Chapter 19: How Everything Began

Love the races… Well, I can say that he doesn’t hate them but he’s not naive enough to keep them too close. He trusts nobody. Even though he’ll give anything to anyone, he’ll accept no one in his heart. That’s why I said that he has a heart of stone. When he meets someone he feels like loving, he might just examine that person to see why he feels so weird but he’ll never try to form a relationship. → Ryu


Ryu’s explanation was on-point as always. I never showed any of this so Ryu being able to tell was incredible. After the experience I had with Lily, I understood that loving someone takes too much time, energy and mental strength. After what happened that time, I tried to focus all that wasted energy on growing stronger and wiser, not letting anything to blur my mind again.


Doesn’t that mean he’s running from his own feelings? → Sylvia

Weird right? I wish you luck with him. We might be friends, but that’s it. It’s not like any of us it’s swinging the other way haha…ha~. → Ryu


Ryu laughed out while also feeling kind of creeped out.


T-that would’ve been terrifying… → Ryu

…I see… So that’s why he left in such a hurry… Might there be a possibility of him evading me from now on? → Sylvia


Sylvia felt a little saddened after hearing Ryu’s explanation, then with resolution she incensed.


This is not acceptable. I will try and make him open up his heart. Having your heart closed is the same as being locked inside a dark room, even the Gods would go insane from the isolation. → Sylvia


Ryu understood why Sylvia was worried about but he still said.


Don’t be so worried over him. He has a strong spirit and he’ll never fall for such small feelings. All he has in his mind are thoughts of researching mana and finding knowledge. I’m more worried about the idea of him not feeling anything like a robot, hahaha~ → Ryu

Yeah… → Sylvia


Sylvia felt a little bit better.


After the conversation ended, everyone met at the entrance of the city. The group of six left the City of Valor with a borrowed carriage. The way toward the coastal city was split in two, one day going toward the neighboring city while the other day reaching the ports.

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“Damn that Ryu!” → Shen


After taking a small pause, I remembered the conversation and my face turned red. I really hated to have my heart touched by someone else. It was like going naked in streets and having that someone gaze at you intently. It would really be embarrassing.


After shaking my head trying to forget, I started some martial arts training while this time I trained to control the Chi inside my body. I stood straight in the middle of the free area from the valley, focusing and emptying my mind. I controlled my breathing and felt the chi circulating inside my body then…




I stepped hard with my left foot in front for a battle-ready stance. I redirected an imaginary punch to the right while I attacked with my right from under my left.




The wind was hit hard and my bones made a crackling sound, it was a terrifying sound but it was showing I’m doing it right and my tendons are stretching. After that, I punched in front with the back of my left hand, then I stepped forward while pushing with my right palm, I continued with a kick forward using my left foot then got down and did a swift leg sweep.


In martial arts, you don’t need to make complicated movements, the simpler, the better. You need to have control and precision over every step. Being able to create a chain of moves one after another is an important fact. Being able to chain them together, it’s crucial; after every punch or kick you must think what to do next, after this I’ll use an uppercut, or sidestep and then use the elbow. Being able to see the next move can also train your mental power, but doing so you first need to absorb every step inside your body and turn them into reflexes, even if that means you need to experience them directly by getting hit.


Are you attacked from the side? Step back or redirect the attack, then punch with your right in the face, with your left in the liver, with your kick in his shin to make him fall, etc. The possibilities are in thousands, one just needs imagination and vision. → Shen


What is truly problematic in martial arts is being interrupted. Every chain of moves has a rhythm, it has its own song. This kind of rhythm that attracts the mana and energy around you then absorb it inside the body, after that is being circulated under a form depending on your chain of moves. But when you’re interrupted, or the rhythm is tone-deaf, this energy goes out of control and will try to escape through the pores of the skin, forcing and tearing them to open, resulting in itching and the color of the skin turning red. Just like what happened to Ryu from doing a rhythm without feeling it.


