Chapter 163: Cannot Be Underestimated

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After recovering from the surprise, Bell’s expression became stern and calm. “Yes, your suggestion is good. You are right, our priority  should be to find where the hotel staff are. I hope that God is protecting him so that he is safe.”

Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine released her hands from his walkie-talkie and noticed that there was seemingly endless darkness in his eyes. “No, you still have to prepare for the worst. There are numerous ways to kill a man without spilling any blood.”

“Besides… we are unsure of how he was able to infiltrate the hotel. There might be an insider working at the hotel… Bell, you are an officer. You should understand what I’m implying.”

“I stopped you so that we wouldn’t alarm him or his partner in the hotel, rand I also did not want us to be in danger. After all, I just bumped into him.”

A cold-blooded criminal, especially one whose hands held the lives of many others, would not hesitate to kill 100 without a single survivor if there was just a little bit of threatening movement.

If there really was an insider, the alarm created by Bell would likely make herself the next target of the criminal to be eliminated.

In her previous life, she had been a target of too many. In this life, even if there was only a slight abnormality, she had to be alert.

Bell put away the walkie-talkie, and the look his light grey eyes was a deep one as he looked at her in silence. After a few seconds, he sighed, “Jian, you are very special. I now understand why that young major was so adamant about letting you become an undercover student.”

She was unfathomably calm, as if she were an experienced police officer and not a student. In fact, she was even calmer than he was, and he had been a police officer for five years.

If a mere student is this talented, then won’t the soldiers sent by the Chinese government be even more extraordinary?

Bell faintly understood that the personnel sent by the Chinese government were not people whom anyone could easily make fun of with a statement such as: The soldiers sent by a third world country cannot even compare to us police officers from the big city!

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“Sorry to bother you, but could you give me some ice. I need it for my classmate upstairs.” Ye Jian was indeed very calm, and even her irises were clear and calm as a mirror without a single disrupting wave. “I also need a communication device to contact you. If you have one, please provide me with one as well.  Thank you.”

Bell then filled the stainless steel cup with ice. When he opened his mouth to speak again, he no longer had the attitude similar to that of an adult speaking to a child.

He spoke to Ye Jian with sincerity and respect as if she were his equal, “Yes, I was just about to give you one. Not only was I about to give you a communication device, but we, um, also prepared you a GPS tracker device.”

The moment Ye Jian returned upstairs, she already had two more items with her: a GPS tracker and a communication device. On the other hand, Yang Ye was already sleeping soundly with her head on the pillow.

Covering the ice with a towel, she gently placed the icepack on Yang Ye’s eyes. Ye Jian then moved the sofa in the hotel room against the wall.

Red Scorpion’s room was not rigged with a listening device, not because they didn’t bother to, but because he was highly sensitive, and so any listening devices would be easily discovered by him.

Based on Red Scorpion’s profile, he was an extremely difficult person to go up against.

Though he and Ye Jian were only separated by a wall, what could be heard was still uncertain.

Placing her ear against the wall, she immediately gave up after hearing silence.

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Ye Jian didn’t attempt to eavesdrop further, and she started to flip through some Olympiad test drills on the sofa until she fell asleep in that position.

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