Chapter 129: He’ll Feel Uneasy

After putting on a large shirt, he quickly opened the door and saw a waiter standing outside. He was his confidant and also participated in the fight last night so he would be able to recognize Su Ke2Su KeMain Character.

Zhang Wen Long had a sick feeling in his stomach as he repeated, “What did you say? That brat is back?”

His original plan was to wait for his injuries to heal so he’d look presentable for Ma Meng.

The waiter saw his boss’ strange expression and quickly replied, “En, it’s the brat from yesterday!”

“Did he bring anyone with him?”

“Yes, he did.”


Zhang Wen Long felt bitter as he questioned him, “How many people did he bring?”

“Just one!”

Zhang Wen Long thought that Su Ke came back for revenge, but after hearing that he only brought one person, he was puzzled,

“Just one person? Is it Grandpa Meng?”

If he brought Ma Meng, then the situation will surely get out of hand.

The waiter searched his memories before remembering who the person was, “It’s not him, it’s Xiao Xue(1)!”


“F*ck, can’t you have said all that in one go!?” He breathed out a sigh of relief after he heard who it was. He then quickly turned around gave him a kick, “You nearly scared me half to death!”

The waiter took the kick in silence since he knew what his boss was boss feeling after his defeat yesterday.

“Brother Long, that brat brought Xiao Xue, but it doesn’t seem like he came to cause trouble!”

Su Ke and Hong Chen silently walked through the rotating glass door. Her face was a bit unnatural as she walked. Even though she was bickering with Su Ke just now and was rather relaxed, yesterday’s incident was still fresh in her mind.

The lobby was very luxurious with a large crystal chandelier hung from the roof.

Under the light, the red carpet looked rather soft and thick.

They were playing the latest pop songs and the song playing right now was something called 《Gangnam Style》.

The receptionist had a shocked face when she saw Su Ke, but she soon bowed and greeted them, “Welcome!”

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Su Ke nodded slightly before turning to face Hong Chen, “Where did you put your things?”

Before Hong Chen could reply, Su Ke heard a voice behind him, “Brother Su Ke is here!”

The familiar voice made Hong Chen’s body shake like she had received a huge fright.


Su Ke turned around and responded to the voice, “Oh! Leader Zhang!”

As he expected, it was Zhang Wen Long who he beat half to death last night.

He was wearing a very casual short-sleeved shirt and beach pants, and he had gauze on his nose and bruises on his face.

His face was full of smiles as he walked towards Su Ke,

Zhang Wen Long had already scolded Su Ke in his heart, but he still acted rather familiar as he questioned him, “Does Brother Su Ke have some business with this establishment?”

“It’s nothing much, my friend just forgot some of her things so I came to get them!”

Su Ke’s delicate and pretty cheeks carried a natural smile as he spoke.

It seemed that as long as he didn’t touch the girl, Su Ke’s expression would remain natural.

Zhang Wen Long turned around and spoke to the guy following him, “Oh, I got it! Xiao Hei, quickly bring Xiao Xue over so she can grab her stuff!”

He had no idea about Xiao Xue’s real identity or that she was a reporter.


Hong Chen hesitated before Su Ke patted her on the shoulder, “It’ll be fine, I’ll be here while you go get your things!”

The “I’ll be here!” made Hong Chen feel safe since Su Ke was currently built like a mountain with thick and firm arms.

She quickly nodded before following Xiao Hei.

Zhang Wen Long grabbed Su Ke’s shoulders affectionately as he spoke, “Come, come! Brother Su Ke, let’s go chat inside!”

He followed Zhang Wen Long inside an already opened room with no trace of anxiety on his face. He was able to take care of him yesterday, so he looked like a sick cat right now.

Su Ke noticed a fruit bowl, peanuts, melon seeds, and popcorn in the well-lit room.

He walked over and sat on the sofa before Zhang Wen Long took the seat next to him.

They didn’t say anything to each other for quite a while, and Su Ke didn’t want to be the first because he wanted to know what trick he’ll use against him.


“Brother Su Ke, yesterday’s incident was all on me. It could also be said that real men get to know each other through their fists! Come, let me apologize to you!”

Zhang Wen Long then picked up a bottle of beer and poured the whole thing into his stomach before Su Ke spoke.

Su Ke’s face was full of smiles, but he didn’t have any intentions to pick up the beer in front of him. Zhang Wen Long cursed him in his mind.

However, when he thought about Liu Fei Hong, he decided that he had to act familiar.

Zhang Wen Long laughed dryly before he spoke, “I wanted to give you a beer and apologize!”  He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a bank card before sliding it across the table.

“This card has 100,000 RMB and is just a small token of apology. The password is 000000.”


When Su Ke heard the amount, his eyes lit up.

He didn’t expect that Zhang Wen Long would be so generous.

He then rubbed his nose, “Leader Zhang!”

Zhang Wen Long noticed Su Ke’s eyes and let out a breath of relief as he took the opportunity, “Leader Zhang? Just call me Brother Long!”

He then grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer as he continued, “This brother is dizzy on top and below. Don’t remember your hate. If Sister Fei Hong asks, just put in a few good words for me.”

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open and Hong Chen walked in while carrying a satchel.

She quickly noticed Su Ke and Zhang Wen Long sitting close together with a very harmonious feeling, so her eyebrows unconsciously rose up with confusion.


Zhang Wen Long happily stood up and rushed towards the waiter while waving his hand to welcome Hong Chen, “Xiao Hei, go outside first!”

“Xiao Xue, I’m sorry I gave you such a scare yesterday! I let you down!”

He then paused to pull out another bank card from his pocket, “I would like you to have this 20,000 RMB bank card as a token of apology.”

He then bowed and waited for her reaction.

Hong Chen’s face was anxious as she looked at it disdainfully, “I don’t want it!”

She had a disgusted expression on her face as she hatefully stared at Zhang Wen Long.

All the panic she felt from before had vanished.

Zhang Wen Long raised his head and egg white medicine leaked from his nose as he spoke, “Xiao Xue, if you won’t accept it, then you can hit me once!”

His face smile and wounds disgusted her even more.


She couldn’t suppress the fire in her heart as she looked at his unsightly appearance.

If Su Ke didn’t rescue her yesterday, she would’ve been ruined by this fat pig.

She unconsciously clenched her fists as she tried to contain her anger.

She really wanted to punch him, but she was worried that the situation yesterday will happen again.

Her gaze met Su Ke’s as she thought about what to do next.

Su Ke shrugged before responding to her gaze, “Since Brother Long has already given you his permission, I’m afraid that he’ll feel uneasy if you don’t hit him!”

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  1. Just realized how ridiculous Little Snow is as a name, so I changed it;  Why did no one tell me how stupid it sounded?


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