Chapter 20: Not of same blood, is more than that



The girls felt disappointed by the sudden end of the class. I was truly shocked by their reactions.


The phase ‘class is over’ should sound like heavenly bells, why are they so disappointed? → Shen


After I finished telling them all of this and taught Melinda some flying magic, I left to my room to write what I just said.


I really don’t wish to repeat myself after such reactions, so for future disciples I’ll just write it down. → Shen


I wrote a short book with the title The Creation of the Universe: The First Love Story… sounds weird indeed… but I couldn’t find another title. While I was contemplating about my own books, I suddenly heard Melinda screaming.


“M-master! There are people in the front of the entrance!” → Isa


I rushed outside and commanded the hiding golems to tell me where, how many and who are the guests. I made them hide so the next visitors won’t get scared of them. Like this, I could evade the worst case scenario where they run back and report something about a crazy wizard in the mountains, later to bring soldiers and more adventurers to eliminate me. After making the connection, I instantly recognized the trespassers and I started laughing.


Master. I detect a Higher Saint. Your orders → Isa


Isa asked with his neutral voice through the telepathic connection. I was able to feel the mana fluctuating from his cave, ready to strike.


Standby Isa. They are not the enemies, just old friends. → Shen


“I’m very happy seeing you alive and kicking, Old Shu.” → Shen


I shouted out with a happy voice from the front of the cave. From the entrance of the mountain chain where the huge wall of trees was, Old Shu and little Theodore were coming in with calm steps.


“Hahaha, it seems you got yourself some nice companions, no?” → Old Shu


Old Shu said while looking at Melinda who was hiding behind me and Bonny who was at the entrance of the cave.


“They are my disciples, by the time we last saw each-others, I understood a lot about this world, I’ll show you my library. I want to know what an expert would say about some of my discoveries.” → Shen


I walked in front of Old Shu and welcomed him inside the cave, I served little Theo with some food and sweets while I brought some tea to Old Shu.


“Haha~ I’m really indebted to you, old man. Without your opinion about where to travel, I wouldn’t have found this heavenly place.” → Shen


We talked a lot about what happened after I left, about the books from the library and theories of magic and martial arts. I knew Old Shu isn’t simple, but I never thought he was an old Great Saint living for more than 2,200 years. While we talked, Melinda would shot glances at Theo while he was eating from time to time while he would look back at her and smile brightly, making Melinda blush and fidget.


“By the way Shu. What was all that about with the hidden knowledge you left inside Gabriel’s diary…?” → Shen


I asked with an annoyed smile. I still remember the pain I had to endure only to learn about a type of energy I already knew about and a useless usage of it.


“Ahahaha~ so you were able to get it, congratulation.” → Old Shu


Old Shu laughed merrily.


“At that time, I just learned about memory transfer through magic circles, the spell was expected to hurt a little.” → Old Shu


Shu said with an apologetic smile.




A little? I literally felt lightning striking me again and again, trying to open up my skull and burn my brain for Goodness sake!  → Shen


“Anyway…” → Shen


I sighed and continued.


“What’s up with that skill you left behind? Growing Charisma? Do I even need that?” → Shen


I looked with a plain face at Shu.


“Haha~ but of course you need it. Let me ask you, Shen. Which creature on Sario is the most dangerous, most powerful and the smartest of them all?” → Old Shu


Old Shu looked at me with a smile.


“Huh? Isn’t it the demon? There was a book around here that talked about them, saying they have a stupidly huge mana-pool and a rational mindset.” → Shen

“Nope, try again.” → Old Shu

“Hmm… Fairies? They have incredible control with the elements.” → Shen

“No, hahaha.” → Old Shu


Old Shu laughed at my choices.


“Do I even know that damn creature in the first place?!” → Shen

“But of course. You actually know it the best.” → Old Shu



I know it the best and is the strongest, smartest, most dangerous…Ah! → Shen


“Human!” → Shen

“It took you awhile kid.” → Old Shu


Old Shu laughed and nodded his head.


