Chapter 134: Lang Ming is here

It wasn’t easy for Su Ke2Su KeMain Character to comfort Wei Lan.

Even though there were two days of exams, it made him feel refreshed when he finished them.

After finishing, he rushed over to the beauty parlor, but he found several cars parked outside. Additionally, they were official cars with the words, “Pharmaceutical Inspection, Health Inspection, and Police” written on them.

“An inspection?” He didn’t know why, but his first reaction was that someone wanted to make trouble for Luo Fei Yan. After all, looking at the time, this was a surprise inspection.

The person he was the most suspicious of was the assistant bureau chief, Wu Yi Ren.

As expected, before Su Ke could step inside, he saw a crowd of people wearing uniforms leave with Luo Fei Yan leading them with a smile. However, there was no sign of Wu Yi Ren.


Only when they left did Su Ke go inside and see Luo Fei Yan with cold eyes, so he asked her what happened, “Sister Yan, what happened?”

Luo Fei Yan snorted with a “Hmph!” before biting her lower lip and continuing, “Isn’t it that Wu Yi Ren giving me a reminder!? What joint inspection!”

When Su Ke heard his name, a fire started to grow in his heart.

However, with his current circumstances, he didn’t have the power to solve this problem.

His only hope was the wish reward by getting Li Fei Fei’s first kiss.

If this task was given to any another person, he’s afraid they would have already forced themselves onto her.

However, for Su Ke, the words ‘first kiss’ made his heart start pounding while he waited for his chance.

Just as Su Ke was letting his imagination run wild, a black car suddenly parked right outside where Su Ke and Luo Fei Yan were standing.


The driver’s door opened and a man quickly rushed out and opened the passenger door.

The person that got out was a man not wearing a shirt, his muscles sticking out piece by piece, looking very robust. There were scars all over his body like a centipede crawling around.

He was about 1.7 meters tall, slightly below Su Ke.

His hair was so short you could see his scalp and the few scars on it. He had a long face and long and narrow pupils that gave him a naturally amused face.

He was wearing navy blue overalls with his hands in his pockets as slowly walked towards them.

After he stepped inside, he sized up the place before his gaze landed on Luo Fei Yan’s face and he spoke with a very mild voice, completely betraying his appearance, “Who is Luo Fei Yan? Where’s Boss Luo?”

Luo Fei Yan frowned slightly before quickly concealing her emotions and responding, “I’m Luo Fei Yan! What is it?”


When Su Ke looked at him closer, he noticed that he was over 30 and contained a huge pressure. He felt like he was being stared at by a wild wolf. Ma Meng had given off this feeling before and Liu Fei Hong would also exude it occasionally.

Seeing his body full of scars that winded around his body, he could guess this person wasn’t a good one.

Su Ke glanced sideways and saw that Luo Fei Yan didn’t lose her composure, which surprised him.

Su Ke unconsciously shifted his center of gravity and tightened his arm muscles in case he had to retaliate.

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The man left his hands in his pockets as he gave a nod to Luo Fei Yan before speaking, “Ha ha, Boss Luo is as beautiful as expected!”

After speaking, he went to sit on the sofa and crossed his legs before continuing,

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“I just happened to pass by today! I’ve already heard of the famous Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns. Wu Yi Ren begged me to come over!”

There was a piece of Han jade on his right thumb and a bit of ink in the middle.

As he spoke, he fiddled with it with his left hand.

Luo Fei Yan took two steps forward before repeating what he said with a hint of impatience in her voice, “Wu Yi Ren?”

She never thought that Wu Yi Ren would use such an inferior method.

He set up the surprise inspection and now he actually found such a person, wasn’t this all to scare her?


Luo Fei Yan’s smile returned as she spoke, “Assistant Bureau Chief Wu! So, you’re a friend of his? Fei Yan might not have given you satisfactory service. Xiao Bai, pour him a cup of tea!”

Xiao Bai responded with a simple “En!” as she walked over.

Since this strange man walked in, Lin Xiao Bai felt rather anxious and his scars made him even scarier.

Hearing that she was to pour tea, she could only brace herself and walk to the back.

“He he, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Lang Ming!”

Only then did he remember what he said. However, the name he said not only made Luo Fei Yan’s face change, but also gave a shock to Su Ke.

The double-headed wolves; Lang Guang and Lang Ming. They’re brothers and outstanding talents in the criminal underground of Wei Hai. Even if Liu Fei Hong returned from the south in the next few years, she might seem equal to them, but actually, she lagged behind them just a bit.

Luo Fei Yan was stunned. She never expected that Wu Yi Ren could find them.

Looks like this was going to be troublesome. If Wu Yi Ren was making trouble; his paperwork would be foolproof, legal, and have no loopholes. However, he actually went to find a person from the underground and made things more complicated.


Lang Ming’s face held a smile and his scalp will occasionally shine with light as he spoke, “Come! Boss Luo, sit and chat with me! You seem like a stranger if you just stand there. Those who don’t know us would think I’m the boss instead!”

Luo Fei Yan’s smile froze on her face and there was panic in her eyes.

Fortunately, Lin Xiao Bai walked in with the tea, so she quickly went to take over.

Luo Fei Yan smiled as she passed the cup of tea over to Lang Ming with a slightly hoarse and charming tone of voice, “Brother Ming, stop joking around with me! Come, drink first!”

Without any warning, Lang Ming’s voice went cold as he lightly scratched his scalp and stared at Luo Fei Yan, “Who’s joking with you!? I told you to sit!”  

There was roughly a minute of silence before Luo Fei Yan acted spoiled and walked forward, “Okay, okay! I’ll sit down.”

Her entire face went red, but not because she was shy, but because she felt ashamed.

At this time, she turned and saw Su Ke grabbing her wrist when she walked forward.

His delicate face was really firm and his eyes were filled with concern as he smiled at her and shook his head.


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