Chapter 166: Facing Danger without Fear

The twelve students walked out of their rooms and immediately saw the Vietnamese students, who stayed on the same level as them, exiting their rooms. From the looks of it, they seemed to be planning the same thing as the Chinese students: heading towards the dining room to have breakfast.

They walked in front, while the Chinese students walked behind. When they entered the elevator, the Chinese students stood right in front of the elevator.

The two groups of students gazed at each other,… Since they had no choice but to be friendly with each other, they remained civil with their words, but their stares swept across the other party!

Unfortunately, the confrontation did not last long. In a few seconds, the elevator doors slowly closed. Ye Jian’s gaze lightly glided across Red Scorpion’s face, as if it was a normal glance, and indifferently collected it back.

Red Scorpion’s gaze was like the fang of a venomous snake. The snake suddenly opening its mouth as his gaze swept across the students faces, bringing along a gloomy ferocity. It swept across the majority of the Chinese students’ faces in that narrowing gap between the elevator doors, causing the students who stood in front to flinch.

“Ye Jian, Yang Ye, tonight, the two of you will switch rooms with Teacher Yu and me.” Director Li spoke after the elevator door had closed, “Switch immediately  after breakfast.”

That Vietnamese teacher’s gaze… gave him a chilly feel, he didn’t seem like a teacher, instead the feeling was akin to a murderer. His gaze was too ferocious and he did not have the temperament of a teacher.

After teaching for so many years, and furthermore being a director of teaching, Director Li had quite an accurate sense in judging people.

Ye Jian did not answer immediately. The room had specifically been arranged for her, so there was no way she could change it. But indeed, the room needed to be switched, not for her, but for Yang Ye.

At night, Ye Jian remained alone in the room. She used her preference of a familiar bed and was more comfortable sleeping alone to avoid affecting her performance the next day as an excuse to stay in her room…

As the greatest contributor to the team in this competition, Director Li could only comply with her requests begrudgingly.

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Sleeping at 9pm wasn’t hard for Ye Jian, but the image of Red Scorpion with his ferocity flowing from his eyes while the elevator door closed gradually popped up in her head whenever she shut her eyes.

Tonight, something was probably going to happen. With such a premonition, Ye Jian slept soundly with peace in her heart.

At 1am in the morning, Ye Jian, who was sleeping soundly, abruptly opened her eyes. In the darkness, a cold gleam shined from beneath her eyes, and she gently closed her eyes again.

The door, which had originally been closed, quietly opened. A ray of light from the corridor shone into the room before the door was quietly closed, and someone crept in the room without making a single noise while holding his breath..

He did not go near the bedside; instead he gently opened the bathroom door and stayed inside for around two minutes before retreating after closing the door. It was as if the intrusion was nothing but a bad dream.

Ye Jian did not get up immediately. Instead, she courageously remained in bed for another hour. Only then did she stretch her arm to turn on the bed lamp.

Everything in the bathroom looked normal and nothing was out of place. She closed the toilet lid and stepped directly on top of it after putting the foot-use towel on it.

She very carefully removed one of the ceiling panels, then another…, both of her hands grabbed the wooden frame. Her feet lifted lightly. Her whole body was then supported by the strength of her arms.

Under the dim lighting, Ye Jian saw a black luggage bag silently placed in a place she could easily reach.

She stared at it for a while. Ye Jian gently curled her lips upwards. If she wanted to grab the Red Scorpion’s attention, and make him move right under her nose constantly,… the chance was sitting right in front of her.

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“Captain Xia, if I said that someone just came into my room, and left a black bag in the bathroom, would you believe me?”

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