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Chapter 87

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Yang Le Le saw that the people on the street were getting crowdier and felt bored: “Yao Yao, when do you think will the lantern festival starts?”

They arrived in noon and now it was afternoon. She did not know how much longer would they have to wait.

“It’s still early. It should start when the sky turns dark.” Ning Meng Yao glanced at Yang Le Le. She felt amused at Yang Le Le’s words and shook her head gently.

“Then where are we going to go tonight?” Once she heard that they had to wait until the sky darkened, Yang Le Le became outright stunned as she looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief.

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“I have a courtyard here, we’ll go there later.” Ning Meng Yao soothed.

Yang Le Le’s mouth dropped open: “You…. Here….. You have a courtyard?”

“That’s right. Let’s go there to rest for a while. I also want to talk to you about some things at night.” Ning Meng Yao thought about this and decided that she should first discuss with Yang Le Le regarding the thing she talked with Qing Zhu.

Yang Le Le enthusiastically nodded her head and followed Ning Meng Yao to her courtyard.

Once they were in, Yang Le Le almost thought that she had entered the place of an immortal’s. The courtyard was different from the ones she had seen before. In here, there were a lot of different flowers which can be smelled from when they walked in the entrance door. The big field of flower made Yang Le Le happy.

“If you like, then you can pluck some back.”

“Can I really?” Yang Le Le hopefully asked.

“Yes, you can. Go.”

Coming into the room, it was warm inside, causing Yang Le Le to feel admiration: “This room is really warm.”

“The land on which this was built possess underground heat source, so it is naturally warm.” Ning Meng Yao did not have the intention to brag, but only explaining the answer to Yang Le Le’s question.

“So it is like this. Ah, what did you want to say to me previously?” Yang Le Le’s eyes roamed the whole room with gaze filled with admiration, but there was no envy. This made Ning Meng Yao who was paying attention to her to be happy.

If at this time there was envy or other emotions, she would not say the matter of Yang Le Le following Qing Zhu.

“I am planning on letting you follow Qing Zhu after new year.”

“What does that mean?” Yang Le Le was bewildered, she did not understand what Ning Meng Yao was talking about.

“I have my own embroidering pavillion, but it is not the same as the ones outside. We only make one clothes a kind and this business is oversees by Qing Zhu.” Saying till this, Ning Meng Yao stopped. She felt that by now Yang Le Le should already know her intention.

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And like she expected, Yang Le Le’s eyes lit up and was perturbed: “Won’t the skill requirement be high?”

Ning Meng Yao nodded and Yang Le Le’s shoulders fell down.

“I think it’s better if I don’t go, I know my own skill.” She did not want to cause trouble later on.

She knew that Ning Meng Yao wanted to help her, but she could not be ungrateful. She knew her own limits.

“Alright. Don’t belittle yourself like this. You can do it. After the fifteenth, you will be tested by Qing Zhu and if you pass, you can work inside, if you don not pass, then you can continue practicing your embroidering skill. When your skill is up to par then you can try again, how about it?” Ning Meng Yao spoke solemnly.

Yang Le Le was good, but she had low self-esteem.

Thinking through this suggestion, Yang Le Le could understand what Ning Meng Yao meant and nodded: “Okay. I know. I will do my best.”

“That’s the spirit.” Ning Meng Yao nodded in satisfaction.

Yang Le Le had the talent for embroidering and most of the time, with little guidance, she could already understand by herself, but only because of the past what she had no confidence to herself.

She just needed a push then her future achievement would not be low.

This also determined that because of Ning Meng Yao’s help, not long later, Yang Le Le would become an embroider who could influence the whole country. Her embroidery would be very sought after and difficult to obtain. But at this moment, she was only a girl who was not confident in herself.

At this time, Qing Zhu had always paid attention to Yang Le Le and seeing her unsure like that made Qing Zhu could not help but furrow her brows. Won’t this kind of person be bullied if she join us? Moreover…..could she do it?

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