Chapter 139: How To Ridicule Someone

“Levi’s are good quality jeans, but they don’t really match your status. You’re the owner of an Audi; how could you wear such a thing? It’s the top brand for miners in the US!”

“The shoes are Vans, which isn’t very bad and regarded as street fashion in California. However, your blue jeans and shoes clash and don’t match!”
“Not to mention your watch!”

Zuo Ming Ming’s face grew worse and worse as he listened to Su Ke2Su KeMain Character.

He unconsciously withdrew his arm as Su Ke continued, “Piaget isn’t bad, but the watch is too serious and too old. You didn’t steal it from your father, right?”

Su Ke’s smile widened as he narrowed his eyes and waited for his reaction.

It seemed like he had hit the mark as Zuo Ming Ming’s face went bright red and he angrily said, “You!” His lofty position had vanished in a second.

He had a very ugly expression on his face as he spoke with a forceful tone,  “So what if it’s my father’s? Do you know who my father is!!?”

“Your father? Is he Barack Obama?” Su Ke asked with feigned curiosity.

Li Fei Fei, who was leaning against Su Ke the whole time, let out a “Pu Chi” as she laughed.

She didn’t expect Su Ke to spew such words. However, since Zuo Ming Ming’s family and hers had a good relationship, she lightly elbowed Su Ke in the ribs.

Zuo Ming Ming wanted to explode as he screeched “You!” through gritted teeth.
“Oh, yeah! Isn’t your surname ‘Zuo’?”

Su Ke ignored Li Fei Fei’s response as he stretched out his neck and said, “Then is your father the founder of Giordano?”

Zuo Ming Ming felt like puking blood as his face grew red and his body shook with anger.

“Youuuu! You beggar, my dad has enough money to drown you! Do my clothes concern you? You’re covered from head to toe in cheap clothes!”

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Even though he was really serious, his words caused Su Ke to smile as he wrapped

“Cheap clothes?” Su Ke’s right arm was around Li Fei Fei’s waist, so he could only use his left hand to rub his nose.

He then let out a helpless sigh as he continued, “Ai! A nouveau rich family is still just an upstart with not an ounce of culture!”
“Do you know what’s low-key? Do you understand what’s deeply hidden? The tags on my clothes will all be cut off. However, no matter how you look and examine them, you won’t recognize them. Have you ever heard of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton? What about Valentino Garavani?”

“If I told you that these cheap clothes all cost around 6 million USD, would you be scared? Do you know Arab’s Golden Ratio, 18618?”

“Do you think driving a sports car is that amazing? How about a yacht? Helicopter? Have you EVEN seen a helicopter license?”
“Right now we’re all playing with yachts and planes, but sports cars? They’re already out of style.”

The more he spoke, the smoother he sounded. It seemed like his real life.

Not only was Li Fei Fei a bit stunned, but even Zuo Ming Ming also seemed to believe him.
Su Ke was dressed really low-key and the disdain on his face seemed real because he kept his composure. Since he usually sounds so logical, people trust him.

“Where do you go for holiday? Gold Coast or Ya Long Bay? Maybe New Matai? Have you been Alpine skiing? Monaco Surfing? Have you ever gone deep sea diving or rafting?”
As Su Ke spoke, his expression became filled with more and more pity.
Su Ke waved his hand generously at Zuo Ming Ming as his tone became sincere, “Okay, go back from where you came from! Stop bugging my family’s Fei Fei! She’s not someone you’re compatible with!”  
Zuo Ming Ming had long since been confused by Su Ke’s nonsense.

After being a second-generation young master for so long, this was the first time he had such a tragedy; his pride was smashed to bits and his heart was broken.
However, when he heard Su Ke tell him to leave Li Fei Fei alone, he immediately woke up.

His pursuit of Li Fei Fei is not only because of her good looks and body, but also because she has a good family. His parents have also been urging him about it.

Zuo Ming Ming finally exploded with anger as he threw the bouquet of roses on the ground and said, “What did you say? I’ll *** fight you!”

The brightly-colored petals and leaves scattered everywhere as he furiously waved his fists.

Li Fei Fei finally came out from Su Ke’s embrace and said, “Zuo Ming Ming, you’d better not cause trouble!” She knew that Su Ke is formidable. Even though it would be vindicated if she allowed Zuo Ming Ming to be beaten up, but if her parents knew, she wouldn’t be able to take responsibility!
Zuo Ming Ming’s eyes were bright red like a crazed bull. He looked at Su Ke and decided that he wasn’t very strong, so he gained more confident.

However, Li Fei Fei tried to stop him, which made him even angrier.
“Fei Fei, stop concerning yourself! I… I will settle this with him!”

Su Ke sighed in relief, but when he thought back on his promise with Li Fei Fei, he could only rub his nose, “Hey, don’t force me! I can break your legs, waist, and ribs, then stuff you in a flowerpot within 3 minutes and make you into a vegetable! Do you believe me?”
“Are you f*** looking for death!?”

In front of Su Ke, he felt like he had fallen from a high-ranking young master to a suffering beggar on the roadside. His strong self-esteem and vanity made it hard for him not to take action. He didn’t care if Su Ke was richer or more low-key than him.
However, Su Ke was too lazy to move as he just tilted his head and watched Zuo Ming Ming’s fist fly. His mouth curved up into a disdainful smile as he quickly grabbed his fist.

Only now did he realize that he was surrounded by 4-5 people with tattoos all over their bodies.
They were very ugly and had bald heads and long hair. The one holding his wrist was blond and had an arrogant expression on his face.

His arm muscles tensed up under his black vest as he glared at Zuo Ming Ming.

“What are you doing!? Have you recognized the wrong person?”

Zuo Ming Ming didn’t know that these gangsters lived in the area since he’s never been here before.

Huang Mao glared ruthlessly at Zuo Ming Ming before turning his head and smiling at Su Ke, revealing his yellow teeth, “Brother Su Ke! What’s happening here? Do you need me to do something?”

“F*ck! They’re one group!” Zuo Ming Ming immediately felt uneasy. No matter if it’s money or character, he had already gotten rid of his disdain for this kid. If he wanted to challenge him physically, he couldn’t take any advantage. A wise man knows not to fight when the odds are stacked against him. All he could was raise his hand and say, “Let’s compare street racing skills this Saturday! Do you dare?”______________________________________________________________________________________________

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1. No idea what this is, though the value seems to be 1.618 instead of 18618.

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