Chapter 165: Don’t Bully The Proud

This was what Xia Jinyuan wanted to convey. Since Ye Jian was able to conclude not to intervene in the Interpol’s arrangements, she could naturally understand what the his other meaning was.

A weak country was a topic as heavy as the weight of a mountain. Similarly, it was also something that spurred the country on! Fortunately, China was always spurring forward, marching towards the goal of being a strong country.

Ye Jian was not fooled by the sternness he portrayed through his tone because she knew that in the near future, China’s military power would make the countries that were previously strong feel threatened.

She laughed slowly, “You should know the strength of our country better than I do. Given that someone like you dares not to interfere so much, a mere student like me definitely won’t interfere at all.”

“No, little lass, we will interfere, but the time is not now. Instead…” Xia Jinyuan slightly raised his brows, and his cold expression looked assured and calm. The inborn nobility hidden under his expression further displayed his cold and unpredictable temperament.

His lips curved upwards and he paused for a bit, then he slowly said, “Instead, we’ll put them in a position where they will have to ask for our help to solve their problems. Just you wait, little lass. Since we’re here, how can we let people continue to belittle us?”

Soldiers had a proud mentality, and they represented the military might of their country. If they were belittled, ha,they would ruthlessly retaliate naturally!

“What should I do? I am suddenly looking forward for the day that you’ve mentioned to arrive.” Ye Jian’s brows curved as she smiled, and her clear eyes that twinkled like stars watched the man standing proudly in the darkness. “I hope that when the time comes, Captain Xia will still remember me and take me along to witness it.”

Her words made Xia Jinyuan laugh joyfully, and he rose from the lounge chair. His imposing yet slender silhouette gleamed like that of the blade of a sword, and he spoke in an indifferent voice, “Relax, little lass. Growth doesn’t occur just by the passing of time; you still need more training.”

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He was looking forward to her growth, so he was trying his best to build her the most solid foundation possible while she was still developing.

The party downstairs only ended at ten at night. If it weren’t for the teachers’ reminders, it most probably would have continued into the dead of the night.

Ye Jian did not go back down. Instead, she used the excuse that she was doing her test papers and stayed in her room alone, digesting Xia Jinyuan’s words. Today’s toleration will be repaid another day. A man of honor knows that there are things that must be done and that things must not be done… Thinking about it, she suddenly felt very motivated.

“The big competition has three rounds. The first round is a group competition, next is theory testing, and the last is trial testing. The competition will be split across three days, and every round will last for five hours, starting at 8am and ending at 1pm.”

In the early morning of the next day, the wave of students who still hadn’t gotten over last night’s party had already started preparing for the competition to be held tomorrow.

Director Li did not waste any words. Yesterday, everyone had played and slept enough. Today, no one should even think about being as relaxed as yesterday. He waved his arm as if a king had arrived and swept away the thoughts of the students who still wanted to laze around in the afternoon.

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When all their time was focused on studying, all the students suddenly realized that the day had passed just like that.

“Tonight, everyone should rest early. Get into bed at 9pm sharp, and turn in one of your keycards! We teachers will inspect each room!” At 5:30pm, after everyone had gone to have dinner, Director Li took action once more and confiscated one keycard after another, easing their work of checking the rooms later.

In China, teachers making rounds and inspecting rooms was an extremely common practice!

Like yesterday, they chatted with the students from different countries. When they mentioned that every night, the teachers would barge into the room to do their inspections, tsk tsk tsk… The expressions the other students wore on their faces, were unbearably hard to look at, they looked as if their bodies had been violated.

They couldn’t accept the fact that the teachers had ignored the students’ privacy, and without the students’ permission, they could actually barge into the rooms without knocking.

The students then turned in their keycards without resisting and followed the four teachers to the dining room to have their dinner.

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