Chapter 140: CPR

Actually, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had already seen Huang Mao and his gang on the other street. Now, these people walked over, making him seem sinister, as he was surrounded by a group of dog legs. But truthfully speaking, this didn’t feel bad!

“Nothing! My friend is a little excited! Maybe he was in too much of a hurry today and forgot to take his medicine!” Su Ke said to Huang Mao before stepping in front of Zuo Ming Ming, reaching out and patting his shoulder. He spoke heavily, “Street Racing? Do you have the confidence to beat me?”

“It doesn’t matter if I have the confidence; just say if you dare or not?” Zuo Ming Ming is betting his all. His eyes spewed fire. The previous image of the elegant young man has been tarnished, becoming a crazy man with no way out.  

“Okay! No problem! I’ll give you the chance to challenge me!” Su Ke’s hand was on Zuo Ming Ming’s shoulder; he patted it again. “It’s a good thing when young people have dreams, but nothing too ambitious or unrealistic!”
Zuo Ming Ming nearly puked blood. Su Ke’s words were too provocative. However, he was stronger, so Zuo Ming Ming could only blame his luck. HIs entire face was like pig’s liver as he was angered to the point of trembling. He cursed in his heart then turned and left.

Huang Mao watched Zuo Ming Ming drive away. The white sports car left and in a blink of the eye, not even a shadow was left. Then he turned to Su Ke, smiling, “Brother Su Ke!”
“En!” Su Ke nodded at Huang Mao first, since the guy had helped him. Then, he looked at Li Fei Fei beside him. This lass seemed like she had just seen him for the first time, her face full of surprise.

“Brother Su Ke, come have a meal when you have time!” Huang Mao could be counted as a face-changing maser. Just now he was glaring at Zuo Ming Ming coldly, now he had changed into a warm winter sun. “My boss, Sun Song, also wants to chat with Brother Su Ke!”

“En! Maybe after a few days; I’m having exams now! I probably won’t have the time!” Su Ke’s words were not dishonest; this period of time had given him a wake-up call. Only knowing Liu Fei Hong was no use; sometimes, those little hooligans would be more useful.

“That’s good, it’s settled! Brother Su Ke, we’ll leave first and not bother you!” Huang Mao never thought that Su Ke would agree and was pleasantly surprised; the edge of his lips would almost reach the sky. He quickly waved his hand at the people beside him then retreated back to the opposite side.

Only when all those hooligans had left did Li Fei Fei speak. She glanced around the place. “Su Ke? Are you actually Su Ke? Why do you seem like a different person!”

“Eh!” When Su Ke heard that, he felt a bit embarrassed. He raised his hand and scratched his head. Then he said magnanimously, “I never expected to be found out! That’s right! In order to maintain world peace, to prevent the destruction of the world, persist with love and genuine kindness, as the most attractive upstanding protagonist, I am equally good-looking and wise, the embodiment of heroic and chivalrous. A student is not my only identity, my real identity is!”

Before Su Ke could finish, Li Fei Fei laughed until she couldn’t take it anymore. She raised her hand and smacked Su Ke’s arm. “Look at you, you’re like an awesome stick, speaking foolish words with your eyes open! However, just now, that was too embarrassing and Zuo Ming Ming was struck dumb!”

“Hai! Isn’t that just bragging!  I’ve never eaten pork and haven’t seen a pig run!” Su Ke waved his hand in the wind, not even greedy for recognition.

“Where did you learn these things? I’ve never heard of them!” Li Fei Fei had a face full of curiosity. Indeed, Su Ke mentioned these things: what golden ratio of Arabia, what alpine skiing, she has never touched before.

“I just saw it all online! As long as you want to know, you can find it. If you don’t know internal affairs, ask Baidu, external affairs, ask Google, house affairs, ask a far away place!” Su Ke spoke very smoothly. After he finished speaking, he realised something wasn’t right.
As expected, Li Fei Fei frowned and said quietly, “Internal and external I already know, but about house affairs, what house affairs?”

“Eh! House affairs, house affairs is regarding the house. Right, I helped you chase away Zuo Ming Ming, don’t you need to show some appreciation?” Su Ke quickly changed the topic.

“Show appreciation? What appreciation?” Li Fei Fei’s eyes flashed wide open, a face full of innocent. This made Su Ke’s face be filled with black lines, showing a bitter smile, so he quickly drew her attention away.

“Did you forget? That time, when we were reaching the school gate, I said if I’d get rid of that kid, ow would you thank me, then you said anything is fine!” Su Ke was very helpless. Originally, he thought he could finish this task.
“Did I say that before? I don’t remember!” Li Fei Fei rubbed her chin, gave a thoughtful look then said lightly.

“Wtf! Sister, you can’t do this, if you don’t keep your word, you’ll create hostility between people!” Su Ke wanted to cry without tears, looks like he’s going to be busy this time.

Of course, Li Fei Fei remembered her words, however, one guess and she knew this person was up to no good, so she would definitely not admit. Seeing Su Ke’s depressed look, she snickered. Before she could continue, she saw Su Ke cover his forehead, steps staggering, like he was about to faint.

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“What happened? Su Ke, what happened?” Upon seeing this, how could Li Fei Fei still laugh? She quickly walked over to Su Ke’s side, one hand grasping his arm in case he fell.

“I, I may have said too much just now. My brain is deprived of oxygen; the sky and ground are shaking!” Su Ke shook his head, using Li Fei Fei’s help to stand straight.

“What? Oxygen deprivation? What do we do? I’ll call the ambulance!” Li Fei Fei helped Su Ke and quickly glanced around; there wasn’t anyone nearby.

“Ambulance? No need! I feel, my brain needs oxygen!” Su Ke even peeked at Li Fei Fei’s expression as he spoke. This girl was anxious and didn’t know what to do. Then he continued, “Oxygen deprivation only needs a bit of CPR!”

“CPR?” Li Fei Fei was stunned as she repeated. She glanced at Su Ke’s expression again, then repeated, “Are you sure it’s CPR?”

“En En! No need for a long time, a few minutes will do!” Su Ke felt uncomfortable inside, but he had to act the full set, so he nodded.

“Su Ke, why don’t you just die!” Li Fei Fei took a deep breath; her chest was also rising. Quickly, a leg flew out, aiming straight for Su Ke’s calf, as she roared.

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