What’s more problematic is the feeling of irritation and tiredness. The bigger the level of control, the more power can one exhibit from these moves and the stronger the rhythm of every step. Also, the more energy they’ll absorb, the bigger the risk. One mistake can bring damage to the internal organs, making them rupture from the sudden perturbation of chi. That’s for the higher levels of martial arts, but because this is another world and the mana around was hundreds of times stronger than on Earth, the risk is just as huge.


After finishing my morning training, I thought of writing a book about martial arts.


Of course, I’m only a brat and never got the black belt, but seeing results after experimenting myself, why shouldn’t I let others try their luck? Maybe they’ll be able to further improve these ideas. → Shen


I entered back into my room and started writing these ideas down before I could forget them. After I finished, Bonny and Melinda already woke up and prepared something to eat. They cooked with the help of some magic circles of fire I drew on a stone table, using them they can warm or even grill the food, depending on how much energy is inserted inside the magic circles. I have no idea how magic-circle works so I just copied them from Gabriel’s books. The explanation was something like this.


The square means ‘matter’, while the circle can mean ‘continuity’. The triangle is a generator on which from two corners enters the energy while from the last one is being ejected. Depending on how you draw it, the last corner will be the ejector. The circle with a dot in the middle represents ‘limitation’ but at the same time ‘completion’ and ‘radiation’. If you wish for the circulation of the energy to go in a respective direction, then you must be careful how you draw the circle. Drawn clockwise, the energy will move the same, following your lead. Every line if its drawn with intention, can represent a circuit of mana. Depending on the circuit we create, the mana will move, connect, disperse and react however we wish by directing the lines in the form we want. These forms are called ‘Magic Circles’ exactly because a lot  of circles are used, trying to absorb and circulate it in the most efficient and fluid manner…


”Ugh… What?” → Shen


I’m simply no good with magic circles, I’ll see later how all of this works. For now, I’m no good. Besides, I need to know geometry for this and I suck at math. → Shen


After we ate, Bonny and Melinda looked at me with shining eyes, waiting for me to say something. I laughed and gave them some paper and two pencils.


“You two, listen up because I will say it only once, after this we’ll do some practice, understood? Good.” → Shen


Without waiting for an answer, I started explaining the concept of energy.


“First of all, pure energy. I don’t know much myself about what the hell this thing is, what I can tell for sure is that it comes in 3 forms: Memory, Thinking and Will. Don’t look at me like that, that’s how it is, really.” → Shen


The ‘Will’ energy is used to create. Everything is made from this ‘Will’ and also the easiest form of energy we could control. It’s something like mana but at a primordial level. The ‘Thinking’ energy is what commands the ‘Will’ energy, it’s the same as the soul wave I sent yesterday in the wall and ‘told’ the wall in what form I want it to take. This energy is the most evolved from the three and was the last one to appear in the universe. Without this one, nothing would have moved and nothing would have been created in the first place. The last energy is ‘Memory’, just as the name implies, this energy is used to store everything happening in the universe as memory. This ‘Memory’ energy is like a brain which stores everything, from moments to forms, to reactions and so on. It can be used in copy-magic, for example, accumulating this kind of energy imbued with the memory of a book, then commanding mana to transform in the form stoked by the ‘Memory’. The energy will form the physical form of the respective book with all the information inside.


“Isn’t it useful?” → Shen


The two girls looked at me with big eyes, they couldn’t understand from where I knew so many things, but mostly they barely understood what I said.


“Most of what I’m telling you is from some books but is also information from my other lives.” → Shen

“W-wait a moment! What you just told us, about these 3 forms of energy being the ones that created the world, doesn’t it sounds like a theory about how the universe was created? Where would God be in all of this then?” → Bonny


Bonny was truly perturbed by what I said.


“Y-Yeah… And what about you remembering things from other lives? Doesn’t that mean you have thousands of years worth of information?!” → Melinda


Melinda was more shocked by my ability to remember from past lives rather than the theory of creation. Seeing their reactions I shook my head with an annoyed face..


