Chapter 132: Unable to Close the Garden Full of Lovely Things

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looked ashamed, his delicate cheeks like ripe red apples. His unconscious movements not only made Du Wan angry, but also incited laughter in the other ladies.

“Eh!” He felt his face heat up as he gave a strained smile. He could only curse himself since he always wanted to change. Right now, he can be firm with his own gender, but once he bumped into these alluring women, he immediately lost all his bravado.

However, he couldn’t just blindly surrender.

Su Ke took a deep breath and raised his hand to rub his nose before smiling and saying, “Sister Du Wan, quickly pull back your powers!”


Du Wan glanced at Su Ke and snorted with a “Hmph!” as she said, “Since this older sister has a big chest, I’ll let you off just this once! Qin Cheng has already gone to investigate that little sl*t, so don’t misunderstand!”

When Du Wan said that she has a big chest, Su Ke glanced down at her large white rabbits.

Just as he was about to nod in agreement, Du Wan’s eyebrows wrinkled as her phone rang with a “Wei!”

She quickly fished out her phone and answered it impatiently,

“Alright, alright. I know. It wont work?” She then hung up with an angry expression on her face. After pausing for a moment, she said, “I have some stuff to do, so I’ll leave first!”


Du Wan waved goodbye and left quickly. Su Ke relaxed as he walked in and smiled and nodded at the women, “Hello, older sisters!”

“Hello, little brother Su Ke!” No one knew who spoke, but the originally relaxed Su Ke nearly tripped over his own legs as he headed directly towards the piano.

In a moment, all the beauticians that just put on makeup came up from the 2nd floor.

Su Ke lifted one finger and started to play the piano.

Time slowly passed as the women on the third floor all left.

Soon, there was no one, but Luo Fei Yan still didn’t appear. Su Ke was puzzled as he went downstairs.

When he was down, he paused for a moment before saying, “Sister Xiao Bai, why isn’t Sister Yan here today?”

Lin Xiao Bai sighed and helplessly said, “It’s that Wu Yi Ren. He wouldn’t give up and had to invite her to a meal no matter what, saying he wanted to introduce some friends to Sister Yan!”

When Su Ke heard this, he suddenly felt a nameless fire burning in his heart.

When he thought of the image of Wu Yi Ren, he felt uneasy as he breathed in deeply.

Only then did he bid goodbye to Lin Xiao Bai.

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Even though he was full of confidence about his exams tomorrow, Su Ke still obediently revised. Only when it was 11PM did he go to sleep.

Su Ke then mumbled his proficiencies to himself as he lay in bed, “High school Mathematics advanced proficiency, High school English advanced proficiency, High school Science intermediate proficiency, and High school Language advanced proficiency!”

When he counted, he never thought that besides science he cleared everything else.


The exam locations were divided by results to reduce copying. If everyone was tested by the same standard, unless there are people that studied really well, the students could only rely on themselves.

Su Ke never felt this way because of his proficiencies, unlike the rest of the students.

However, he seemed to have God’s help. He had no difficulties with Math since his brain worked fast and he could answer every question. It felt like there was a growth in his brain as wrote down his answers. The time limit was 2.5 hours, but when Su Ke had finished, he looked up and realized that only half an hour had passed.

Besides one or two difficult questions, the rest of them were easy peasy.

Su Ke thought in his heart, “Is my performance too exaggerated?”

He was afraid that people’s impression of him will change after the exam since he was one of the lower ranked students in school.


Su Ke unconsciously glanced around and was startled as he mouthed the word “F*ck!”

He was too busy to notice that there was a sexily dressed girl on his right.

She was wearing a black low-cut camisole that revealed her two white rabbits. He didn’t know if it’s because of stress, but her chest pressed against the table.

Su Ke couldn’t recall her name as he stared at her. Not only was her neckline really deep, her top also had no sleeves and left both of her arms exposed. The white skin of her neck was very eye-catching and her lower back was exposed when she leaned forward.

Her white legs under her faded blue pleated denim skirt looked quite pretty.

The fabric wrapped around her waist made it quite far from her knees.

It wasn’t much originally, but what caught Su Ke’s attention is that this lass raised her head to look at the teacher before pulling on her neckline.


Her black neckline pulled forward and coincidentally fell into his gaze.

It was a white expanse that seemed to announce that everything will be revealed in the next second.

Su Ke’s mouth felt dry as he gulped down some saliva with a “Gu Dong!”

He glanced at the teacher and then glanced to the side where all the bags were in the hall.

The male teacher looked like he was playing on his phone as he sat at his desk and texted.

He quickly turned his gaze away from his phone and scanned the room but kept his gaze to the right. A good play was being performed after all, and it was hard to control the garden full of lovely things where a rabbit was about to rush out.

Su Ke’s eyes widened like bells and he was completely dumbfounded as he exclaimed in his heart, “Ai!”

“This was too exciting!”

She pulled down her neckline with one hand and Su Ke noticed that she held a piece of paper between her chest. When she saw the instructor’s wandering attention, she quickly opened the paper and read it before stuffing it back in.

Su Ke was struck dumb as he couldn’t help but mutter, “F*ck!, she is was too evil!”

However, he had no idea that something even more evil was going on behind him.

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