Chapter 164: Shush, Don’t Speak

Ye Jian woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. A boy with blond hair and blue eyes and nice facial features held two cups of iced cola in his hands. He greeted Ye Jian, who opened the door, with a smile. “Hi, I’m Owen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The boy was tall — about 1.7 or 1.8 metres tall by estimation, and his warm smile was as sweet as cotton candy. “We are going to hold a party at the pool tonight, and we hope that you and your friend can join us.”

Such a warm and enticing invitation from a handsome boy! Ye Jian felt that refusing such an invitation from a boy with such angel-like features would be very impolite and rude.

As proven by reality, there wasn’t any student who could refuse the temptation of a party.

Ye Jian looked at the crowd of boys and girls who were holding crystal wine glasses filled with champagne and clinking them gently. They chatted with one another happily by the sparkling pool. Not a single trace of anxiety could be seen on their facial expressions about the upcoming Olympiad; they looked as if they had come here to relax and enjoy a vacation overseas.

Standing in the darkness, Ye Jian held a champagne glass as she monitored Red Scorpion, until she heard a deep and familiar voice being transmitted from her earpiece. She walked towards Wang Mo, who was the closest to her, and excused herself, “I need to go back to the room.” She then left calmly, and in a composed manner.

The hotel room door opened, and the faint and familiar smell of mint could be detected.

Ye Jian softly closed and locked the door. In this dimly lit room, she noticed that there was someone else sitting on the sofa; the silhouette in the dark was similar to that of a hibernating beast waiting in the dark for its prey’s arrival.

Ye Jian sat across from him without turning on the lights and asked, “The hotel attendant has met his end, right?”

Since her conversational partner was of a different identity, the topic would also be different.

“Yes. At around 2:10pm he met his demise, and the body was hidden in the hotel’s storage room.” Xia Jinyuan lightly stated in his icy sharp voice, a hint of evil was hidden in it, “There has been movement from Red Scorpion and his correspondents; the first transaction should be completed very soon.”

“The target from China has yet to show up, so we cannot move for now.” In the unlit room, his usual icy stare that were focused on Ye Jian felt stricter and unusually more substantial. “The two foreigner suspects are the targets of Interpol, and they have nothing to do with us. Ye Jian, do you know what I am saying?”

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Their conversations were always shrouded in mystery, and sometimes, despite earnestly attempting to deciphering their meaning, they were not necessarily understood.

But the two of them deeply understood each other, and therefore understood what was being implied.

Ye Jian paused for a bit and mildly replied, “I understand. We should just do what is ordered and act according to our authority. As for the arrangements planned by the Interpol, we are not allowed to be involved in it.”

“Lass, if you understand, it’s good enough; don’t restate it.” She had such transparency in stating something difficult to say out loud so frankly. Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face had a faint smile on it, “Some countries still view us as weak.”

In 1995, our country was still undergoing revitalization. However, regardless of the economy, the military strength had been been secretly improving for the better.

Ye Jian came from the future, so she was aware what became of China. Xia Jinyuan and his family, on the other hand, were heavily involved in the military and privy to more state secrets and thus was more knowledgeable.

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The involvement of the Chinese government in this mission was limited because the developed countries viewed China as “weak.”

China faced this discrimination with silence and continued to maintain a low profile.

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