Chapter 141: The Pursuit of Nobleman Xia

It was getting lively in the bus. Ye Jian, Gao Yiyang and Wang Mo, who was another contestant from Provincial High, were having a very lively conversation with the other nine contestants.

This time, Ye Ying, who was not clinging to Gao Yiyang, heard the mutters and waves of laughter coming from the back of the bus. Although she was chatting with other students, her sharp nails secretly dug into the leather seats while a cold glint flashed across her pupils every now and then.

Occasionally, while chatting with the students from other schools, her gaze would subconsciously fleet towards Ye Jian, her gloomy gaze filled with jealousy and hate.

“Ye Jian, I’ll let you be complacent for now! You wish to participate in the Global Olympiad? Ha! You think you’re worthy!?”

Ye Ying carried her gloomy thoughts throughout the ride, suppressing her hidden excitement as she chatted with the students around her quite cheerfully.

Ye Jian had a light smile while conversing with the contestants of the high school division, acting as if she had not realized the cold gaze coming from somewhere. Occasionally, her deep pupils would have a cold gleam flitting across them, revealing that she was aware.

A gaze which held so much grievance in it was hard for her to even ignore.

The sky was not fully dark by the time they reached the outskirts of the capital. Students had their cameras ready in their hands as they eagerly pulled Ye Jian and the other chosen contestants to take photographs together in this nice environment.

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Ye Ying glanced towards them, revealing her vexation before she turned and left alone.

“Take a photo for me, take a photo for me!!” When they alighted the bus, the imaginary distance between the guys and the girls widened. The guys from the other schools contended to take a photo with Ye Jian as a keepsake, and some even gave her their address in hope that they could communicate with her often in the future…

Of course, they meant communication concerning education!

After Ye Jian had changed, impacting her path in life, her prim and pretty eyebrows imperceptibly became a lot more cheerful. Whether they were guys or girls, they all did their best in their conversations with others to leave the impression of being educated and reasonable in the minds of the other students.

Someone was sitting on a rattan chair on the balcony of the second floor of the farmhouse. He looked at the silhouettes of students having fun in the woods, his gaze never focused on one spot, as if he was searching for something.

“Nobleman Xia, you are quite interesting for a senile man. A fun place for you means a farm that has no women, no alcohol, and no good food?” A slender man walked towards him with a canned beer in his hand. “This is my first holiday in the year, and I unexpectedly accompanied you to this …”

The man placed his beer on the table, and his slender fingers pointed towards the woods. “Only children will come and play in this place. What was I thinking when I agreed to come here?”

“I’m not going to keep a reluctant guest, so you can leave whenever you want.” Xia Jinyuan picked up a can of beer. he opened it with a pak before proceeding to sip it gracefully. His gaze gently swept past his pal who managed to give off a ruffian look in his military outfit. “You’re welcome to do so. I’m not going to see you out.”

His gaze landed on a slender silhouette after he had finished speaking. His gaze stopped searching; instead, he looked on intently with much interest.

The lass is very well received by the boys. Every one of them is contesting to have a photo with her. Ha! That boy with the pen and paper looks like he has long prepared for this!

Xia Jinyuan, who was still sipping on his beer stood up, and he leaned against the railings of the balcony. His chilly gaze landed on a boy who was brave enough to lift his arm up and place it on Ye Jian’s shoulder.

“You brat! It is improper for a man and a woman to touch each other!”

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After he had said that, he saw Ye Jian mutter something to the boy. The boy laughed, and they had their photograph taken with the gap of a finger between their shoulders.

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