Chapter 18: Complicated Feelings

Ryu then simply sighed and shook his head.

“As you guys wish but I’m telling you, if he refuses your request for teaching then I won’t be able to help. When it comes to explaining different phenomena, he won’t talk even if I ask him. For some reason, he knows exactly when and to whom he can talk and when he must keep quiet.” → Ryu

I said while making them think twice. Of course, they weren’t shacked at all. After our conversation, we started to reevaluate our income. We had a total of 25 gold after screwing around in the city, then buying new weapons and full sets of armor. Sylvia also wanted to help so she took out a sack of another 50 gold, having now a total of 75 gold. We didn’t expect for her to have so much money on her, what surprised us, even more, was what she said after.

“I’m sorry for having only this much, most of my money was stolen by bandits while I got separated by the carriage when I tried to save the owner.” → Sylvia

It seems she was from a huge monastery on top of a mountain from the neighboring Leorio Kingdom. We started doing quests from the guild and sold materials like crazy. After Sylvia joined us, everything moved more smoothly. She was able to see the weakness of the stronger demonic beasts and her combat might wasn’t a joke either, killing boss-fields of low level in succession with magic and martial arts. Besides, just like most of the players she had level 60 (max) and could use skills like [Healing Light] for support and [Summon the Sun] for a devastating AOE damage, cleaning beasts in succession. The only shortcoming was the impossibility to collect materials from the ones burned by her spells. The beasts would look like charcoal after that attack, making her evade that skill for as much as possible.

The Soul Seer was mostly a ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None.’ It was proficient in melee combat and also in ranged fights, shooting burning rays of light, beams, fireballs and even lightning.

But even so, their damage wasn’t that high and their attack speed was much inferior to the other melee fighters like Sword Masters or Martial Arts Masters. Or at least, that’s how it was supposed to be in-game. This being no longer a game, Sylvia’s destructive power seemed to be almost unlimited, making even me think that I would rather evade any confrontations with her.

I feel like Shen will have quite the surprise. → Ryu

Thinking about the fact that she is the future wife of my prideful friend made me imagine a completely transformed Shen, more tame and obedient.

…Not possible… right? → Ryu

After we finished gathering and selling the materials, we entered the inn’s restaurant and sat down at a table and because of Sylvia’s holiness and of Lissa’s devilish aura, a lot of males tried to hit on them, making for quite the troublesome incidents happen here and there.


One burly mercenary was sent flying by Sylvia’s kick after she refused him politely but he still tried to force himself on her.

“Kiaaaa! It burns! Help~!”

Another one ran out of the inn with his head on fire after trying to hit on Lissa.

“Tsk. Bastards! Where do they think they’re touching?” → Lissa

Lissa said while in her hand a flame was flickering.

“A-alright, please calm down now. He didn’t even touch you.” → Gregor

Gregor tried to calm her down. When the mercenary tried to grab Lissa’s bottom he hastily reached out and grabbed his arm. He wanted to break his wrist but he was dumbfounded when he saw the mercenary’s hair already on fire, letting him go without being able to say anything.

“Hmph! If it weren’t for you, I would’ve killed him.” → Lissa

Lissa sat down on her chair, then grabbed Gregor’s hand.

“…Y-yeah…” → Gregor

Gregor sat beside her and tried to not be bothered by Lissa’s straightforwardness.

“Wow, Sylvia! You sent him flying for more than 6 meters! How did you train to be so strong?” → Ronald

Ronald had sparkling eyes.

“Hm? Why don’t you ask Miss Marina? She’s much stronger than me, it’s just that I know how to control my power.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while smiling at Marina. Even though she wasn’t that much stronger, she was able to see her feelings for Ronald, giving her a chance to get closer to him.

“Eh? Me?” → Marina

Marina was surprised and looked at Sylvia in confusion.

“What? Marina! Is it true?!” → Ronald

Ronald grabbed her shoulders and asked with a fire burning in his eyes.

“Eh? Huh? I-I don’t know?” → Marina

Having his face so close to her made her turn bright red and unable to look at him.

“Then please show me! Come on! The same way as Miss Sylvia!” → Ronald

He then stood in the same place as the mercenary and invited Marina to kick him in the same way.

“Don’t worry, I can handle one shot, no problem.” → Ronald

“Eh? you want me… to kick you?” → Marina

Marina was dumbfounded.

“Yes! Now, come on. With full power! Just like Miss Sylvia!” → Ronald

“B-but why?” → Marina

“Our AP is almost the same, right? I want to see if we can also send someone flying like that with just one kick, so come on! No need to waver now!” → Ronald

Ronald said with a shine in his eyes. Marina felt like she couldn’t talk reason with him anymore.

Sylvia then smiled naughtily and whispered in Ronald’s ear in a hushed voice.

