Chapter 197: Vile Messy Old Man

This time, the injury Cheng Yu sustained was more severe than all the other times. In the world, a lot of things had always been this way: the more worried you were about a certain aspect, the chances of it happening would be greater.

Just as Cheng Yu expected, a Spiritual Origin Fruit was not able to fully heal his injuries. At that time, under the onslaught of the Kingkong Array, Cheng Yu had been injured by a large amount of sword Qi they shot out. Although his injuries were very serious, to the point of fatality, Cheng Yu was pretty lucky as he had met the hunter couple. Furthermore, after Cheng Yu had swallowed the Spiritual Origin Fruit, the internal injuries he sustained from the sword Qi had basically recovered. And the biggest problem Cheng Yu was facing now was the backlash from the Art of Derivation From All Living Things.

Art of Derivation From All Living Things could be considered as one of the more profound and tyrannical cultivation methods in this world. It used Qi to manifest living beings and the strength it wields would depend on how much Qi was utilized, as the world is made up of all kinds of living things. For how strong each living being could be, no one knew. The only thing we knew was that the limits of any living being was unfathomable.

Art of Derivation From All Living Things not only needed a large amount of Qi, it also needed a good amount of control to the user’s Qi. And what caused the Qi to coagulate into living things was the user’s mental energy. Cheng Yu was a Pill Master. Whenever he refined pills, it was also a form of training for his mental energy. Therefore, it was not anything special when Cheng Yu’s mental energy was a lot stronger than those cultivators who were on the same level as him. But this miserly amount of mental energy from Cheng Yu was just like a drop of water in the ocean for Art of Derivation From All Living Things.

But when it came to this, Cheng Yu also had no other ways as he was only a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. If he wanted to refine his mental energy, he needed to destroy his core and form the infant, breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm. Therefore, the most powerful move Cheng Yu was able to bring forth now was only “Six Dragons Emerging from the Sea.” Even though it was like that, it was sufficient for Cheng Yu to be complacent with it. With the strength “Six Dragons Emerging from the Sea” could bring forth, he could basically be unrivalled among all Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators.

Even though the current Cheng Yu was unable to execute “Six Dragon Emerging from the Sea” twice, it was not a problem for him to do it once. And the reason for this was because the consumption of Qi to utilize it was already very high and the injuries he sustained from the sword Qi would also limit him. Cheng Yu knew that utilizing this move would bring him a lot of disadvantages, but he had no other choice. He was unable to break out from the siege of the Kingkong Array that was formed from so many Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. In addition to the unceasing attacks of sword Qi, if Cheng Yu did not risk it all, he would have died.

Cheng Yu stayed in the mountain cave motionlessly and cultivated for five days consecutively. After he fully assimilated the Spiritual Origin Fruit, he finally opened his eyes. Cheng Yu sighed faintly. The Qi within his dantian was still quiet, motionless and he was unable to circulate Qi. If he had the help of his Qi, the remaining injuries could be slowly healed using his Qi.

However, with his current situation, Cheng Yu had no choice but to take out his last Spiritual Origin Fruit. The Spiritual Origin Fruit he had gotten from Shi Ji was one of his life-saving trump cards. Two Spiritual Origin Fruits was sufficient to save his life twice, but to use them both at once, Cheng Yu was truly unwilling. However, Cheng Yu had no other choice. Being unable to use Qi also implied that Cheng Yu no longer possessed his original strength. Now, he was just like a Qi Training Realm mortal and this was truly too dangerous.

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It was impossible for the Kunlun people to let him off and he was still within the scope of Kunlun’s territory. This made Cheng Yu feel an extreme unease. He did not know how many of Kunlun’s people would die. If all of them were dead, it would be the best way, as Kunlun would not be able to receive any news about him. However, Cheng Yu knew that this was impossible. Cheng Yu was very afraid that after this time, Kunlun would send out Golden Core Realm experts. If so, he would be dead. He knew how strong a Golden Core Realm cultivator was. He acknowledged that he possessed some abilities, but compared to a Golden Core Realm expert, all these methods were not capable of covering the gap between a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator and a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

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Cheng Yu did not bother much about it and swallowed the last Spiritual Origin Fruit to start his seclusion.


