Chapter 138: Nitpicking

Li Fei Fei was seething with anger as she tried to kick Su Ke2Su KeMain Character to no avail. Her breathing was rough as she scowled and said, “What do you think we should do? Who asked you to speak such nonsense!? What if Zuo Ming Ming tells my parents?”

Su Ke was helpless. He originally wanted to do a good dead, but who knew that such a situation could arise from saying such a thing. If this spread around, the consequences would be very serious.

Su Ke responded with a weak expression on his face, “I was wrong, okay? If your parents ask, I’ll just say the kid isn’t mine, okay?”

However, saying such a thing caused another catastrophe.

Li Fei Fei wound up her phone to throw it at him, but it rang at that moment.

When she saw the caller ID, she picked it up and answered,  “Wei. What exactly do you want, Zuo Ming Ming?”

Li Fei Fei looked uncomfortable as she ruthlessly said, “Fine! You just wait at the gates!”

She then quickly stood up and walked over to Su Ke’s side.

“Come with me!” She said, as she pulled on his arm and walked out of the canteen.

As they walked, she instructed him, “When the time comes, don’t be scared of him. Muster up your courage and look down on him with an imposing manner! However, you cannot speak nonsense like just now, okay? You need to pressure him, but you can’t harm him physically!”


Originally, Li Fei Fei wanted Su Ke to go out and directly reveal himself to make Zuo Ming Ming give up. However, when she thought of Su Ke’s personality, she was worried.

Even though he’s usually quite calm, if he took action, it was like an explosion.

“Calm down! I understand; a gentleman uses his mouth, not his fists!”

Su Ke then anxiously asked, “If I help you get rid of his threatening attitude, how are you going to repay me?”

She carelessly promised, “Anything’s fine!”

Zu Ming Ming called and wanted to see her. If she didn’t, he would report Su Ke’s words to her mother. She immediately felt like exploding, so how could she care what Su Ke said?

“Task: Scare Zuo Ming Ming away. Reward: Cooking Proficiency (Intermediate)”

Su Ke never thought that this would also become a task. Even though there isn’t much use for a cooking skill, it’s still a must-have.

When they arrived at the school gates, Li Fei Fei slowed down and very seriously spoke, “Listen to me! Zuo Ming Ming is a paper tiger, capiche?”

“Eh! Got it!” Su Ke didn’t know why Li Fei Fei kept emphasizing this point.

Could it be that Zuo Ming Ming is a 3-headed, 6-armed monster?


Su Ke then noticed a white sports car with an open-top parked on the roadside far away.

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He was enthralled by the body that reflected the sunlight.

For the sake of better acting, Li Fei Fei was leaning against Su Ke and he had his arm around her waist.

When he saw the youth standing next to the white sports car, Su Ke paused and questioned, “It’s him?”

“En!” Li Fei Fei replied.

He was around Su Ke’s age and his face was full of smiles. Even though it quickly disappeared when he saw Su Ke and Li Fei Fei acting intimate, it changed back immediately.

“Fei Fei, you finally came out!” After saying so, he took out a large bouquet of red flowers that were as red as fire, looking very tender and alluring.

He completely ignored Su Ke as he walked up to Li Fei Fei and handed her the bouquet.

Li Fei Fei’s face was cold as she sternly said, “Zuo Ming Ming, haven’t I already told you that I have a boyfriend? I don’t want your flowers!”

She wasn’t about to be swayed by Zuo Ming Ming’s flower attack.

Zuo Ming Ming’s face held some warmth as he said, “Stop it, I know you’re just playing hard to get!” His hair was long and layered and he was wearing a dazzling white short-sleeved shirt with dark flowers on it, a pair of jeans, and a pair of canvas shoes. His whole ensemble screamed wealth.

One glance and Su Ke could see he was a rich second generation person.

Indeed, this would have made people feel helpless against him.

Of course, if the former Su Ke saw such a person, he would have walked away already.

His arrogance was like countless other people’s where if you talk back, you get burnt!

With the plucking flower system, even if it was the emperor, Su Ke was still rather confident.

Su Ke glanced at his car before speaking to Zuo Ming Ming, “Eh! The car isn’t bad? 4 circles? Audi?”

Even though Su Ke treated Zuo Ming Ming like air, he took Li Fei Fei’s request to heart, so he had to settle things.

“An Audis’ not that expensive, it’s only around 6 million!”

Zuo Ming Ming’s eyes were very transparent as he stared at Su Ke like a country bumpkin.

A lot of people can recognize an Audi, so his mouth curved up into a smile as he chuckled.

When Su Ke saw the row of English letters on his shirt, he seemingly talked to himself and Zuo Ming Ming as he said, “The shirt is also not bad! Mark Fair Whale (1)? Ma Ke Hua Fei?”

However, he was surprised when Su Ke Zuo recognized the brand.

When he saw the surprise in Su Ke’s eyes, he felt vindicated as his mouth curved into a smile like he wanted to ascend to heaven.

“En! The pants are from Levi’s and the shoes are from Vans, not bad!”

Su Ke was embracing Li Fei Fei when he stretched out his neck and looked at Zuo Ming Ming’s watch, “Oh? Piaget, this is even better!”

Zuo Ming Ming then frowned because he didn’t know what he was getting at. Even though he never looked directly at Su Ke, he could tell that this boy didn’t have any background and his clothes were all a no-name brand.

“Ai! Country Bumpkin, what have you seen? Hurry up and get your hand off Fei Fei’s body!”

Su Ke’s face was full of smiles as he said, “Who are YOU calling a Country Bumpkin?”

Even though he knew his joke wasn’t very funny, he still said it, but he shook his head afterward.

When Zuo Ming Ming reacted to the joke, Su Ke said, “Country Bumpkin is calling you!”

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Zuo Ming Ming’s face was the color of a pigs liver and he felt like his chest was being squeezed.

He then gnashed his teeth, but maintained his grace in front of Li Fei Fei as he questioned, “Do you feel like it has any meaning?”

“No meaning!” Su Ke then shrugged and helplessly said, “It’s also for your own good. Don’t you feel that Ma Ke Hua Fei sounds really overbearing? Like an international brand?

“What if I told you that it’s real local goods? Will you be disappointed? Embarrassed?”


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1 This is typed in English, while the next name is the Mandarin equivalent.

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