“She might want to do it if you try to be just as pushy as the mercenaries from before.” → Sylvia

“Eh? Will it work? All right!” → Ronald

Ronald then got closer to Marina and hugged her from the back.

“W-w-what are you doing?!”  → Marina

Marina froze like a statue, her face bright red.

“Will you do it now?” → Ronald

Ronald asked again, feeling himself a little bit embarrassed.

W-will this really work? → Ronald

Ronald didn’t know about how the men tried to touch the girls in different places, being able to only see them suddenly hug Sylvia from the back.

“Fufu~ so innocent.” → Sylvia

Sylvia giggled slightly then looked at them with amusement. While nobody was looking, the first man that was sent flying got closer silently and with a knife at his back, he reached out toward Ronald wishing to take him as a hostage.

Hoh~? He has guts, what can I say. → Ryu

I thought while seeing him creep closer and closer.

I’m curious what will happen now. → Ryu

I felt like something really funny will take place if I simply ignore him.


Sylvia and Lissa also found out about the sneaky mercenary but they chose to not move while Gregor wanted to shot out but was stopped by Lissa, a smile etched on her face.

“Brat, come here!”

Suddenly, the man grabs a hold of Ronald and places a knife at his neck.

“You bastards! Don’t you dare move!”

“Eh?” → Ronald

Feeling the cold metal at his neck surprised Ronald but there was no fear, shocking him even more.

My life is in danger, right? → Ronald

He was confused as for why he felt nothing.

“Ronald!” → Marina

On the other hand, Marina was terrified. When Ronald suddenly let go of her she turned around only to see him with a knife at his neck.


“O-oy girly! What are you- Bugh!”

Marina rushed toward Ronald and grabbed the hand that was holding the knife with incredible speed. After she pulled Ronald in her arms she kicked in front, sending then mercenary flying even further than before, hitting the stone wall in front of the inn.

“Ronald! Are you all right!?” → Marina

With teary eyes, she asked Ronald while looking at his neck. A little cut was present on his neck but not deep enough to even start bleeding.

“Y-you’re cut-!” → Marina
“Marina that was amazing!” → Ronald

Ronald didn’t even mind about the barely visible cut and held Marina’s hands in his with stars in his eyes.

“That was damn cool! You sent him flying like a rocket! How did you do that?!” → Ronald
“H-huh? B-but what about your… Eh?” → Marina

Am I the only one worried here? → Marina

Marina looked around her only to see Sylvia and Lissa holding their stomach from laughter while Gregor and me completely dumbfounded.

That power… it was close to the same thing I used against the wolves king… I really need to talk it out with Shen later. → Ryu

I had complicated feelings about this discovery. At first, I thought I was able to use this kind of power because of Shen’s few hints from before, but it seems is not that simple. If every player would be able to use this kind of power later on then God knows what will happen to this world.

The humans who appeared into this world are numbered in thousands and from these numbers, more than half are of max level… I think Sylvia’s premonition is everything but baseless now. → Ryu

After that event, everyone sat down to the table to eat. We all talked merely until something completely out of our expectation happened.

“Kya!” → Sylvia

While everyone was eating, Sylvia fell from the chair and grabbed her head in pain.

‘Eh? What? Who are you?’

She suddenly hears a voice inside her mind. The voice was that of a young man and sounded really confused.

“Sylvia! What’s wrong?!”

Everyone was worried but she couldn’t answer from the pain. She felt like her head would split open at any moment now.

You! Why are you in my head?! Get out! → Sylvia

Sylvia tried to resist but the other side was much stronger than her, feeling like she was punching a stone wall.

W-what kind of mental strength is this?! → Sylvia

Wah wah, wait a second, this is a misunderstanding. I tried to contact a friend of mine but every time I want to form a connection with him, my mental waves flows towards you… Are you around someone named Ryu? If he changed into his character then he must have black hair and golden eyes.

Sylvia was shocked by what she heard and all her anger transformed in happiness. The other person felt that and was baffled by the change.

Wah! What a sudden 180 turn, truly impressive.

Are you by any chance the one named Shen? → Sylvia

Sylvia asked, barely focusing on the connection.

Wha?! How do you-bzzt- → Shen

And, because the other party was too surprised at having his name called out, the connection interrupted and his sentence was cut in the middle.

“Ufufufu~” → Sylvia

Sylvia couldn’t help chuckling at Shen’s reaction.

“Um… Are you alright?” → Ryu

Seeing her in pain and anger in a second and all happy and laughing on the other made me look at her with a complicated face.

What in the world is wrong with her? → Ryu

“Huh? Ah… Please pardon my actions just now but it seems your dear friend tried to contact you.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a big smile on her face.

“And it I also found his whereabouts. I’ll be able to make another connection with him after I calm myself for a second, it appears he can’t control his powers all too well, fufufu~.” → Sylvia

For some reasons, I felt like someone will get a good shake in his life.