“I know the human as being the most dangerous in my world, but here? Aren’t there species that are even more dangerous? I heard there are even dragons!” → Shen

“Listen up here, Shen. The human, in comparison with the other races, is the most complete and evolved race that exists onto this world.” → Old Shu


Old Shu said after making a sound barrier around me and him.


“Beast-men have superior senses and instincts but they lack control over them, just like dragoons who have superior physical power. Demons barely have any emotions but they do have pride and a huge ego, they also barely feel any affection. The little fairies are way too childish. Even at a grownup age, they still wish for someone to pamper and spoil them. We humans can get the physical power of the dragoons and the instincts through hard work, we can enchant our senses through technology, alchemy or magic, making us just as efficient as the beast-men. The magic created for low-cost mana or by using mana crystals can compensate the little mana-pool we have, being able to fight the demons head on without a problem. Besides, because of their rational minds, the idea of familial love it’s non-existent, bringing them to fight between themselves most of the time. The control of the fairies can also be won through hard work and perseverance, or some well-made accessories and weapons with ‘Elemental Affinity’. The dragons might be divine entities and closest to gods when it comes to power, but their existence is close to extinct. If they were to start a war between humans and dragons, the humans would win 10 times out of 10. The numerical power is not to be laughing at. All of these, we humans made possible by using our intellect and imagination together as a race. Trying to fill our shortcomings while the other races couldn’t do the same. Those shortcomings are inserted in their own essence and the chances of overcoming them are ridiculously low.” → Old Shu


Old Shu talked with a serious face and I listened carefully.


“But if they can overcome it?” → Shen


I asked probingly.


“Then they will become the superior race.” → Old Shu


Old Shu laughed merrily, making me look at him dumbfounded.


“But don’t expect for such a thing to happen. Maybe one in a million, but more than that would become an incredible miracle. And if they, by any miracle, would suddenly start to change, then they’ll need another tens of thousands of years until they’ll start to develop further by using the newly acquired characteristics.” → Old Shu

“Alright, I got most of what you said, but what does that have to do with charisma?” → Shen

“I tried to tell you the superiority humans have over the other races, yes? Now think over the idea of being always loved by this strongest and most dangerous specimen wherever you go.” → Old Shu


Old Shu said with a smile, making me understand a little bit.


“Having a strong Charisma would make you also a strong leader. Bringing under you masses and making them do whatever you wish. Isn’t this what a future school-founder needs the most?” → Old Shu


Old Shu said while smiling and looking at me with sharp eyes. I felt the chills at his idea.


Controlling the masses by making them love me? Isn’t that quite evil? → Shen


”And what kind of school founder needs such a tyrannical power?” → Shen


“I don’t know what kind of schools there were in your world, but here a school has close to the same powers as the king.” → Old Shu


Old Shu said the incredible, making me open my eyes wide.


“Ah, so it’s really different, huh? Here, the schools have control over the information that is being shown to the masses. The schools teach the masses to help them grow and later they can command them and make them work under it, turning the popularity of the schools closer to that of the king, sometimes even stronger because the king can also be a student from the respective school.” → Old Shu



This sounds a lot like how the churches had half the authority inside the kingdoms in The Medieval Era. It’s known that the schools were made by the churches, but after the appearance of the Academies which were created by the nobles, the churches’ authority dropped deep-low, ending up at one point to be called ‘useless’ by the high nobles at the beginning of XVIII century. However, in this world everything has another turn of events. The balance actually inclined in the schools’ direction.


Oh man, the burden seems much heavier now. → Shen


I didn’t know the importance of a learning place in this world. The idea of controlling the masses wasn’t something I liked one bit.


“Don’t get discouraged now. I just said what kind of power the schools can exhibit, there is not really a need for you to use it. As long as you feel that the king is a competent one, there won’t be any problems.” → Old Shu


Old Shu was able to read through me and tried to calm me down.


“…All right. I understand the usages of your ability now. Thank you for teaching me. Now please come with me to show you the newest inventions!” → Shen


I tried to change the subject. I didn’t feel like talking about such serious stuff at the moment. I showed Old Shu some martial arts and spells I came up with, and also the usages of the Energy Stones. Old Shu was surprised by my accomplishments, especially with the Energy Stones and was even more surprised to see me in one piece.


