Chapter 24: One-Man Army



I exhaled and looked in front. I was on top of a mountain, looking down on the crater I just created and at the army of mercenaries and players that fought with my golems at the edge. Before I started talking with Sylvia, the commander of this army used a voice intensifying magic to throw blames about how I got inside the borders of the kingdom and caused a commotion illegally and how they came to arrest me and confiscate all I had.


‘A master from the mountains ought to have some precious items’, that’s something everyone believed and called the mountains ‘tomb of treasures’ while the respective master, ‘a tomb guardian’. However, what nobody knew was who was that ‘master guardian’ and at what level of power he is at the moment. After angering me with such baseless reasons, I created from the elements of Earth, an asteroid and infused it with the element of fire, creating a huge bomb that formed a crater of 500 meters in circumference in front of the army.


“I’ll say it once-“


My voice wasn’t that of a shout but one of a calm person, even so, it boomed like thunder all around the mountains, making even the wind to change its course.


“Leave now and I’ll forget about this masquerade. I have no wish to kill but that doesn’t mean anyone can come and start a racket in front of my home. If you wish to fight then get prepared to leave crippled, ending with a fate worse than death.”


My golems punched away every player or mercenary that tried to penetrate their lines. The swords weren’t strong enough to cut them completely while the hammers barely dented them.


[Use the energy source.]


I commanded the golems through our mental connection. The golems started to shine and their auras surpassed the normal levels. Two mercenaries beside a golem were sent flying with one punch. The cuts and dents started to self-repair while the golems fought like martial experts inside a crowd of thugs, using fighting skills and martial moves much more refined and accurate than before.




A lot of people got frightened by my warning and even more so by my overpowered golems. No matter what fighting style, if anyone dared to strike first, he would meet the ground the next second.


“Oy…This guy is serious. He’s not normal and he can create asteroids with just a wave of his hand! Besides, his golems have the same power with those of bosses at max level!”


Some players started to talk among themselves with some insecurity and panic.


“He-He’s a monster! Oy, let’s run! We can’t fight such a thing!”

“Y-Yeah… Let’s retreat! If we die here we won’t be able to respawn like in a game!”


Everyone got agitated and started to panic, when someone got in front of them after he struck one of the golems.


“Everyone quiet!”


A strong voice resonated through the desperate voices, a huge dragoon just sent a golem flying for around 10 meters with his huge hammer. The golem blocked the attack but the pressure still sent it quite far away.


“You scared babies! We have the treasure in front of us and you’re thinking of retreating!? Very well! Those of you who wish to follow me, step forward! We’ll kill that brat together with his toys then split the treasures between us!”

“A good idea. It doesn’t work.”


I activated the evolved form of  [Sliding Steps] and with the speed of a shockwave, I appeared right behind the commander that tried to cheer up the army.


“W-when did you-bugh!”


Before he could finish his words I struck with an uppercut from the ‘mountain’ set, sending the commander flying.


Isa. No killing, just crippling.


[Yes, master.]


Isa stood behind me. His cold aura froze anything close to him and his dragon features became sharper and more distinctive. He got ready to fight and seemed more savage than the demonic beasts. He was with two heads bigger than me, looking more like a frosty demonic guardian.


“Now, whoever wants to kill me, step forward.”


Because I accepted my own weakness and feelings for Sylvia, my heart turned from stone to gold in an instant, letting me reach Saint level of powers and make possible for me to control the mana even better. Everyone shuddered when they saw Isa’s savage appearance and also the ridiculous speed used by me. The other golems punched out the players that stood in their way and then positioned themselves beside me. The aura emanated by the 12 golems, Isa, and I, made the closer ones to step back more than four steps. Even so, there were still those dreamers who didn’t know their places.


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“Are you an idiot? Coming down here when you could have killed us all with an asteroid from up there! Wuahahaha everyone! On him, before he runs away!” → A random player


A crazy fire fairy player shouted, making everyone break out from their dazed state.



After looking at the fairy, then between themselves, everyone charged at me thinking they might be the special snowflake to take the kill on me.




Of course, it was just wishful thinking.






All kind of moans and cries of pain were heard all around me. Anyone getting to a distance of 10 meters around my group would get punched or kicked out of the way, ending up with bones broken and their circulation distorted or even crippled.




Isa roared wildly and ran through a group of 20 players like a truck, sending them all flying with a dent in their stomach.




All 20 of them spat out blood and were unable to move, their middle dantian being completely shattered.