“Bastard! So many of you and you are unable to kill a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator. You tell me, what’s the use of keeping you all alive then?” Looking at the kneeling down Ku Shou, the Cultivation World Kunlun Sect Master, Yuan Yangzi, scolded angrily.

Previously, Ku Shou came over to report that Secular Kunlun Sect Master had unexpectedly been killed. And this time, he had sent out a few Foundation Establishment Realm late stage disciples and all of them had sustained heavy injuries. If this news got out, wouldn’t it give others the impression that Kunlun no longer had anyone capable?

“Sect Master, originally, Cheng Yu sneakily infiltrated our secular Kunlun alone. In the end, Senior Brother Huang Wen and Junior Brother Guo Feng had been injured because of that. During that point of time, I wanted to report back to Sect Master, but Senior Brother Huang Wen was not willing to. Therefore, we planned the siege this time. Under the Kingkong Array formed by us, Cheng Yu almost died, but the cultivation method he cultivated is too tyrannical. Not only did he breakout from our Kingkong Array, he even injured all of us heavily. And all the Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage disciples also died.”

This time, making use of the opportunity when Huang Wen, Guo Feng and Xing Yun were still in seclusion healing up their injuries, he alone went to the Cultivation World Kunlun to seek help. However, he had pushed all the blame onto Huang Wen. Furthermore, he had publicly declared how tyrannical Cheng Yu’s strength was, the main objective being that he hoped Yuan Yangzi would be willing to send out even stronger experts to eliminate Cheng Yu.

Ku Shou had always seen Cheng Yu as an eye-sore because ever since Cheng Yu had appeared, he disrupted all of Kunlun’s plans. Not only had his Junior Brother, Sect Master Xuanyang died, his Junior Nephew, Fang Wenxuan had died as well. Even the current secular Kunlun had been kicked into a mess. This caused Ku Shou to hold an extreme hatred towards Cheng Yu, and at every single moment, he was thinking of eliminating Cheng Yu.

However, Cheng Yu’s strength was something he could not compete with. Even now, the three Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts Yuan Yangzi had sent out had sustained severe injuries. Ku Shou really hoped that Yuan Yangzi would send out Golden Core Realm experts. He believed that regardless of how strong Cheng Yu was, he would not be able to contend against Golden Core Realm experts.

However, Ku Shou didn’t know that it was very hard for Yuan Yangzi to send out Golden Core Realm experts to handle a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. If this were spread, Kunlun would certainly lose all face.

“The Cheng Yu you spoke of is really so powerful?” Yuan Yangzi was very angry, but he could not pay extra attention to this problem. What he could not understand was a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, regardless of how powerful they were, it was impossible for them to be so powerful to this extent.

“Yes. He possesses an extremely tyrannical cultivation method. He can use Qi to coagulate into powerful living or dead creatures and the might is very powerful!” Recalling the explosiveness of the six dragons, Ku Shou could not help but feel the lingering fear within his heart.

“If it’s so, keeping him alive is more valuable than killing him?” Yuan Yangzi gave some serious consideration to his problem and said. If Cheng Yu truly had such a powerful cultivation technique, he must get it from Cheng Yu’s hands then.

“Sect Master, you must not! This Cheng Yu is very sly and crafty. It would be very hard to capture him,” When Ku Shou heard Yuan Yangzi’s words, he was shocked. Originally, he wanted to exaggerate Cheng Yu’s strength even more. This way, he would cause Yuan Yangzi to attach more importance to this problem and be willing to send out more powerful experts to eliminate Cheng Yu. However, he did not expect that Yuan Yangzi would unexpectedly want to capture Cheng Yu alive. Wouldn’t this just cause more troubles for himself?

