Chapter 169: The Olympiad

Yang Ye tilted her head and pondered for a moment. “Your results are great. Even if you don’t study abroad, you can still pick between HuaQiao University and GuangXi University, but I can’t choose between those since my family had already planned out my future long ago. If it ain’t America, then it will be Australia.”

“No matter where we are, we’ll work hard together.” Ye Jian, who did not want to discuss about universities, said while pointing at the something, her faint smile unchanging. “That’s so pretty, what is that?”

She changed the conversation topic to what Yang Ye was paying attention to, the University of Sydney. She did not ask any more and her gaze followed Ye Jian’s finger, her eyes still shimmering with light. “That’s the Central Tower, the symbolic structure of the University of Sydney.”

It was originally built in 1850 and made University of Sydney publicly known as one of the most beautiful schools. This was a university that had a tight grip on the political and economical lifeline of Australia; countless politicians and affluent people had graduated from this university.

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The buses stopped under University of Sydney’s symbolic icon, the Central Tower. Magnificent structures that resembled European royal palaces were everywhere, the solemn and elegant spires, along with the beautiful sculptures, told the students of the long history of this famous school.

After 8am to 1pm, the students would be free to look around after the exam ended. But as now, many students headed straight for the main lecture building after alighting the bus with only a few stopping for the scenery.

The main lecture hall could hold a few hundred people. There were a total of 288 desks lined up to a length of about 90 meters. There was a great distance between each desk and all of the students were only permitted to sit uniformly at their desks to prevent cheating and to made it easier for the teachers to invigilate.

After everyone was seated, Ye Jian felt that there were eyes from all directions eyeing at every student.

After a simple yet powerful speech from a politician who had graduated from University of Sydney and had also participated in two Olympiads, a loud sound rang from the bell tower, marking the start of the theoretical tests from 8am to 1pm.

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After the exam papers had been distributed, there was almost silence as all students had their heads buried in the complex mathematics questions.

This exam had five questions in total, testing on algebra, geometry and number theory; the difficulty of the five questions increased progressively. The questions were also divided into many more subsections. The students had to put their head into answering the questions; the time spent on each question was plenty.

All of the teachers stood outside the exam hall and monitored the situation of their students through a large screen. The Interpol had the camera zoomed in on one student after another, as they sought to identify students influenced by the international drug trafficking group.

Xia Jinyuan was also in the office, but the difference was that his gaze was locked onto the three Vietnamese boys whom Ye Jian had told him about. When the exam was onto the third hour, one of the Vietnamese boys placed his exam papers into a sealed file and stood up before moving through the crowd with his head lowered.

“There, zoom in.” Xia Jinyuan pointed when the Vietnamese boy passed by a specific table. His hand seemed like it had moved unintentionally, and would have been hard to discover if no one had paid careful attention.

Pause screen, zoom in, zoom in again…, They noticed that there was a small crumpled piece of black paper sliding out from his fingers. After switching to the next frame, the crumpled paper fell onto the student’s desk, and a draft paper just so happened to cover it.

The two members of the Interpol looked at each other, then glanced at Xia Jinyuan with thoughtful expressions. They then took out their walkie-talkies and contacted their colleagues, who were disguised as school security staff, to keep an eye on the Vietnamese student’s whereabouts.

Outside of the exam hall, the Red Scorpion looked at the student who had just walked out. He scanned the surroundings warily. Only then did he walk towards him and growl, “You did it?” The language sounded like alien to others; and even if they could understand, they would think that he was asking if the student had finished his exam paper.

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