Chapter 137: Pregnant With My Child

Due to the joint inspection and the appearance of Lang Ming, Luo Fei Yan didn’t feel very good. She didn’t how, but it seemed like everything was planned as no customers came.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character went home early since he still had an English and Science exam to take.

He didn’t have any guarantees to pass, but he was rather confident.

As he lay on his bed, he recalled Liu Fei Hong’s call.

“Is something going to happen?” Su Ke muttered to himself. At that time, Liu Fei Hong told him to look after Liu Qing Qing more carefully in school to prevent people from harming her.


However, when he reached home, he called Liu Fei Hong again and told her about what happened at Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns. Liu Fei Hong seemed to have her own thoughts on the double-headed wolf. They decided to talk it over and come to a decision tomorrow.

Su Ke then went into the system and stared at the screen in a daze, “I want the ‘wish’!”

He didn’t know how to complete the task, but then again, he hadn’t seen Li Fei Fei these past few days so he had no idea how she did in the exams.

However, he agreed to be her fake boyfriend this Saturday. Was there a chance then?

The night passed like this. The morning science exam was exactly as he expected. He should be able to score at least a passing grade since he had high school science profiency.

When he was finished, he went to talk with Li Fei Fei during lunch.

As they walked to the canteen, Su Ke asked, “How did you do?”

“Okay, I suppose. I felt like it was quite difficult this time around, but I can’t decide which teacher is more wicked!”

Li Fei Fei is a good student who always scores above average for her grade. However, even though she wasn’t better than Wei Lan, he was still surprised when he heard her say that the exam was difficult.

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“It was that hard? Why didn’t I feel it?”

When Su Ke finished speaking, he felt killing intent next to him and unconsciously dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding Li Fei Fei’s kick. She then raised her and pouted, “What can you feel? Did you feel like this exam was the same as the previous one, or is it that you couldn’t even do one question!?”

“You don’t have to hit me!” Su Ke was very gloomy; looks like his grades are rather well-known. When he thought about it some more, the seating chart for each student has everyone’s marks posted on it.


“I’m just checking out the facts!” Li Fei Fei then put her hands in the pockets of her jeans and walked forward. Her slim figure was like a willow tree; every step was like she was swaying in the wind. Her hips were wrapped tightly in her pants, so Su Ke couldn’t help but steal a look.

Involuntarily, he remembered how they met. He ended up touching her butt, but they became good friends in the end. It was a really ridiculous story that made his heart pound.

He then quickly averted his eyes as he could still feel the sensation in his hand.

“Hey! How do you think I’ll do for this exam!? Do you dare to bet?”

Su Ke quickly took two steps forward and followed Li Fei Fei into the canteen.

He then inwardly thought about receiving the kiss. Would he be able to finish the task?

Li Fei Fei didn’t even acknowledge Su Ke and was completely uninterested in the bet as she questioned, “You? Are you dreaming!?”

Su Ke could only helplessly give up his plan.

After buying their food, the two of them discussed the fake boyfriend situation as they ate.


At this moment, Li Fei Fei’s phone rang, causing her to frown as she reluctantly answered, “Wei!”

Su Ke strained his ears and carefully listened to the voice coming from the phone and realized it was a guy, “Do you not understand that I don’t want to take care of you!?”

“I don’t have time; I’m currently eating with my boyfriend!” After Li Fei Fei said that, she glanced at Su Ke before handing him the phone.

He unconciosuly accepted it before pointing at it with a quizzical look on his face.

Li Fei Fei whispered as she put her hands together while pleading, “This is the guy that keeps chasing me. Help me chase him away!”

When Su Ke heard the male voice on the other end of the phone, he could only helplessly place it by his ear and say, “Wei!”

“Wei! Who are you? Stay away from Li Fei Fei!”


Just as Su Ke spoke, he was suddenly besieged by a very violent and arrogant inquiry.

Su Ke originally wanted to keep his ‘nice guy’ image, but he was getting rather irritated as he unconsciously frowned and said, “Who are you? I still haven’t asked you. Next time, give my girlfriend fewer calls!”

Su Ke wanted to hang up after he spoke, but who knew that screaming would start and continue endlessly?

When Li Fei Fei saw that Su Ke was really annoyed, she felt rather anxious.

It wasn’t right to make Su Ke her shield, but she had no choice.

Who knew that he wouldn’t say anything, but would get blinded instead.

“Are you done yet!? I’m telling you, Li Fei Fei is already pregnant with my child, so you should just give up!” Su Ke was getting really annoyed with this unreasonable person that just screamed all the time, so he just yelled to shut him up.


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The other side was still silent after a few minutes had passed, so Su Ke finally hung up and returned the phone to Li Fei Fei. He then shook his head and said, “The world is finally silent!”

“Hey! Fei Fei, what’s wrong? Why is your face so ugly?” Su Ke had realized that Li Fei Fei’s expression was extremely strange.

Her face was blue and she had an angry expression on her face as her chest moved up and down.

When Li Fei Fei saw the innocent expression on his face, she erupted, “Su Ke, go die!”

Even though the two of them were separated by a table, it couldn’t stop her anger as she kicked at him.

Su Ke quickly pulled his leg back when he saw her movements. She didn’t feel avenged as she shouted, “You just spoke without thinking! Without thinking!”

With a quick reaction and agile movements, Su Ke felt like the word ‘dodge’ in red letters appeared in his head. With a helpless expression, he could only raise his hands in surrender as he spoke, “Eh? Isn’t this how they do it on TV!? I only copied them! I’m being wrongly accused!”


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