Chapter 143: His Objective

With the teachers having already spoken, the students were even more amped up.

They completely did not notice Ye Ying, who standing and watching them not from far away. She held a bottle of water in each of her hands. Her face was contorted, and there was a sinister chill permeating from her.

She then restrained her expression in a flash and walked towards them with a smile on her face. “Have you guys forgotten about me?” She passed a bottle to Gao Yiyang and continued, “You drink some water. I noticed that your voice was a bit hoarse not long ago.”

“Oh, oh, oh…” The students who fanned out seemed like they had realized something, and they let out long sounds of oh that didn’t mean anything bad. Then, they blinked at Gao Yiyang with flirtatious gazes.

Upon noticing this, the teachers all helplessly shook their heads and drove the conversation topic to the students’ puppy love.

This time, Ye Jian was really grateful for her timely appearance.

Ye Jian left chatting happily with two other girls while the other students laughed in merriment.

After taking two steps, she swiftly turned her head towards the small building, and her pupils glistened as she walked towards the direction of the stream while being urged by the girls.

“Wow, that girl has a very sharp expression. She scares me. I think my heart skipped half a beat.” Han Zheng patted his chest while he held the binoculars in his hand. His whole being… was crouched behind the handrail, and his face was full of shock. “She doesn’t look like a little girl in her teens. Where did you find this child bride of yours?”

…The magnificent Major Xia had captivated god knows how many hearts of prestigious young ladies, but surprisingly, he ended up taking a fancy to a little girl!

This news is so f***ing maddening!

Xia Jinyuan looked at his childhood friend, who had lost his composure after the lass’ gaze had swept past him, and teased him, “That’s not a bad reaction. I don’t usually see you paying much attention in school, but it looks like you belong to the troops. Your agility is improving.” Han Zheng had yet to officially graduate from military school, but starting from this year, he would have to delegate the base of the troops.

“Am I not just scared of being spotted? In front of you, it doesn’t matter whether I have any composure. I’ll be fine if I maintain my composure in front of the students later.”

Han Zheng stood up nimbly and placed the binoculars on the table. By the time he sat back down, he had a restrained look, and he revealed a grim expression. “You have really decided to enter that squad? Did Chief Xia approve?”

Han Zheng furrowed his brows and instantly brushed off his rowdiness. Whether it was his expression or his attitude, it exuded a sharpness which could only belong to a soldier. “I mentioned it to my dad the day before yesterday when I came home, and I almost got whipped by him the other day. Looks like if I want to get in, my dad here will probably be a difficult obstacle I need to overcome.”

“With effort, one can achieve anything. It’s normal if Uncle Han does not agree for you to come with me..” He had a smile on his lips while he drank his beer leisurely. His low and casual tone suddenly had three times more seriousness in it as he said, “As a current student in military school, you still dare go into a KTV openly. Han Zheng, who gave you the nerve to do so!”

His voice was not loud; however, it sounded as if thunder had struck.

Han Zheng was so shocked that his scalp started to tense, and he explained, “Going to a KTV sounds good, but we aren’t going there to drink or play whatever! D*mn it, it must be a trap set up by Wu Yunzhe. I didn’t pay attention and stepped right into your trap!”

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“Forget it, we’re not going to talk about it today. The only reason I went to military school was for that brigade. Even if my dad doesn’t agree, he will have to.” After speaking for a bit, Han Zheng seemed like he had realized something, and from his rowdy peach eyes suddenly emerged a wolf-like intensity. “Chief Xia has approved for you to go? How did he agree so readily?”

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That is a brigade where only a fine line exists between life and death, and he actually agreed just like that!

The sun had already set, and the orchard had lost the laughter and chatter of the students. Xia Jinyuan then stood up lazily and arrogantly looked down at his shocked childhood friend. “The reason why you joined military school is to join the brigade. Too bad, I did too.”

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