Chapter 131: The Four Words

Hong Chen’s cheeks flushed red, her pure face like a peach blossom.

She couldn’t catch up and hit him, so she suddenly stopped and yelled, “Su Ke2Su KeMain Character!”

“En?” Su Ke stopped and turned around to see what Hong Chen had to say.

Suddenly, Hong Chen opened her arms to hug Su Ke as she said, “Thank you!”

Her actions were as fast as lightning as she fiercely hugged Su Ke.

“Eh!” Su Ke could feel the strength in Hong Chen’s arms as her soft and elastic peaks pressed against his chest. His body stiffened and he was at a loss on what to do.


Breathing was especially difficult with were her body was. Hong Chen tightly closed her eyes as she rested her head on his shoulder. He breathed in her unique scent mixed with the shampoo fragrance, making his heart beat even faster.

He lifted his hands in surrender, showing that this was a passive hug. Su Ke stayed still as Hoing Chen poured all her gratitude and feelings into the hug.

“Eh!” Su Ke was flabbergasted and his legs were like jelly as he didn’t know where to put his hands.


Who knew that at this moment, Hong Chen would push forward, masking Su Ke lose control of his center of gravity and fall backwards. He quickly stepped backwards with his right leg and managed to stop the two of them from collapsing.

Hong Chen’s body started to tremble as her head pillowed against his shoulder, not daring to move. Her breathing quickened and her chest rigorously moved as Su Ke’s mind went blank.

Hong Chen’s voice was like a mosquito as she softly spoke, “Your hand!”

Su Ke was stunned as his hands unconsciously tightened and tightly grabbed Hong Chen’s butt.

The feeling under his hands was tight and flexible.


“Eh!” It felt like he was struck by lightning as he quickly let go. Even though this wasn’t the first time he touched it, it was still exciting. Her small face went red, like it was on fire.

Hong Chen didn’t let go as she looked up at Su Ke’s delicate eyes and awkward expression. Her mouth curved upwards in amusement as she tiptoed and pressed her pink and tender lips against Su Ke’s.

Hong Chen didn’t why she did that, so she quickly retracted her head in embarrassment and said,  “I’m leaving!”

Su Ke was paralyzed as he watched Hong Chen walk down the street, flag a cab, and escape. He then finally unconsciously touched his lips, the taste of her lingering.


Only when Hong Chen was out of view did he mutter the only phrase he could think of, “That was too immoral!”

He then took a cab to where his bicycle was and rushed to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns.

Since it wasn’t too far away, Su Ke was late by half an hour when he arrived.

He greeted Lin Xiao Bai as he headed straight for the 3rd floor.

However, before he could reach the lobby of the 3rd floor, he Du Wan’s voice, making him shudder and lighten his footsteps.

Du Wan’s back was facing the stairs as she lectured a group of women, “As a woman; you have to be steady, accurate, and fierce!”

According to Luo Fei Yan, Du Wan was a teacher; her enthusiasm left him speechless.

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“Steady means to strike hard and with purpose. You cannot prematurely seek success and pounce on any guy you see. This will only lead to tragedy. However, you can’t drag on too long because even a good cabbage will rot!”


“Accuracy means your judgement has to be precise. Do not be deceived by a guy’s outward appearance and do not think that wearing Givenchy or other luxury products means he’s an eligible bachelor. Without accuracy, he will just be a knock-off. You must also not be foolishly infatuated when a guy cries or shouts. Everyone needs to judge clearly!”

“Fierce! If a woman is not fierce, their position is not stable. Even crying or shouting will have no use. Being fierce to yourself is not really being fierce. You’ll need to point the gun outside and fight with a mistress or a second wife. You won’t just dominate, you will also outsmart them!”

As Du Wan was speaking, she paced back and forth. She was wearing a casual white shirt, khaki shorts, and slippers today. Her two thighs swayed and were very eye-catching.


“Yes! One more thing; to forge iron, you yourself must be firm. The last word you need to learn is “Firmness”. We, women, have to be firm. It’s said that we should not be swayed by materialistic desires. Everyone knows that we have to hold on!”

Su Ke stood at the mouth of the stairs as he thought about she said. He then realized that since it was Du Wan speaking, the women listening to her stuck out their chests, making for a nice scenery.

“Of course, while both men and women use “firmness”, it has different meanings. Women focus on the top half of their bodies, while men focus on their lower bodies. Speaking of which, the little boy Su Ke isn’t bad. Recently, his “firmness” strong and he has quite a high level of fertility!”

“Eh!” Su Ke wasn’t expecting Du Wan to talk about such a thing. While the topic of firmness may seem like crazy babbling, it wasn’t without reason. However, who knew that she would bring him into the conversation and even mention the embarrassing scene when his little brother stood up. His eyes momentarily went black and he nearly fainted.


Du Wan heard a sound from behind her and naturally turned around only to see the subject she just mentioned, so she exclaimed, “Su Ke!”

She then thought about how this brat skipped class yesterday, so her face became stern as she exclaimed once again, “Su Ke, come here!”

Du Wan’s hands were behind her back and her face carried a small smile as she watched the red-faced Su Ke walk closer, “Did you pick up any girls yesterday?”

Su Ke quickly shook his head as he responded, “Eh, no!”

“Then did you revise?”

Su Ke continued shaking his head, “Eh, no!”

Du Wan’s voice raised a few octaves as she roared like a lioness and held a fierce gaze, “Then you just ditched training yesterday? Do you believe that I’ll make your lower body unable to stand!?”

Su Ke unconsciously took a step backwards and felt a chill, “Ah?”

He then quickly looked at his nether regions and wanted to cover them.


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