Chapter 135: Hug Me Please!

Lang Ming sat boldly on the sofa as he tilted his head. It was true that Luo Fei Yan’s appearance would move any man. It’s no wonder Wu Yi Ren asked him out for food.

Luo Fei Yan was wearing a grey body-hugging suit today with the collar popped up.

It was embroidered with gold corners and there was a large ribbon under her collar that made her chest look even more erect.

If she fell into his arms, he could knead and rub her soft looking rabbits.

He gave her a once-over and his gaze landed on her graceful face.

Even though her face was full of smiles, he could feel her reluctance.


Although Lang Ming has countless women, his appetite was unceasing.

He had long thrown Wu Yi Ren aside.

He was carrying the marriage sedan right now, so if he lost his way, it was still a good thing.

He unconsciously smiled as he watched her shift her body like she was about to get closer to him. The scars on his naked torso seemed to come alive and twist continuously as he watched her.

Lang Ming was well aware of the situation. While these people may not seem like they have money, any one of them has a net worth of millions. If you made them angry, you could only admit defeat. Isn’t there a saying? Instead of fighting with a normal person over rice, you should speak a word to a lunatic!

This guy was definitely a lunatic, so she should come and sit down next to him!


Lang Ming was full of smiles as the madness between his brows was on full display.

He then suddenly saw Luo Fei Yan stop as a boy pulled on her wrist.

Ever since Lang Ming came in, the boy stuck to Luo Fei Yan’s side. Since he just looked like a student, he ignored him. Who knew that he would do something like this?

Lang Ming’s smile didn’t falter as he glanced past Luo Fei Yan, but his voice carried an insufferable arrogance as he commanded, “Let go!”

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character saw Luo Fei Yan turn around and look at him with wrinkled eyebrows.

Her gaze was helpless and he could feel a burst of ice from where he was grabbing her wrist.

He cemented his resolved when he saw her face.

Even though Lang Ming had already spoken, he was serious, so Su Ke stopped Luo Fei Yan by grabbing her wrist.


When he took action, Luo Fei Yan had no idea why, but her walled-off heart that had gone through the hardships of society had burst open.

When this boy took a step forward and put her behind him, he seemed like a strong and dependable mountain.

When she finally recovered herself, she was somewhat frantic as Lang Ming spoke,

“Oh? This little brat is quite cute!” He then slammed his leg on the coffee table and grabbed his arms, making his muscles bulge.

“Second Brother Lang! If you have any problems, let’s talk outside!”

When Su Ke said this, he tensed up his body and made preparations to strike if need be.

Even though he knew that he had zero chance of success, a flame started to burn in his heart when he remembered Luo Fei Yan’s helpless face.

When Luo Fei Yan noticed Lang Ming’s smile twisting into something malevolent, she quickly stepped forward and used a hand to block Su Ke as she smiled and said, “Brother Ming, don’t fight with children! Let’s drink some tea instead!”


At this moment, the doors to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns were pushed open and a person walked in while shouting in a deep voice, “Second Brother!”

He wore a sleeveless satin top that revealed his arms covered in conspicuous tattoos, no hair, and a horse face with tiny eyes. He then walked over to Lang Ming, but before he spoke, he suddenly noticed Su Ke and his narrowed as he questioned, “It’s you?”

Su Ke felt uneasy as soon as this person walked in. He wasn’t just anyone; this is the person he met at Jin Se Hua Nian KTV, Wu Ao Ran.

Lang Ming was a bit shocked by his appearance, but he didn’t expect for him to know the boy. He then snorted in disdain before asking, “You know him?”

Wu Ao Ran glanced at Su Ke before immediately bending down to Lang Ming’s ear and saying a few words. While he whispered in his ear, he would glance back at Su Ke every now and then.

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Lang Ming muttered to himself as he looked at Su Ke, “Oh? So you’re Liu Fei Yan’s little brother!? No wonder you were so arrogant!” He then suddenly stood up and pointed at Su Ke while nodding, “When you see Liu Fei Hong, give her my regards!”


He didn’t know what Wu Ao Ran said to Lang Ming, but it must’ve been important.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked outside.

Wu Ao Ran gave him a meaningful glance as he followed Lang Ming out the door.

Luo Fei Yan couldn’t keep up at all as the completely hostile atmosphere disappeared.

However, when she saw Lang Ming walking away, she heaved a sigh of relief and her body was like jelly.

Luo Fei Yan’s arm that was originally in front of Su Ke was now grabbing his for support. She then patted his hand and her well-developed chest shook as she exclaimed, “You scared me half to death!”

When doesn’t Su Ke feel weary? Even though the two of them didn’t exchange any blows, his body was covered in a layer of cold sweat and his tense muscles finally relaxed.

When Su Ke felt Luo Fei Yan rest her entire body on his shoulder, he immediately supported her back with his hand and hugged her before saying, “Sister Yan, I’m fine!”

He then helped her onto the sofa.


Su Ke’s hand, which was originally below her arm to support her, was suddenly pressed against something soft due to the pressure. The spongy bundle bounced as he touched it.

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Su Ke definitely knew what he touched, so he started to panic.

His face was flushed, but he couldn’t move his arm. However, who knew that in the next moment, Luo Fei Yan would lean into his embrace, making him feel even more at a loss.

Luo Fei Yan leaned against his shoulder, her wine-red hair flowing down his body and her unique fragrance wafting around the room.

While rubbing against Su Ke’s shoulder, she whispered in his ear, “Little brother Su, hug me please!”


  1. This means that he was supposed to give Luo Fei Yan to Wu Yi Ren, but he chose to pursue her instead.


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