“Who the hell was that?!” → Shen

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I screamed from atop my bed.

Who was that girl? Why was my mind-wave going toward her when I tried to contact Ryu? And why did she know my name?!… Wait, she must’ve heard of it from Ryu… I forgot about that possibility. → Shen

After getting a little embarrassed I started to feel some guilt

“… Well, it seems I hurt her while trying to connect with Ryu, I don’t really know why that happened but I shouldn’t try to recreate the connection or I might really harm her soul for real…Goddamnit! Why is this happening…” → Shen

I felt down, I didn’t wish to harm a bystander.

Haah… It seems I really can’t control this telepathy-thing yet… → Shen

I tried to sleep when I suddenly hear the voice of that woman again.

‘Sir Shen…’ → Sylvia

The words were formed with a ghost-like voice making my back turn cold.

Holy God! Can you please not scare me like that? Almost had a heart attack! → Ryu

I answered back a little bit irritated.

Fufufu~, don’t forget you almost broke my mental barrier…oh? It seems you don’t have one either? → Sylvia

Ah! I knew I forgot something! And by the way, sorry for before, I just tried to contact Ryu and have a chat with him. Never expected my wish to talk with a  friend would transform into a mental sword aimed at you, I beg for your forgiveness. → Shen

I said while feeling guilty.

‘Fufufu now~, I already forgave you. But before I give you access to Ryu’s mental waves, I need you to listen to something, is very important and the future of the four races depends on your cooperation.’ → Sylvia

The woman said with a serious and melodic voice, through the connection I could feel the sincere feelings of worry and anxiety.

‘If what you say is true, then I’m really curious what you mean by ‘the future of the 4 races’.’ → Shen

Yes, please concentrate and accept what I’m sending you. → Sylvia

Through the connection I got some kind of memory-images just like when someone was sending videos on email, the difference being I was getting them right inside my brain and not on my phone, it was a memory transfer.

You can do that too?! → Shen

Yes, please remain focused, we’ll talk about this at a later date. → Sylvia

She started narrating the same things she told Ryu and showed images of the dream and the Old Spirits of Sario. I was so overwhelmed by her story that I barely kept the connection going, I had to stop her a few times to digest and understand all the information I got. She then told me how she met with Ryu and about the idea of going the other way of the map to meet with me.

God! How stupid can I be?! Of course it’s possible! We are on a damn planet, which is ROUND! → Shen

I started insulting myself and because it was a mental transmission, Sylvia heard all my uncontrollable self-cursing.

Giggle, well, it’s all right now. From the connection, I can tell where you are but I don’t know your location on the map, can you please tell us? → Sylvia

White Mountain Valley, it’s that “U” shaped mountain-chain on the most Southern part of the Nostrung continent. → Shen

After conversing for a while, we ended with her telling me to contact Ryu tomorrow because right now he was sleeping.

The next day in the morning:

YOOO BRO! → Shen

“Waahh!” → Ryu

I woke up Ryu telepathically and from his state of mind, I was able to tell that I scared him pretty badly.

Hahaha~ how are you, man? Couldn’t contact you for almost 2 months now! Bro! This world is like another home for me! I can do whatever I wish here! All the spells, martial arts and magical accessories that I dreamed about can be created here by me! Sick world! I’m telling you! → Shen

I bombarded Ryu with unintelligible sentences like an 8 years old kid.

Wawawa…Shen? Dude~! You finally contacted me again….!!! DUDE! I have some questions first! How can I control mana more efficiently? Why are we able to use these skills from the game so easily? Did you know that all the items we had equipped had their stats absorbed by our body? If we get the same gear we can have double the stats! Oh right, there is a woman Sylvia, she’s a Foreseer. Dude, she said you’re going to be like Jesus! → Ryu

What crap are ya talkin’ bout?! Anyway! Man! I found some cool toys inside a cave! Want some? → Shen

Oh hell yeah!? Can you teleport them or something? → Shen

After we bombarded each-others with almost unintelligible words and unanswered questions we heard another voice.

Can the two of you calm down for a second? Whew… How can you keep the connection so stable when your soul is so shacked? Are the two of you soul-brothers? → Sylvia

Oh~ Morning Sylvia. → Ryu

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Huh?! How can you get in contact with us at the same time? By the way, good morning. → Shen

I was surprised by the sudden interference but I tried to calm myself.

Shen, I’ll explain to you about this later, for now, we must talk about what I explained to both of you. → Sylvia

Hmm…I understand, let’s hear you out. → Shen

We talked about how they will start traveling to the coast the day after tomorrow. After that, they’ll buy or borrow a ship which runs on Energy Stones.

