Chapter 133: Is This to Cool Down?

After carefully checking his exam paper, he realized that he had finished all the questions.

He wasn’t completely confident with some of them, but he believed in himself enough to stop working. He passed the time glancing around the classroom, which is when Su Ke2Su KeMain Character noticed the girl on his right.

Su Ke felt like there wasn’t any meaning if he continued to pass the time, so he thought, “Forget it, let’s just hand this in!”

In this time, most of the students already knew how they did; some of them shook their heads with vigor, while others calmly passed their papers forward.

The invigilator walked another few rounds and confiscated a lot of their papers before playing on his phone once again. Su Ke packed his things and was about to stand up when a man’s sixth sense told him that the girl on his right was making a move.

He quickly sat upright and pretended to continue checking his work as waited.

As expected, the girl beside him seemed to be sitting on a needle as she kept shifting her body with her eyes facing forward.

After about 5 minutes passed, he saw the girl sneakily put her hands on her knees and slowly lift the hem of her skirt.

If someone was kneeling in front of her, they would’ve been able to see everything at a glance.


“This is? Is this to cool down?”

That’s what Su Ke immediately thought when he saw her actions.

Since it was summer, the classroom’s windows were open and the fan was turned on.

However, it was still quite warm, so her actions were understandable in his eyes.

Su Ke couldn’t look away though as her hand slowly disappeared inside her skirt.

“F*ck! This is way too crazy! No matter how boring the exam is, you still can’t do this kind of thing! You should find another place to fulfill your desires!”

Even though Su Ke thought his temperament was pure, he wasn’t ignorant about what happens on the internet, and this girl was even crazier.

Sure enough, even though this girl was staring at the teacher, her face seemed a bit flushed.

He didn’t know if it was because of nerves or excitement, but her breathing picked up.

Su Ke felt a burst of disgust for some reason as he watched her actions.

Just as he was about to interfere, he suddenly saw her pull a booklet out from under her skirt.

It was palm-sized and had a bunch of words on it.

“I can’t take it; is this girl a kangaroo? Or does she fancy herself a jiggling cat?”

Su Ke was speechless. A master has revealed themselves!


Looks like this exam had as many remarkable skills as when the 8 Immortals crossed the sea. You have your strategy, I have my own; any kinds of skills could be revealed.

Where did this girl hide the booklet? Was it uncomfortable? Or was it rather comfortable?

Once he knew the truth and saw that she was writing at a tremendous speed, Su Ke lost interest and got out of his seat.

The language exam in the afternoon was a complete breeze since he had advanced proficiency in high school language.

He even took a nap at home before taking the exam.

The exam hadn’t even started yet when Su Ke arrived and saw that everyone was waiting outside.

He quickly glanced around to find a place to wait when he heard a voice behind him, “Hi!”

The voice was rather familiar, especially when he turned around and saw the full chest of a girl. Wasn’t this the kangaroo girl that sat beside him just now?

She didn’t just wear something refreshing, she also spoke very directly, “You sabotaged me this morning! You need to take responsibility!”

Her words left Su Ke speechless and confused.

She looked depressed as she told him what happened, “When you left, the teacher sat where you did, so I couldn’t answer the question!”

Even though she spent so much effort, Su Ke ruined her chance.

Su Ke gave a strained smile. Inwardly, he thought that he was blameless.

Even if you took out that booklet, you still couldn’t find all of the answers.

You still want me to take responsibility!?

The girl wasn’t formal at all, causing Su Ke to sigh in annoyance.

She then nonchalantly asked him,

“How did you do this morning? Did you not answer any of them?”

They were currently standing in the examination location for students that struggled to pass.

Su Ke scratched his nose as he responded, “Eh! It went fine, though there was some I couldn’t do!”

“Later! Don’t leave so early next time! Wait for me to finish copying and I’ll pass the booklet to you!”

Su Ke nearly puked blood with a “Pu!”

Just thinking about the book she put under her skirt, his scalp went numb.

He quickly shook his head. “It’s fine! If I can’t do it, I can’t! It’ll be fine however well I do!”

Especially with the language exam later on, he didn’t need anyone’s help.

However, he still continued, “You can relax, I’ll do my best until the end!”

Indeed, Su Ke didn’t hand his exam in early when he finished.

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No matter whether it was an analysis of classical Chinese language, Tang poetry, Song poetry, MCQ, or even long word questions; everything was relatively easy.

Only the last essay required a bit more effort.

Su Ke saw Wei Lan’s unsmiling face as she pouted, “What is it? Unhappy?”

Wei Lan didn’t have any interest in speaking as she said, “It’s nothing!”

“Is it someone that took the test, flunked, and was worried that I’ll beat them!?”

Su Ke said casually, as he secretly observed Wei Lan’s expression.

As expected, her face looked like she was about to flip out when he said that.

Su Ke actually didn’t feel like it was a big deal as he said, “What is it? You didn’t do well?”

Since Wei Lan has always done well, the questions weren’t very difficult to her.

However, looking at the red-rimmed eyes of this girl, he suddenly panicked.

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Wei Lan looked down and replied with an “En!”

Su Ke was stunned as he waved his fist with a face full of excitement. “Oh! Then does this mean I can just kiss you!?”

Wei Lan exploded and vented the annoyance in her heart while taking a step forward, “Su Ke, go die!”


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