“You truly are rash, you know? Someone tried to do what you did but failed horribly, ended up losing both of their hands. Seeing you in one piece, I don’t know if you’re skilled or simply lucky.” → Old Shu

“What do you mean? Of course I’m skilled, I only exploded for 134 times.” → Shen

“That person only did so, once.” → Old Shu


Old Shu was dumbfounded seeing my proud face.


“Ugh… Well, now I’ll fail only 5 times out of 10, so it’s alright if I activate Iron Body and envelop myself with mana.” → Shen


When Theodore, Melinda and Bonny heard our conversation they looked at me as if I were a monster.


Blowing up 134 times and still being able to joke around… Is this person even human?


“Are you even human?” → Old Shu


Old Shu asked what the others wanted but couldn’t.


“Hearing this from someone who lived for more than two millenniums…am I that terrifying?” → Shen


I felt wronged.


“Hohoho, well, pardon my rudeness. Anyway, I wish for something from you and if you’re able to do so, then I’ll remain forever indebted.” → Old Shu


Old Shu said with a serious face after he told Theo to go and play outside. Melinda followed right after.


“Say it.” → Shen

“I want you to take Theodor as your disciple.” → Old Shu

“Deal.” → Shen

“… Huh?” → Old Shu


Old Shu was a little bit shocked, he didn’t expect for me to answer so readily.


“I always thought Theodore was a talented child and was truly a waste to not impart to him some of my knowledge. Besides, he resembles me very much when I was a child, haha~ always asking ‘why does this do that, how does that work, from what is that made, why it does that, how it does that, etc.’ Haha~ I need someone like him because people like these can help me discover more and inspire me in creating new forms of magic. Oh, and you don’t have to be indebted to me. Without you, I would’ve been sleeping in the woods, eating fish at that time, hahaha~.”  → Shen



Old Shu was really moved by my words, being unable to say anymore. He always wished to find someone who could see the worth in Theo and bring his potential to its limits and beyond.


“Dear Shen, I’m really happy I’ve met you. For now, I need to go. I’ll leave Theodore in your care.” → Old Shu

“No problem, be sure to come back and see your little Theo all grown-up and becoming one of the strongest magicians on this planet.” → Shen


My heart stung. I had a bad feeling after seeing Shu’s hand.


It’s a lie, right? There’s no way… → Shen


Old Shu looked down with sorrowful eyes.


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“I don’t know if I’ll be able to ever come back, my time is coming… and-“ → Old Shu


He looked at Theodore who was happily playing around with Melinda.


“Theodore is not my grandson… when I was in the Demon realm I found this child right beside a killed demonic beast and a dead demon.” → Old Shu



I instantly froze.


Found in Eihwaz?! What does that mean? Do humans live there too? → Shen


“Theodore is not human.” → Old Shu


As if being able to read my mind, Shu dropped another bomb.


“When I found him, his pupils were in slits while his canines were sharper and longer than a human’s. Also, on his head, two little horns were visible.” → Old Shu

“…I do have some questions but the most important, how come you’re saying all of these to me? Are you not afraid that I’ll try to kill Theo for being a demon?” → Shen


From old times, demons were the enemies of the 4 races. Some of them can control demonic beasts while others can use dark magic, they all have a huge affinity with mana and their control is much more superior, making them extremely dangerous.


“I don’t see you as such a worthless man. Besides, if I want for you to be Theodore’s master, I need you to know the entire truth.” → Old Shu

“Well said, I am indeed not such a bastard that would frown over races. He can be even the future Demon Lord for all I care, my disciples will remain my disciples and I will take pride in them, no matter what they will become or whatever race they are. But does Theo know about this?” → Shen

“No… But he will find out soon, right now he’s 11 years old and his mana started to become stronger while his pupils are turning to slits when he’s too focused. I need you to take good care of him, I don’t want for him to hate himself for being a demon.” → Old Shu

“I understand, but I’ll say the truth sooner than too late, you’re alright with this, no?” → Shen


I asked with a matter-of-fact voice, it was Theo’s body and future, he ought to know everything.