“Fight in groups! Bombard them with ranged spells and skills!”

A rain of magic spells and of chi-waves shot out right toward us.


“Use the shield.”


I commanded indifferently. All the golems surrounded me and created a shield of energy in their arms. They protected me from all the projectiles while I simply closed my eyes and focused.


50 from the sides while 20 are already in the air.


I used my aura to envelop the entire battlefield and felt 70 silhouettes hiding in the shadows, ready to pouch at me.


“[Shadow Palms]”


I focused chi inside the palms and shot out 70 palms in different directions with a flash..





The phantom palms hit all of them in their stomach, then reached inside and broke the dantian together with their level of power. The assassins fell on the ground already unconscious.


“Go.” → Shen


I commanded the golems and they shot out toward the other players that tried to chant destructive spells.



“S-someone protect me! Buh!”

“O-oy! Do something! –AAAGH!”


The mages were unable to charge their spells completely because of the golems that dodged and evaded all the warriors in front. They instantly broke through the player’s line then destroyed the mages circulation, making them unable to even move.


“H-how are they so nimble?”

“Why can’t I hit them?!”

“Are they really just golems? Why are they moving so fast!?”


Because I gifted every golem with experience of martial arts from my other lives, the golems were able to fight one vs many without a problem. This time I was sure not to overload the golems with information or they would explode fighting, just like the last one.


Happily for me, the players still don’t know how to fight even though their power level is not that much different from mine. I need to weed out the trashes as much as I still can before they awaken to this power.


I continued to dodge without the tiniest difficulty and simply struck back, taking their powers away with just one hit. The players that participated in this raid had no real experience of fighting, only using their excessive brute strength and getting drunk in their own power.


After an hour of continuously throwing people around in one hit, the others started seeing something wasn’t right. After getting in the front lines, they saw mountains of humans being stacked on top of each-others left and right, while more than 3 people being sent flying every second.


“What are you stopping for?”


I asked with a bored expression. I was somehow disappointed. Even though I knew they are not used with their own powers, I still expected the players who would bring the two continents in disarray to be more powerful than this.


What I didn’t know at that time was, they were still truly powerful even with just this much control. They could kill five residents without breaking a sweat. My golems and I were simply too powerful for them to even touch my hair, for now.


“W-what is he? How come he’s not tired at all after knocking out more than half of our people? And even controlling those golems! Aren’t those made from his mana?!”


Everyone mistook the blue energy around and inside the golems as mana, thinking that I had a ridiculously huge mana-pool to refuel them.


“He’s a monster! That’s why! We need to leave fast!”

“No… he’s a Saint! We have no chance even if we are 4 times more in numbers!”

“A what? Saint? What are you talking about?”

“From what planet are you?! A Saint! Someone who transcended the mundane and entered the world of legends!”


Someone tried to explain to the players the power of a Saint. In their eyes, a Saint was an entity with an authority equal to a king. They won’t even bow in front of emperors. Nothing scared them except for God-ranked people, but those no longer cared about the mundane and neither were they seen around for hundreds of thousands of years. Fighting Saints was the same as courting death. Nobody dared to be rude against them, but right now they were fighting such an entity. Being killed by a Saint was close to an honor but they felt way too ashamed for daring to steal from a Saint.


Most of the residents of this world were at the back, the players remaining in front. After the mercenaries finally saw against whom they were fighting, they started sweating bullets, not daring to make another step forward.


“It seems there are some people who have a head on their shoulders and not just dirt.”


I said a little bit impressed. The players reddened from rage while the residents from embarrassment.


“And what if he’s a Saint!? We’re heroes from another world! We have the power to destroy any evil!”


A red elementalist fairy shot out with madness in his eyes.


“Y-yeah! We got transported here by a Goddess to save the world from the corrupted emperors and demons!”


Another young man with a huge sword explained, his eyes just as crazed.


“H-heroes? Goddess? What rubbish are you talking about?! Quick, run! Don’t you wish to remain alive?!”


The residents were confused by the sudden insanity shown by some players.


:They’re crazy! Why the Hell did we team up with them? We must leave, fast!”

“Hah! Run? Just stay here and look at my awesomeness-guh!”


Another bear-man tried to show off while using his martial arts on me but he was sent flying with one uppercut. I couldn’t hear any more of his nonsense and I knocked him out while shattering his dantian, making him unable to use mana or chi anymore.


“Listen up you trashes.”


I started talking with a composed but cold voice.


