Chapter 101 – Flashback

“Here you are Zekar,” said a man as he interrupted Zekar who was resting on a bench.

Drowsily Zekar got up and yelled, “Darn it Daimon, why’d you got to wake me up? School’s the only place I can get a good nap.”

“Sorry, sorry, man. I just need your help with something,” Daimon laughs slyly.

“What do you, the young master of the Mythos Clan need from me? Don’t tell me it has to do with me? Can’t you see I’m too tired for worldly affairs?” Zekar said as he began to nod off again.

“Again with your indifference to anything… isn’t your father and grandfather famous generals? How can you, the next upcoming general be like this?” said Daimon.

“I don’t want to be a general, I would rather spend my lifetime engineering than doing so. Anyways what do you want?” Daimon said as he gave a short yawn.

“It’s the usual,” Daimon gave a short cough, his words caused Zekar to frown.

“I told you she’s definitely not interested in you. You should give up your pursuits. Nevermind, even if I said if you’re a hopeless cause,” said Zekar.

Zekar Drake and Daimon Werebringer were good friends, they had many classes together, and because of their family relationship, they close enough to talk about relationships. Love consultation, it was something Daimon had continuously bothered his friend with as he endlessly pursued the cold-hearted miss from the Ichihara clan.

During this time the major families and the military had close ties with one another, and the development of the Vortex Container had just started to spread, and the incubation of children had yet to begin due to extensive testing. The citizens from the Nexus solar system would have been suppressed by the other solar systems if it weren’t for the members from the major families.

When Daimon first met Yuki Ichihara at a gathering, he couldn’t help but blurt out his feelings, only to be rejected for being creepy. From then on he would endlessly pursue her, he was quite a straightforward man.

“Okay, let’s go meet her together, maybe this time things will turn out better?” said Zekar who was tired of giving his friend advice that never worked.

Hearing that they were going to meet her, Daimon yelled, “Okay! This time for sure.”

The two departed and found Yuki talking to Neva Nightwalker, the young miss from the Nightwalker family. Seeing the two of them approach, Neva gave Yuki a nudge and pointed in their direction while giggling a few words. Yuki turned around and gave a short sigh as she lightly greeted the two with a simple, and cold, “Hello.”

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‘I could already feel the chills, how can someone change expressions that fast!’ Zekar thought. He turned to look at his friend only to find he was unable to feel the same pressure he did. Instead, it seemed like he was emitting fire from the desire developed in his body.

‘Ignorance is bliss,’ Zekar thought. Just as he was about to explain why they were there, he heard a voice from a distance.

“Hey, guys! Can’t have a party without me,” said the person. Two more people approached the group and the man who yelled that out embraced Neva as he said, “Miss me?”

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“Of course not, I have always been thinking about you Gram,” she smiled as he hugged him tightly.

“You siblings are always quite close, take that love elsewhere, here is for us single people to live. By the way who is this?” Zekar said to the two lovers. During this time the Nightwalker family emphasized the notion of inbreeding. The vampire bloodline could only be developed by other demonic powers, the more powerful the lineage, the stronger their children would be. Due to the lack of other demonic beings, the Nightwalker family had adopted incest practices unless they were able to find someone to enhance their lineage.

“Oh right, I would like to introduce my friend from my combat and commander classes, this is Dio. Dio, these are my friends. And that’s it,” said Gram who went back to emphasizing his love for his sister.

Zekar looked at the handsome man with blonde hair, he suddenly recalled something as he said, “Aren’t you the expert commoner that was good at both engineering, combat, and commanding class? I heard your performance was amazing despite being a fellow first year. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Dio gave a wry smile as he modestly said, “Oh, it’s nothing special at all, it’s nice to meet you too.”

The two gave a handshake for their meeting, and at this time Zythos had also introduced himself to him. When Dio introduced himself to Yuki, the chilly atmosphere disappeared and turned into spring. Zekar, Daimon, Neva, and Gram were surprised to see Yuki shyly talking to Dio as they all thought about one thing, ‘Love at first sight?!’

Zekar got shivers, it wasn’t because of the cold atmosphere that had disappeared, it was because he knew what she was always like and this expression of hers was a first for him and the others to witness. At this moment he suddenly remembered something and he turned to see the loving aura that came out of Daimon to be non-existent. It was replaced with rage and endless fury, realizing this Zekar made an excuse and left with Daimon away from the area.

No longer in his beloved presence, Zekar witness Daimon shattering several pieces of furniture at Daimon’s house bellowing cries, “Why! I did everything I could, but she had fallen just like that! I pursued her all these years, and this is what I get! Just why!”

Zekar hoped that his friend would regain his senses and give up the fruitless pursuit, so he gave him a light consolation and left. Daimon who was left alone met with his father that night and explained why he shattered the furniture. His father then replied to him, “Fool, your brain has gone down the gutter. The reason she didn’t like you was because you weren’t strong enough. Only by obtaining strength, could you ever win over the admiration of the many beauties in the world. Become strong, take what you want to take and eat what you want to eat. Have you forgotten our clan’s dogma?”

“Strength is everything. I need to get stronger,” Daimon muttered causing his father to nod. A muscle brain dogma for a clan full of soldiers. It was the worse love advice one could ever give.

From that point on Daimon trained like a madman, Zekar who had seen all of this nodded positively thinking that he had given up on Yuki. During this time Zekar had befriended Dio due to their similar interests in engineering. At some point, Zekar had a meeting with Gram discussing a significant topic.

“We should egg him on,” said Gram.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t think it’s time yet for this,” said Zekar.