That’s why teaching people is such a problem for me. → Shen


“Listen up both of you.” → Shen


My voice became colder.


“First of all, Bonny. This description of the energies has nothing to do with God yet, I just said what are the most basic forms of energy which appeared in this universe. And about God, I’ll get there when I’ll talk about how spirits were formed, now have some more patience and don’t try to twist my words next time or I’ll kick you out with all you came in here.” → Shen


What I hated the most was people finding an information then twisting it, modifying it after their own licking and passing it on to someone else like is completely normal.


The truth can be destructive? Well, yes. If you can’t be flexible and try to understand it without twisting it, then the ‘truth’ can be one nasty thing all right! → Shen


At that time I was still too immature to understand that, before explaining something to someone, one needs to start from the very beginning. Only after explaining everything in detail, have I the rights to get angry in case the respective person still twists my words to their own convenience. Right now I barely explained to Bonny some stuff which would make everyone confused. I understood way too late that it wasn’t her fault at all.


After Bonny heard that, her face turned pale, she didn’t expect for me to be so cold. She was still a little bit confused about what I said just now, but chose to not think about it too much or she might say something which would make me even angrier.


“Now, Melinda.” → Shen


I turned my eyes to the little fairy, when I looked in her eyes she couldn’t help but look down and shake from fright. When I saw that I sighed.


“.Haah… Indeed, I have some information from other life’s, but most of them are just small fragments which would form when I’m thinking about the respective subject. For example, I’ll know how the Egyptians from Earth prayed to their Gods while I’m actually reading a book about their fashion senses, do you understand? They can come at random points without my control. That’s why I have so much information about magic and martial arts. It seems that in a lot of past lives I was a mage or some kind of warrior…What I know for sure is that in all of them I had to learn how to fight, be it with magic or through martial arts, while I never had a peaceful life.” → Shen


She looked at me with shining, big eyes. Never did she expect I’ll end up explaining this anomaly of mine.


“Ay… As for a first class, I’ll let you choose what you wish to know: Martial arts, how to enter in contact with the mana around you, how to create magical items, about spirits and how to contact them and so on. You choose.” → Shen

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“Is-Is it possible to learn how to fly…?” → Melinda


Melinda asked me something quite funny and I couldn’t help letting out a giggle.


“Heh, sure you can, and Bonny? What do you wish to know?” → Shen


I looked at Bonny and she just looked at me with anxiety in her eyes. She looked like she had something to say but didn’t have the courage to ask.


“…Is it about how the spirits were created?” → Shen


I ask with a calm voice, a fact which made Bonny twitch.


As I thought, she wants to find out how the first spirits appeared. → Shen


I patted her head and continued.


“I got angry at you before because I thought you’ll start to create your own theory that might twist your belief, making you possibly turn mad and the one at fault would’ve been me. On this part, I can say it was my bad to tell you about such difficult things. However, if you’re able to listen then listen but if you don’t want to hear then just get up and leave. In the end, it’s your choice whenever you want to hear what I have to say. Everyone is free to take what I say as nonsense but I won’t accept for someone to transform my words into mistakes then say I taught them that. I wish you understand this much.” → Shen


Bonny calmed down and nodded, she felt quite good being patted on her head.


“Are you a child?” → Shen


I felt amused then retracted my hand.


“If you don’t want to listen then you can go and play around, you know?” → Shen


I said to Melinda.


“I’ll listen.” → Melinda

“Alright.” → Shen


I opened my mouth then started to explain.