Ah~ the waste. → Shen

Hm? → Sylvia

Sylvia was confused about what I meant by that. I’ve sent both of them some memories about my experiments with Energy Stones and the results.

‘Wah!?’ → Ryu and Sylvia

Both of them were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect for someone to find such a use for Energy Stones.

Good God man, are you all right? You blew up quite sometimes, I think you exploded more than 100 times. → Ryu

Ryu paled, he didn’t expect I’ll be put under more danger by doing what I wanted rather than fighting demonic beasts, that was somehow amusing and tragic at the same time. Moreover, he paled even more when he saw me fight against the draconic golem which showed enough power to destroy mountains with ease.

Seriously, man. How can you still be alive?… And can you borrow me that cool golem? Looks nice~. → Ryu

Not even a grandmaster would survive that and a Saint would’ve been heavily injured by such repeatable explosions. Moreover, that golem is already of a Saint rank!… Shen. Please take more care of yourself! → Sylvia

Sylvia was truly frightened by the idea of me getting bombarded by such shockwaves over and over again then fighting an entity of a Saint power level.

I expected Ryu’s calm reaction but was somehow surprised by Sylvia’s worried voice.

Uh, huh? Is it that bad? From my point of view, I find it pretty funny. And hey, I’m alright, so stop worrying like this, you really make me feel bad for showing you all of that. Besides, I just wanted to show you what can be done with the Energy Stones and some scrap armors. Isa won’t be able to kill me so don’t worry, I have full control over him. → Shen

I felt like a kid who did something wrong, I’m not that easy to kill, really now.

Haah…anyway, I wish you’ll stop with the researching of Energy Stones until I get there so I could cast some protective magic. Even though your coat is a legendary armor that can resist even a Saint’s spell, I’m pretty sure that after those violent shockwaves the magic inside it deteriorated. → Sylvia

It’s all right, I repaired it. And yeah, I won’t do any Magic Stones research for a while. → Shen

You repaired it?!…it seems you’re more knowledgeable than I thought. → Sylvia

We resumed our conversation. I asked Ryu if I could possess him to create some things they might need. For example, a radar, a ring for telepathic conversations, a necklace for rising the mana sensibility and some other things I thought of creating.

Well~ I can’t keep on being surprised by your crazy ideas, right? Hmm, I see no problem in doing so, as long as nothing explodes in my face and nobody dies, I’m all right with it. → Ryu

Ryu said laughing, his senses numb from the continuous shocking news.

Come on man…what kind of crazy wizard you take me as…? → Shen

Crazy enough to bomb yourself more than 100 times… → Ryu

Ryu was amazed by my stupid question.

Ugh… → Shen

Shen, to do possession you need to be in an out-of-body state, can you do that? → Sylvia

Sylvia asked me curiously.

I should be able to do that, I never tried but I might be able to do so, just like how I tried to contact Ryu for the first time, at that time was a close call. → Shen

Haah…knowing you, you might actually accomplish it in your first try, but please be careful. Just like telepathy, you must be gentle, don’t hurry in trying to succeed or you might not be able to turn back inside your body. Try to create a soul cordon. With that, you will stay bonded to your body even after getting out of it. → Sylvia

Oh, I see. Thanks! If not for this information, I might have just killed myself, boahahahah~ → Shen

I laughed as if we talked about a game and not my life.

You know what? Don’t ever think of doing that until I get there! I’ll show you how to enter the out-of-body state so until then, don’t even think of doing that!.. Haah… Your rashness is no good for my heart. → Sylvia

Feeling her worry for me I felt my heart skip a beat. I never expected for there to be anyone so genuinely worried and try to help me so much in this world.

Ehehehe~ spring has come for Shen~? Aya~ it’s so nice to be young~. → Ryu

At that time I heard Ryu’s voice, this bastard truly knew when and what to say, every time being on-point, even when I didn’t need it.

Ugh… A-anyway, I will do some researching in martial arts then… Hear you later. → Shen

I closed the conversation as fast as I could. I felt my heart warming because of the feelings Sylvia showed toward me but this only made me wish to close the conversation faster. It was truly an embarrassing moment for me who had zero experience in love.

Giggle, all right. See you and please take care. → Sylvia

Sylvia seemed in a good mode.

…Whatever… → Shen

After getting out from the mental connection I frowned and looked at my palms.

“It must be my imagination. I don’t even know her, why would I feel like this?” → Shen

I tried to get back to reality. I know all too well that being dragged in such feelings would only drag me down. While I prepared to train some more and forget about what just happened, Sylvia and Ryu continued to speak through telepathy.

Haha~, I didn’t expect that heart of stone to feel something. Truly a surprise. → Ryu

Ryu continued with a laugh.

Heart of stone? Isn’t he someone who loves the races? How can he have a heart of stone? → Sylvia

Sylvia was really confused, were they talking about the same person?

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