Chapter 136: A Huge Surprise

When Luo Fei Yan spoke, her body leaned into Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s embrace, leaving him anxious and not knowing what to do.

Luo Fei Yan was originally sitting next to Se Ke, but she then turned her body and her head fell on his shoulder. She was hugging his waist and her cheeks slowly dropped before stopping at his chest and rubbing it against.

Su Ke could feel his heart pounding loudly, but the smile on his face was incomparably warm.

“Little man, if only you were born a few years earlier!”

Su Ke’s whole body tensed up and he didn’t dare breath when he heard Luo Fei Yan’s words.  His mind went blank and he gulped unconsciously as Luo Fei Yan coincidentally fell into his embrace. His hands felt a long curve, but he didn’t have a single profane thought.

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At this moment, Su Ke’s phone rang, causing him to be rather surprised.  

Honestly, Su Ke only used his phone for checking the time and rarely anyone was looking for him. However, Luo Fei Yan didn’t look like she wanted to get up.

“Eh! Sister Yan!” Su Ke felt a bit awkward since he wanted to grab his phone, but couldn’t because of their position.

Luo Fei Yan closed her eyes and acted spoiled as she said, “I don’t care!”

She didn’t know why, but she really liked this feeling.


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Su Ke had no idea who was calling him, so all he could do was helplessly lift up his hips and reach into his pocket.

However, when he did this, he felt the zipper of his pants touch Luo Fei Yan’s elbow.

He couldn’t care less though since he saw the words “Liu Fei Hong” on his phone.

“Wei! Sister Fei Hong!”

Even though Lei Fei Hong was outside when it happened, she was still able to call Ma Meng over to solve his problem, so he’s always wanted to thank her.

However, he didn’t know when she would be back, so he was a little bit embarrassed when he answered the phone.

Liu Fei Hong’s voice came through the phone as she asked him if anybody was causing him trouble. She then asked him if he was free.

“Eh!” Su Ke was holding his phone as he looked down at the person lying on him. “Sorry, Sister Fei Hong, I’m working right now! Do you need something?”

“Oh! Ok, you can count on me! En, en!” Su Ke nodded as he responded to her and his face was suddenly on fire as he looked down. He didn’t know if it was on purpose, but her arm started moving, causing her elbow to rub against his zipper.


“En! Sister Fei Hong, thanks for last time!” Su Ke’s breathing was erratic, his face was red, and his entire body was stiff. Of course, his little brother was also supporting another tent, causing him to be super embarrassed, but he couldn’t move.

Liu Fei Hong thought he sounded strange and was rather concerned as she spoke, “What happened, Su Ke? Are you sick?”

Su Ke quickly denied her while saying, “I’m not! I’m not!”

Naturally, he couldn’t mention the demoness leaning against his body who was continuously provoking his little brother. After speaking a few words, he quickly hung up.

Su Ke’s voice was trembling as he yelled, “Sister Yan!”

He could feel the area of his zipper slowly swelling up, but Luo Fei Yan’s hand continued to move and quickly make circular movements.

“Haha, little man is also not small!”

When Luo Fei Yan heard Su Ke hang up, she lifted her head and looked into his eyes,

“Was that your little lover just now?”

Su Ke squeezed out a smile even uglier than crying as he responded, “It was just a friend! A schoolmate’s older sister!”

“Little brother Su, I was wondering if it was a mistake for me to come here. Should I pass this shop onto someone else? There is that trash Wu Yi Ren over here and that hoodlum Lang Ming, after all!”

Luo Fei Yan’s voice was calm and placid, but Su Ke could hear a hint of helplessness.


However, before he could respond, Luo Fei Yan continued,

“However, even if I transfer this shop away, I still don’t regret my actions. I’ve met a lot of good friends over here and even a man like you!”

“Your performance was too touching just now. I’ve gone through a lot of cities and seen a lot of men, but you’re the one I like the most!”

After saying so, Luo Fei Yan pushed herself up and finally freed Su Ke’s little brother from her evil clutches.

“When you pulled my hand just now, you made me fall for you! I’m afraid that even if you wanted to take me to a hotel room, I wouldn’t reject!” Luo Fei Yan’s face relaxed into a more natural expression after she finished speaking. Only when he heard that this demoness wanted to take liberties with him did Su Ke finally conclude that she had recovered.

With his entire face as red as a lobster, Su Ke’s heart kept pounding, but he couldn’t respond as he listened to her speak. .

“Don’t worry, Sister Yan. It’ll definitely get better. Wu Yi Ren and Lang Ming will be taken care of!”


Su Ke silently decided that he had to quickly finish the “wish” request.

At this time, he could only wish them off the face of the planet.

“En! But I’ve changed my mind!”

Luo Fei Yan stared at Su Ke as she spoke, “The one that called you just now is Liu Fei Hong!”

Su Ke nodded with an “En!”

“The woman Lang Ming mentioned is that demoness who eats people?”


“Take the chance and refer me to her! I want to speak with her!” Luo Fei Yan suddenly became solemn. She was having some trouble right now; she’s been here for too short a time, amd she was completely alone with no one to rely on.

The best method for her right now is to find a big tree to rely on.

Coincidentally, she found out that Su Ke had this kind of friend, so she wanted to make use of it.

Su Ke nodded.

If this could help Luo Fei Yan, he would definitely do it.

Luo Fei Yan reached out with her hand and rubbed Su Ke’s head as she said, “After you’ve succeeded, I’ll give you a really big surprise!”

Her pupils were like water that attracted his attention, causing him to feel a burst of alarm.


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