Perhaps it might be because of the numerous fights he had with Cheng Yu, causing him to be truly mind-blown by his strength or it might be because he had really been intimidated by Cheng Yu. He felt that to capture Cheng Yu was basically impossible. He thought that Cheng Yu had already consumed all of his Qi and it would be very hard for him to continue fighting, but Cheng Yu would bring forth an even more shocking strength every time that caused him to be surprised and terrified.

“Hmph! Could it be that a Golden Core Realm expert wouldn’t be able to capture a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator!” Yuan Yangzi harrumphed once. If Cheng Yu really possessed such strength, he would really have to send out Golden Core Realm disciples. Once others knew of it, they would become a laughingstock, but if Cheng Yu truly possessed such strength, what’s the harm in letting those ignorant people laugh at him?


Another five days passed. Cheng Yu finally came out from his seclusion. This time, there was delightment in Cheng Yu’s face because the Qi that was congregated around his dantian had finally had a response after so long. Cheng Yu swallowed two Qi Gathering Pills and circulated his Arts of Derivation From All Living Things. After a long day, his dantian was once again filled with Qi.

“Damn it! It has been over 10 days. Finally, I managed to return to my optimal state. It’s a pity that I used up all of my Spiritual Origin Fruits. In the future, I will have to be extra cautious. Otherwise, I might not be so fortunate. Aish! If only I knew such a thing would happen, I would have asked for a few more fruits from Shi Ji shamelessly,” Cheng Yu felt that he had finally recovered to his optimal state, causing his emotions to become very joyful. However, there was still some sorrow. Cheng Yu walked out of the mountain cave and sniffed the fresh and clean air. He felt that it was truly good to be alive.

“Heh! What a big fat white rabbit. Don’t blame me. It’s been over 10 days since I had eaten and the moment I came out, I spotted you. You can only blame yourself for being so unfortunate!” When Cheng Yu was stretching himself, a big white rabbit leaped out from a nearby location.

Cheng Yu waved his hand. A ray of Qi shot out and struck the rabbit, causing it to faint. Cheng Yu peeled off the rabbit’s skin quickly and easily as he placed it onto the roasting frame that was made using tree branches and roasted it. After gaining the experience of roasting the deer, Cheng Yu had brought a lot of spices and flavoring from Ningshui City. It was all prepared for whenever he planned to roast food. Not long later, a fragrant freshly roasted rabbit was cooked.

Just as Cheng Yu was preparing to remove the roasted rabbit from the roasting frame, the tree branch that was pierced onto the rabbit had actually flown towards a distant direction. Cheng Yu saw it. His speed was not slow as he quickly reached out his hand and grabbed onto the tree branch. However, he never expected that the rabbit that was on the tree branch would unexpectedly remove itself from the branch and fly off.

“Ah! So hot! So tasty! It has been so long since I smelled such a fragrant roasted meat. Lucky!” Cheng Yu was still chasing after the rabbit while that aromatic and hot roasted rabbit had already arrived into the hands of a messy old man. The old man twisted the freshly made roasted rabbit in his hand and said happily.

“Oi! Old man, aren’t you being too impolite?! You didn’t even ask if I agreed to it and you already snatched my rabbit!” Cheng Yu looked at this messy old man and said somewhat discontentedly.

“…” The messy old man glanced at Cheng Yu and his glance was filled with disdain and pity as he looked at Cheng Yu as if he was looking an idiot.

“Oi! What’s with the look you are giving me? Don’t think I don’t dare to punch you!” The look the old man gave Cheng Yu caused him to be extremely dissatisfied. He was very familiar with this kind of glance. Numerous times, he had used this look on a lot of people.

“Have you seen before when a man is raping a women, he asked if she was willing to be done in by him?” The expression the messy old man gave Cheng Yu was as if he was looking at an idiot.

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