“Now you already know about the three basic energies and their characteristics, now let’s start from when they first appeared in the void. The first one to appear was the ‘Will’, but because it didn’t know what to do, it remained static. After that was ‘Memory’, but just like ‘Will’, it couldn’t do anything. After these two, ‘Thinking’ was formed. Because it couldn’t do anything on its own, it united with the other two types of energies. At that time ‘Will’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Thinking’ united to form the first ‘Trinity’. This ‘Trinity’ had the power to create, memorize and form ideas. From this ‘Trinity’ the ‘Will’ would create what ‘Thinking’ wanted while ‘Memory’ would memorize everything was created and formed, helping ‘Thinking’ to create more ideas. Slowly, more ‘Wills’, ‘Thinking’ and ‘Memories’ type of energies united within this one ‘Trinity’. Of course, there were already other different types of energies appeared in the chaos called, elements and essences most of them still unknown even to us humans.” → Shen


After speaking non-stop, I took a breather and then continued again with the explanation.


“But anyway, let’s go back to this ‘Trinity’. After every creation and information assimilated, the ‘Trinity’ would grow smarter and stronger in trillions and trillions of spatial years (which one spatial year is millions of human years). After God-knows how many eons, ‘Trinity’ became a soul able to create matter. With this, it started creating planets, galaxies, universes, black holes, and suns. Everything was created in its little laboratory with the help of the other forms of energies born after, before or at the same time with this ‘Trinity’. Together with the other essences, they started creating the earth, the sky, the mountains, the fire and all other elements which are present in this world or on others. After seeing what the ‘Trinity’ created, all the other essences wished to create their own universes but what they created wasn’t comparable with what this ‘Trinity’ did. Because of that, they left or even fought against the Trinity, jealous of its perfect creations. In the end, the first soul remained alone in the dark and cold space. Even alone, he didn’t give up creation, absorbing more of the other essences, giving birth to new planets and forms of life. Because of the continuous absorptions of the other primordial elements, this soul was close to self-destructing, being torn from inside by the astronomical amount of power it tried to absorb. Even a primordial entity cannot support the essences of other thousands of primordial beings. The Trinity was close to being torn apart by the conflicting energies then disintegrated in chaos, when a sudden entity was able to save him. This entity had as essence something that could not be split into more parts like the other essences, while at the same time it helped opposite energies to combine. This essence was the only one that remained beside this soul of creation. It helped him to take control over the conflicting energies and unite them, giving it the possibility to expand all of its creations through the universe. Now, let me ask you: What essence remained beside the First Soul?” → Shen




Both of them looked at each other with surprise on their faces. The explanation was really interesting and mind-blowing at the same time. Still, they couldn’t guess what element remained beside the Trinity.


So all the elements and essences felt jealous and left ‘Trinity’ on its own while this one essence was the only one remaining…? That essence is something that must be fully given and also has the characteristics of combining two opposite elements…. Wait a minute, isn’t it-


“Is it love?” → Bonny and Melinda


Both girls asked me with shining eyes full of expectation. Of course, girls would love such a story. I made a wry smile and nodded.


“Indeed, love was the only element who stood by “Trinity’s” side, or also known as “God”, never leaving and remaining with him until now and forever. While God created and focused all his energy at one point, love gave birth to the universe and expanded his creations, covering a part of the void with light and matter.” → Shen


Basically, while God is the ‘father’, the essence of Love can be called our ‘Mother’… Ugh, feels so weird for me to explain all of this. → Shen


The eyes of the two disciples shone like stars.


“Isn’t it such a beautiful theory? Wait, is it even a theory? Doesn’t it sound more like a story?” → Bonny


Bonny smiled beautifully.


“Yeah~.” → Melinda

“Ah.  Why is this essence shown only when two beings are united? Moreover, why is so hard to find it?” → Bonny


Bonny asked her question.


“The All-Father, seeing this element as the most important, he wanted his children to feel it the hardest, making them search it for a lifetime or even more, making them understand the importance of this essence which saved Him and kept Him company even in the most ‘darkest days.’” → Shen


The girls started tearing. I couldn’t stand this view any longer and tried to make them leave.


“Okay, the class’s over, you’re free.” → Shen


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