“You are the master so you know what’s best for your disciples.” → Old Shu


Old Shu smiled at me and looked for once as an old man. Seeing those tired and aged eyes I finally couldn’t hold myself. I saw his body become more and more transparent while his presence weaker and weaker. Tears formed in my eyes and I started crying.


“Goddamnit… I know you only for 2 weeks…why you need to leave so fast when we can talk about so many more other things?” → Shen


I was extremely saddened. I felt like I could finally talk with someone about things I normally couldn’t. I felt like I finally found a friend which was able to understand the thoughts and actions of another old soul. But all of this was just an illusion because this old man wasn’t present on this planet since long. I looked at my hands and thought to myself with some disappointment.


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Ah, this was the Sin of Greed, wishing to have this old friend for a little longer… Since when have I become so unreasonable? → Shen


“I’m sorry Old Shu, sorry for showing you such an unsightly face of mine, I promise I’ll be more mature from now on…” → Shen


After cleaning my tears I felt really ridiculous.


Tsk, crying over the normal circle of life, am I turning into a brat? → Shen


Besides, I was already aware that Old Shu’s body was no more there. I simply evaded reality.


“…Please tell me how did you become like this, Old Shu.” → Shen

“Hahaha~ I can say you’re much more mature than you look, Shen. Don’t beat yourself over every little thing, it’s normal for humans to be greedy about someone leaving their side. But let me tell you this. Knowing Theodore is by your side, I’ll be able to rest in peace… And about my body…that Cobra got me good.” → Old Shu


Shu made a wide grin, looking at the sky outside the cave. His body started to shine and become more transparent. Old Shu looked like he had no more regrets. He searched for something in his shirt and took out a book.


“This might help you if you haven’t already thought about it, please take it.” → Old Shu

“T-this-…” → Shen


I looked inside the book and saw the first page which had the titles ‘One with the Universe’, ‘Twisting the Destiny’, ‘Dragonic Materialization’.


“This… Is it even possible?! How can one enter this state? Hmm…” → Shen


I started looking through the book a little bit more focused.


“Hey Old Shu! How did you-“ → Shen


When I turned around, there was nobody beside me but a white mist that evaded through the exit of the cave.


“…Have a good rest, Old Shu…” → Shen


This old monster… For how long did you live in that materialized state? What kind of ridiculous power do you need to have? → Shen


Shu tried to use his ‘Ka’ in materializing his body and keep the soul inside it. Such things are possible for short periods of times like around few days, then the soul would need to recharge, while Shu did so for who knows how many hundreds of years continuously, not letting even Theo know about his form. I saw Theodore who looked in the sky with wide open eyes.


“Hm? What’s wrong Theo? Why did you suddenly stop moving?” → Melinda


Melinda asked with a confused face.


“I-I don’t know why but, I feel like my heart is aching, uuuhh~~… it’s really painful, ugh…” → Theo


Theo started sobbing uncontrollably, he fell to his knees and grabbed his chest while looking at the white mist in the sky.


“T-Theo?! Why? What happened?” → Melinda


Melinda came closer to him and grabbed his shoulders.


“Cry as much as you need, Theo…” → Shen


I got closer and patted his head while Melinda hugged him.


You might be confused but your heart knows the truth. Don’t let the pain inside and cry until you feel like you emptied all your sadness. → Shen


Theo then started crying his eyes out, the sadness I felt was ten times more for little Theo who was still a child and lived together with Shu from the time he was a baby. Shu was his only family, so having his family die was something unbearable for a child not even 12 years old. After he cried for around 7 minutes he finally felt like he had no more energy, I carried him to my bed and left him to sleep. I entered the library when Bonny and Melinda came after me.


“Is it true? That gentle old man was Theo’s only family?” → Bonny


Melinda’s eyes started reddening, she felt so saddened for Theo that she almost started crying.




I looked at Bonny who evaded eye contact. It seems Melinda heard everything from Bonny who was around when I talked with Old Shu. When he said Theo is of demonic blood, Bonny was in her room to make more tea so she only heard a part of the conversation.




I got up from my seat and caressed their heads.