“I’m a player but unlike you, I started researching the wonders of this world and learned how to control this power that you guys got drunk of. There is no such thing as a ‘Goddess’ who brought us here to destroy the empires, nor are you lot some heroes from novels or fairy tales. We got transported here through a weird message and possible for it to be a mistake. But even so, to get drunk on our powers and make all kinds of crimes for our own pleasures it’s a sin just as bad as on Earth. You now shall pay for what you’ve done. Golems, offensive mode: on. Cripple only the players. Leave the residents alone but don’t let them run. If they move, knock them down.”


I remembered the moment when two voices resounded from space right after we got spawned on this world, a female one, and two male ones. From what I understood after remembering their conversation, it seems that our spawn was a mistake on their part.


But such incompetent Gods can’t possibly exist…right?


I wasn’t able to believe that entities of such high ranking could make such a huge and silly mistake like as spawning thousands of people from a world to another… only if they are Evil Gods.


I want to have a talk with these so-called Gods of Sario.


I thought while feeling annoyed.




The golems then started to break bones and shatter dantians left and right, no more staying on the defensive.


“W-what are you talking about?! W-when we ever did such-ugh!”


I could tell when someone lied to me. As punishment, I broke his cultivation and his level dropped to 1.


“You all are just a bunch of trashes. I’ll get rid of you before you bring more disaster to this world.”


I could see dark aura’s coming from all of them except the mercenaries who had blue and reddish auras. They weren’t that clean themselves but they were still much better than the corrupted players who were already damnable.


And that’s why our Earth’s energetic field is so low. The humans from Earth are not prepared to use such powers. We are barely able to control the one we created through technology and even that kind of power is given to only some elites, or at least it should be. Giving it to anyone would bring disaster by the power-addicts, not like it isn’t already that way.

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I sighed then focused on the battle. This time I was the one attacking. Every punch would destroy the cultivation of a player, making him go back to level 1 in less than a second. The mercenaries were looking at me dumbfounded with fright in their eyes. I jumped over and punched the player beside them without even looking, gazing at my next target right after. My golems would sometimes get smashed back by some players but Isa would send them flying like puppets with their strings cut while only swinging his claws and tail.


“W-why aren’t you attacking them? You said you’re a player like us! Why are you attacking only fellow players?!”


Someone asked frightened out of his mind and at the same time feeling revolted as for why the mercenaries were spared.


“Why? Because you lot are lower than trash. You tasted power and started rapping, killing, stealing and all other kinds of crimes.”


After every punch, I tried to connect with their souls to see the reason for their corruption. It was a grave mistake; these bastards rapped children or young men and women, some of them not even 15 years old and killed tens or even hundreds of innocents, being used by the corrupted nobles in thinking they help the poor, wishing to appear as heroes while being worse than villains. All of these made me wish to delete them from this world. If I didn’t feel Sylvia’s heart connecting to mine, telling me to calm down, I would’ve just used another asteroid to kill them all.


“I’ll be sure to make all you trashes unable to do any more crimes. I’ll bring every single one of you back to level one and unable to grow back up ever again!”


I said with a cold and imposing tone.




Screams were heard everywhere on the battlefield, all kinds of player, male or female, under the form of every race were being blown away by one hit from me. It was like a massacre but nobody died. The residents of this world looked at the show without being able to say a world. After the last player was sent flying with his dantian shattered I looked at the mercenaries and commanded.


“Every single one of you will take one player with them, will take care of their injuries and help them search for a job, I won’t take ‘no‘ as an answer. I inserted them with some of my chi so I’ll be able to tell the moment any of them dies. Don’t even think of trying to get rid of them without me knowing.”


Of course, I won’t bother with wasting my chi to be sure they won’t die, is just a way to scare these people to do what I said. Like this, I won’t have to worry too much about letting someone die on my watch.


“Y-yes! As the elder wishes!”


To my surprise, the residents of this world showed a lot of respect to the Saints. Every merchant carried one player on their back while the rest were put inside a carriage and sent in a city to work the fields of the nearby villages and live a peaceful life.


[Tsk… Only weaklings.]


Surprisingly enough, Isa showed some emotions in this fight but mostly of disappointment. He would sprint right in the army, smashing onto anyone in front like a train. Seeing how nobody was able to stop him, he felt quite disappointed.


[Master was able to stop me and even continue fighting. Are they really the same ‘players’ as you?]


Tsk, five of my golems got destroyed. Now I got only 7.


“Hm? Don’t you compare me with these idiots! Come, it’s time to recover.”


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