“Of course! It should be fine. You know Yuki really likes Dio, and he likes her the same. It’s our third year, and their relationship has long improved. Don’t you want them both to be happy? What? You still worried about Daimon? He’s long over it,” said Gram.

“Hmm…” Zekar pondered about the situation. He wasn’t completely sure that if Daimon still had feelings for her, and he did want Dio and Yuki to be happy. Zekar gave a light sigh as he said, “Alright, let’s think of a plan to get them together.”

“That’s my bud! Hahaha, let’s see what kind of ideas we can get going,” Gram laughed. The two of them could be considered as love experts because they have the experience. Gram because he already has a wife and Zekar due to his several years of love consultation advice with Daimon. With the two of them, they managed to get Dio and Yuki together, but this action ignited Daimon’s fury as he took it out on his friend Zekar.

“WHY! JUST WHY! Weren’t you on my side and not for that commoner Dio?” bellowed Daimon as he gave Zekar a hard slug in the face. With the continuous training, Zekar felt this blow almost send him entirely unconscious as he barely muttered his feelings, “You know she never loved you. Not once did she return your feelings. Why can’t you wish for her the best!”

His words only ignited Daimon’s rage, that day the news of Daimon beating Zekar spread with their group of friends, and their friendship shattered.

After graduating Gram and Neva spent their days with love, Gram worked as a soldier while Neva took on the management role of her family. Dio, on the other hand, was introduced into Novera Corporation with Yuki and using their connections, Zekar was hired to make NG-Arms.

Despite being from a commander family and an engineering family, Yuki and Gram were eccentrics. They didn’t want to follow their family traditions, and both became soldiers. Zekar was the same as he managed to convince his father that engineering was his calling, and using his abilities he gifted them an NG-Arm he had personally developed. It was a blissful period, but at the same time, they felt a little empty without Daimon.

A few years after they graduated Arisa and Shizuka were born, and a year after that the wheels of fate turned once more. Inzektors had attacked the Plana solar system for the second time within the last 4 years. Gram and Yuki weren’t able to participate due to their probation period and how their children were just born. This was their first expedition.

At the spaceport, before the two of them departed Zekar and others who were staying behind gave them their best wishes. As they were doing so, they saw a familiar figure. From a distance, a group of warriors traveled by them as cheers erupted from the crowd. Daimon had appeared fully suited for battle in pitch black armor. For the last several years he had fought on numerous of battlegrounds and was rumored to have bedded many women.

He was designated with the role of leading the offensive group into the heart of the Inzektor carrier and destroying its core. While the others fight and eliminate all Inzektors from the Plana solar system.

Neva walked up to him and said, “Please take care of Gram and Yuki.”

Yuki still appeared a little indifferent to him, and Gram was the same as he was still angry about him slugging Zekar.

Daimon only gave them a nod before getting on board the ship, followed by a large group of soldiers.

Yuki and Gram bade their family and friends goodbye and left as well. The assault had started, and their battleship had raided the several Inzektor carrier ships. However, when they attacked the flagship, Yuki and Gram never came back.

According to their subordinates, they died to a malfunction due to their NG-Arms while confronting an S-Class Inzektor which Daimon had killed.

Shocked by the news Neva blamed it on Zekar as she cried in anguish. Zekar was shocked by the news. Did he kill his friends because of faulty equipment? He didn’t know, he was sure he did everything right, for it to fail, it was an eye-opener for him. Dio, however, was suspicious if Daimon had a hand in anything. Although Zekar had built the NG-Arms, Dio supervised and reviewed it many times together, and he wasn’t able to find any faults about it. However, Neva pressured Dio into banishing Zekar from Novera Corporation. Unable to secure a job in the normal society he went underground, becoming the ruler of the dark world.

Zekar remembers the scene of his friends departing as if it were yesterday. One day he knew the truth of things, he used the connections from the dark world to kidnap and interrogate the subordinate that had witnessed their deaths only to find that he was manipulated with a Geass that would kill him if tried to spill the beans. But after his death Zekar couldn’t let his soul rest, he had a dark magician prepared and tortured his soul for the information he sought, and alas he found that Yuki and Gram were killed by Daimon.

However, it was too late, everything was too late. The power Dio had over Novera Corporation was weak as he wasn’t the rightful heir of Novera Corporation and Shizuka was still young. Neva hated Zekar to the bone since the information the souls contained couldn’t be recorded he had no evidence to back up his claim, and everyday Daimon had gotten more powerful as he continued to pursue strength.

Removing Luon from combat classes was to ensure his position in the Nexus solar system as he had recognized his strength and his growth. Media? Government officials? Teachers? Novera Corporation Staff? Zekar suspected that his influence had spread wide and far. Human rights were powerless under the might of superior strength. It was rumored that Daimon would soon hit the level of a superior being, a person at level 90.

“And that’s why you aren’t able to get the classes you wanted, sorry it’s all because of me,” said Zekar with a sigh.

“No, it’s not your fault. The Mythos Clan would have suppressed me anyways if I had gotten powerful by myself and besides… you have already taught me beyond what school had taught me,” said Luon.

Thomas, on the other hand, bawled tears as he said, “He’s the definition of evil, to frame teacher like this and to kill his friends.”
Zekar couldn’t help but awkwardly smile at his silly new student. He attempted to eliminate the mood by saying, “Well since you couldn’t get any good classes, how about I teach you how to make a better starship than the Dael?”

“Teacher, Thomas is here ready for duty!” Thomas said as he jumped up, the tears on his face was no longer existent.

His reaction caused Zekar eyebrow to twitch, and Luon merely laughed.

He’s grateful that Zekar is his teacher.

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