instantly stopped smiling. She fully accepted the criticism and lesson seriously.

Indeed, her idea might seem feasible, but it did not come to her that she would be worrying those who cared about her.

After lecturing her in a low voice, he noticed the guilty and receptive expression of hers,… similar to that of a small rabbit. His head surreptitiously began to hurt as he realized that he couldn’t bring himself to be ruthless towards the little lass.

But even so, he still had to be firm. If he were tolerant of her actions today, it would surely harm her in the future!

Ye Jian waited for him to finish his lecture before saying obediently, “This will not happen again, this will definitely not happen again. I was just afraid that the Red Scorpion might be watching from the outside, or infiltrate my room again, which was why I waited for one whole hour before contacting you.”

Ultimately, the willingness to admit one’s mistake was a must!

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Seeing her reaction, he thought to himself, Oh! This lass knows how to admit her own mistakes!

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The seriousness on his face disappeared and a very low laugh replaced it. “You understand your mistake, however, I think your decision is quite normal. But, under situations where you’re able to contact your comrades, you must do it immediately; that is a measure you should take to protect yourself.”

“Understood! This will not happen again!” Ye Jian laughed with him. Undeniably, cooperating with a man like Xia Jinyuan was quite an enjoyable thing; after some seriousness, there would be an appropriate amount of humour. While feeling his wrath, one could understand he was just looking out for her.

A man with such a pure heart, he would still be approachable no matter how dangerous he was.

The black bag was finally sat untouched, but the goods inside were no longer what it was before.

After Ye Jian had finished switching the goods, she returned the bag to where she had found it. The goods that numerous parties were pursuing ended up in the hands of the Chinese, and all that was left was to wait for a certain group of people to beg the Chinese for their help.

The next day, everyone woke up at 6 am and assembled. After an hour of breakfast had passed, buses came and stopped in front of the hotel one by one, picking up the competitors from the twenty-four nations.

The Australian news station came fairly early, and they reported the whole process of the students from the twenty-four nations entering the University of Sydney.

The hotel was located beside the University of Sydney, and it would only take around ten minutes to reach there by vehicle. Police cars in the front directed the traffic while others at the back guarded the buses. The twenty-four buses slowly drove into the university listed in the QS University World Rankings.

Yang Ye’s eyes stared straight out the window and she grabbed Ye Jian’s left hand with her right hand. “Did you know that this was my goal! I was certainly not let down, it’s too beautiful!”

Finishing her sentence excitedly, she turned around and asked Ye Jian, “What about you, Ye Jian, which school is your goal?”

Gao Yiyang, who sat two rows in front of them and had his eyes shut during the journey, heard her words and he gently opened his eyes with a cold expression on his face. He tilted his head and landed his gaze on the grounds of this famous school. Studying abroad… this had always been part of his plans, but would it be Ye Jian’s as well?

“My goal? I have one, but it definitely isn’t studying abroad.” Ye Jian replied with a smile. There was firmness hidden between her pretty brows that her peers did not have as she blandly said, “I’m still working hard, but I hope to get what I want four years later.”

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