“If you two wish to help Theo then you shouldn’t have such sad faces. Melinda, let me tell you, ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ can be said by everyone and barely 0.1% are sincere. What you can say is ‘Theo! Let’s go and play!’ or something like that. This will cheer him up faster than a simple ‘sorry’, I can guarantee it.” → Shen


“Y-yeah… I’ll start playing with him tomorrow in the morning!” → Melinda


After saying so, she left to sleep. She was also pretty tired from the emotional shock.


“Good.” → Shen


Then I turned to Bonny who looked at Melinda with carrying eyes.


“You really surprised me, I didn’t expect for you to tell her about Shu’s death and Theo’s reasons for crying.” → Shen

“…I can see this child’s feelings for the boy, I thought that if she wanted to be by his side, she should first understand him better…even though my decision was a rash one, I don’t regret it. Melinda must know about the person she’s interested in before she makes the wrong decision.” → Bonny

“Hahaha~, you mean even if she knows the respective person, she might still make the wrong decision?” → Shen

“No! That’s not what I meant~!” → Bonny


Being teased made her stamp her foot.


“Ah, so you can crack some jokes even in moments like these, huh?” → Bonny

“What can I say, it’s not my style to stay serious for too long, it’s too tiring. Ah, by the way, it’s already late. Let’s go to sleep.” → Shen

“Where do you think you’re going? You left Theo to sleep in your bed, forgot already?” → Bonny

“Ugh… Then I’ll sleep in the library, no biggie.” → Shen


I laid down on the floor. After using some of the Earth elements, the floor was much softer and comfortable.


“Feels good~.” → Shen


I fell asleep instantly.


“Fufufu~ the disciples sleep in beds while the master sleeps on the floor, only Shen can be like that.” → Bonny


After giggling she took a blanket to cover me then she left to sleep with Melinda. The next morning I started teaching the three disciples of mine some martial arts and how to circulate their chi while moving around. Melinda and Bonny had little difficulty, even though it was their first time doing this, they had close to no problems in keeping on the circulation.


Another difference I found between players and the residents is how the players can feel and control mana tens of times easier than the ones from this world, making us have a control comparable with the demons. And for this incredible control, I also found a reason. We, players, are accustomed to the thin mana around the Earth. Suddenly being summoned into this world that had an energy field tens, or maybe even hundreds of times stronger, made us be able to feel and control these energies to a level almost subconscious.


Is the same with a lizard that was born inside the dessert. If the lizard suddenly jumped in the water, he’ll be much more conscious of it than the fish who was born inside it, thinking of water as the lizard thinks of air.


Theodore had a control almost comparable to mine when I first came into this world, a fact that made me more aware of his demonic parts which were stronger in feeling mana and in controlling it, than any other normal resident or player.


Hmm, it seems he trained in controlling mana and chi from the very day I taught him. → Shen


“Wow Theo, you’re really good at this.” → Melinda


Melinda was happy for Theo while Bonny also nodded her head.


“Huh? Uh, ahaha~.” → Theo


Theo felt much better after being dragged around by Melinda and being praised by the girls.


I’m happy seeing his heart at ease… now I must find a good moment in which I should tell him about himself. → Shen


While I was thinking about this, Theo looked at me with anxious eyes.


“Huh? Do you need to tell me something?” → Shen

“Master…can I ask you a question after we finish the training?” → Theo

“But of course, why do you think I’m your master in the first place? I’m here to answer all your questions, no matter how ridiculous they might be.” → Shen


I had a vague feeling about what he wanted to ask me.


“Thank you, master.” → Theo


Theo felt more relieved then he continued to circulate his chi. After training I made Melinda and Bonny read about different spells I created and told them to create their own. The time limit was tomorrow in the morning and I made sure that I won’t be disturbed while I was talking with Theo. After that, I entered my room where Theo was sitting on a chair. I sat on the bed and Theo opened his mouth.


“Master…can you please tell me…what I am?” → Theo


Theo’s voice shivered while transforming slowly. His pupils shrunk in slits, his canines got longer and sharper like those of a vampire while his ears got pointy, his mana also became stronger and fiercer and from sides, 2 little horns appeared.

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