Chapter 130: Prostitution Doesn’t Suit You

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character gave a harmless smile as he leaned against the sofa and light shone on his face, half of it being shrouded in darkness.

Hong Chen waved her small wand and ruthlessly slapped Zhang Wen Long’s disgusting pig face with a crisp ‘Pa!’.

His face wailed with anguish since his nose wasn’t cast yet and they just used a special instrument to correct it instead.

It was so painful, he let out a shrill scream like a pig being slaughtered.

Zhang Wen Long grasped his nose with one hand as tears flowed out, “You!”

He just casually spoke to make Hong Chen accept the bank card, but who knew that he would actually be hit?

His eyes widened as he raised his right hand.


Su Ke uncomfortably coughed and cleared his throat, his eyes carrying a shocked expression.  He never expected that Hong Chen, with her fiery personality, would actually make a move. The sound made even his face burn, but no matter what, if he didn’t goad her, Hong Chen would have never done such a thing.

He then noticed that Zhang Wen Long was on the verge of exploding, so he quickly interrupted with another light cough and reminded him of his existence.


As expected, Zhang Wen Long paused and lifted his right hand before lowering it awkwardly and erasing the angry expression from his face.

Inwardly, he couldn’t wait to cut Su Ke into pieces.

He then thought about how Su Ke’s provocative words gave this girl a lot of guts, but he didn’t dare act unbridlded. However, people are like that. The more low-key you are, the more they treat you like a soft persimmon. If you have kind intentions, you’ll just be cheated and face ridicule.

Even though Hong Chen was the one that hit him, it made Su Ke seem despotic and arrogant.


This made Zhang Wen Long think about Su Ke relying on Liu Feli Hong and getting Ma Meng to come over and help him with a single call.

He angrily swallowed a mouthful of blood before cursing inwardly

“F*ck! When your luck runs out, you’ll be under my grasp!”

However, his mouth said, “Hehe! Good hit, have you resolved your anger? If you haven’t, why don’t you hit me again? I deserve it!”

Hong Chen used up all her strength when she slapped him and the angry in her heart had mostly dissipated. However, her mood was very complicated and uneasy; she was afraid that she brought trouble to Su Ke and herself.

However, who knew that Zhang Wen Long would just accept it and act like a gentle sheep?

She quickly glanced at Su Ke and he picked up the rectangular card next to his teacup without noticing.

It was very exquisite and brand-new.

He then thought about the 100,000 RMB inside and smiled lightly since this fortune was too easy to obtain.

After finally noticing Hong Chen’s gaze, he waved at her to indicate that she must have vented her anger.

A familiar “Pa!” sound rang out once again.

Hong Chen backhanded Zhang Wen Long directly to a point where he couldn’t feel the pain anymore. The anger in his chest was slowly escaping as his eyes turned red.

When he was hit the first time, he endured it, but this *** became addicted!


He then tightly clenched his fist as he reminded himself that this was Su Ke’s doing.

Su Ke didn’t know when, but he walked over to Zhang Wen Long and supported his shoulder with one arm while acting rather intimate.

“Brother Long! I’m being very sincere when I say that I understand your grievances, so let’s just leave this matter alone from now on. If Sister Fei Hong asks, tell her I know how to answer!”

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Hearing her name was like pouring a bucket of cold water on Zhang Wen Long’s head.

His heart couldn’t help but tremble as he thought about the incident last night.

“He he, as long as you aren’t angry anymore, it’s fine. Two hits never killed anybody!”

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He smiled before Su Ke spoke

“Alright, I won’t bother you anymore! We still have some stuff to do later tonight, so I’ll see you next time Brother Long!”

Su Ke then clapped Zhang Wen Long on the back and let him go before grabbing Hong Chen’s hand and walking out in large strides.

Zhang Wen Long waved at Su Ke’s back as he said, “Next time!”, but his face carried an ugly expression. His eyes were full of killing intent and his aura was deadly as he grabbed a bottle of beer and poured it down his throat.

“Next time? F*ck next time! Next time I see you, it’ll be your death!”

Zhang Wen Long got more depressed as he thought about it.

He then threw the empty beer bottle in his hands, alerting Xiao Hei, who shoved the door open as he spoke,

“Brother Long! What happened!?”

Zhang Wen Long had finally found an avenue to vent his anger, so he pointed at Xiao Hei and screamed: “Get out!”

How could Xiao Hei still ask what was wrong?

He instinctively knew that his boss was treated badly, so he quickly left.

“Angering me to death!”

Zhang Wen Long paced back and forth inside the room, negative energy surrounding his body. He then suddenly remembered that there was a private nurse waiting for him upstairs, so he left.


Su Ke noticed that Hong Chen looked much as they walked out of Jin Se Hua, so he asked, “Were you satisfied with your 2 slaps?”

She quickly nodded as she responded, “It was really satisfying!”

The trauma from her incident had disappeared.

“However, your second hit scared me!”

Su Ke knew that if he hadn’t reacted quickly, Zhang Wen Long would have exploded.

Hong Chen looked wronged, “Ah? Didn’t you tell me to hit him?”

Su Ke had a head full of black lines as he responded, “Me? I told you to come over!”

When he waved at her, she must have misunderstood him.

“Eh! Then what do I do? I already hit him!” Hong Chen clearly remembered that Su Ke was telling her to continue, but the more she thought about it, the worse she felt.

“You’ve already hit him, what else can you do? Pity about my 100,000 thought!”

Su Ke rejected the money and just left the card on the table when he left.

“Ah? What to do?” Hong Chen knew that if Zhang Wen Long gave her some money, then he definitely would have given some to Su Ke. However, she didn’t think it was 100,000 RMB. She was feeling terrible, but after seeing Su Ke’s nonchalant expression, she relaxed.

Su Ke smiled as he looked at Hong Chen, “What do you think I should do?”

Hong Chen quickly came up with a plan, “Why don’t I sell you one of my kidneys as payment!”

Su Ke pretended to hear her wrong as he asked, “Sell your body?”

He even gave her a once-over that focused on her rabbits.

Hong Chen’s face flushed red as she lifted her leg and yelled, “Go die! It’s selling kidneys, okay!?”


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