Chapter 142: Major Xia Is Jealous?

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Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon nodded his head in approval. Suddenly, Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s gaze seemed to shoot towards his direction… so he swiftly stepped back and decided to sit back onto the rattan chair.

After he had taken two steps backward, Xia Jinyuan turned and stared at the man who was moving the rattan chair in an attempt to make him fall and embarrass himself. He raised one of his brows and laughed, “Han Zheng, you are a grown-up, yet you’re still playing such childish games. Don’t you think that is kind of childish?”

Han Zheng, twenty years old. He was of the Captain military rank. Like Xia Jinyuan, he was a proper third generation patriot.

The childhood friends grew up in the same compound; they were close to each other to the point that they were familiar with when each other hit puberty and started having wet dreams.

After he had heard that, he raised his brows and said in a willful and merry tone, “Ha! Compared to your behaviour just now, I am definitely not childish.” He held a can of unopened beer in his hands and stood around casually. His laziness and recklessness permeated the air as he said, “However, you have piqued my interest. In this group of students… which one are you interested in?”

He did not mention whether it was a boy or a girl, he only said students… ntentionally or not, he had set up a trap for his childhood friend.

It is improper to touch each other!? Since when was Nobleman Xia concerned with this type of things? This is really getting interesting!

Xia Jinyuan glanced at his childhood friend who was like a mobile hormone-machine, and he curled his lips upwards. He did not answer his question, but instead just chuckled. “Do you know why I brought you here?”

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“Do you even need to say it out loud? Compared to the others, I, Han Zheng, am handsome, confident, and elegant… Whoever brings me out will gain reputation!”

“Yes, they definitely will gain some reputation.” Xia Jinyuan stared at his childhood friend with a knowing look, his deep gaze concealing a subtle laugh. “However, it’s not you who has a reputation because I’m the one who has more reputation.”

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Han Zheng gracefully tidied up his uniform and laughed after he heard that. “Why, of course, I am Han Zheng! Anyone who can become my friend and whoever that is will gain reputation! Of course, to be Major Xia’s friend, I have also gained a lot of reputation.”

That was definitely the truth. Upon surveying all the influential families in the capital, none of them could compare to the Xia family!

Grandpa Xia was one of the sole living founding fathers of the country!

Han Zheng had not realized Xia Jinyuan’s unspoken insinuation yet, so his handsome face had a smug expression, and he continued enthusiastically, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s continue increasing your reputation. Meanwhile,don’t forget to introduce the young beauty who was able to trouble Nobleman Xia to drive all the way here to the countryside just to satisfy your jealousy and unhappiness towards her..”

“We’re not in a hurry. I’ll bring you there later.” Xia Jinyuan calmly looked at his childhood friend. No matter how he looked at the smile hanging on his lips… it always seemed to be a smile filled with a deep meaning.

In the orchard, Ye Jian felt that her face was slightly stiff from all the smiling. After having taken photographs with the teachers of each school, Ye Jian decided to stroll around alone.

Just now, she did not know whether it was just her misperception, but somehow, it felt like… someone in the building by the orchard was looking at her.

She had only taken a few steps before she saw two boys pushing Gao Yiyang from behind a tree. When they spotted her, they laughed loudly, “Ye Jian, come, let’s have a group photo!”

One of the students said, “Gao Yiyang, where were you hiding just now? You didn’t even take a picture with our legendary beauty Ye Jian! Come here and stand, stand, let me take a picture of the both of you.”

The teachers were interested after hearing the laughter. “You two must take a photograph together. The two of you are from the same school and even have a senior-junior relationship. You over there, the male student, come here, pass your camera to the teacher. I, a teacher, will personally take a picture of both of them.”

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