Chapter 140: Failed Strategy

Her apology only made Xia Jinyuan raise his eyebrows slightly. He then smiled in reply, “Is that so? Then it can only wait until next time. I originally wanted to bring you to take a look…”

Because the topic was something that could not be revealed to the public, he stooped over, his strong, slender body completely towering over Ye Jian’s thin frame. His figure seemed like a pine tree blocking out the sun, protecting a growing bud. “…take a look at our country’s newest artillery shells that will be used by the troops.”

He was extremely close to her, so he could smell the delicate fragrance she emitted. It was not an artificial scent. Her body’s scent was light and elegant like that of a flower, yet it was also thrilling and could excite a person.

The lass’s complexion was really pale, as if it was white jade overflowing with lustre… Hmm, compared to the first time I met her, she has grown taller, and her body is starting to curve… She already has the grace of a teenage girl.

Xia Jinyuan’s black pupils slightly darkened, and his lips curved upwards while he maintained his composure. His gaze lightly skimmed across Ye Jian’s swan-like neck. His gaze was not obtrusive; it purely held appreciation towards beauty.

Ye Jian was instantly enveloped by his peppermint fragrance and took a step back without leaving a trace.

Her heartbeat skipped a beat in that short moment, and she raised her gaze and locked eyes with him. Ye Jian saw his confident smile at the edges of his sexy lips. He was seemingly confident that she would definitely agree to his invitation and shirk away from the school’s arrangement.

The rebellious Ye Jian realized this and did not increase the distance between them. Rather, she tilted her head and gazed back at him.

The distinct black and white of her animated eyes looked at him with a faint smile, and she shook her head to refuse, “Thank you, Captain Xia, for your efforts; I really want to go. Sadly, I still cannot go.”

Clearly, she was tempted, so why did she refuse?

He was worried that she would have plans for today, so he had some plans thought out beforehand. However, she still needed to appreciate his meticulousness, him having planned everything out.

At home, he planned to first bring Ye Jian to a private restaurant in Beihai Park and enjoy some classic imperial city dishes. Then, he would bring her to the practice field of his courtyard and assess whether she had improved during the few days he had been gone.

This arrangement seemed unlikely to keep the assertive lass by his side… So he adjusted his tactics last minute and used the artillery shell factory as a makeshift new plan.

His strategy was good, but the person he was up against was no ordinary one.

His eyes were set on the prize, but ultimately… he still received a rejection of “I still can’t go.” Xia Jinyuan experienced the feeling of heartache for the first time while he drove away.

The lass was not only smart, but she also had a persistent mind. She was a tough person to please.

Ye Jian waited until he had driven out of her sight before returning to the school compound. It isn’t 6pm yet; I should return to the dorm and wash my face.

She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t nervous while giving a speech on stage just now. Having experienced it for the first time, her whole back was drenched in sweat.

Having my brain work at high speeds for a few days straight has indeed been very taxing on me.

She still had to spend time with such a dangerous guy. While her body tensed up, she had to pay attention to his ambiguous teasing that would cause others to misunderstand.

Just like what happened just now, he could clearly converse with her while standing farther away, but he deliberately wanted to get so close to her… Furthermore, he even bent down and enveloped her in his manly scent.

…It further made her not want to go!

By the time Ye Jian had headed downstairs, there were already a number of students chatting with one another, and all of them were participants from different schools. There were not a lot of them; in total, there were only forty-two students.

Of the twelve students from Fu Jun Town, six of them had already left, while the remaining six boarded a bus headed towards the orchard farm alongside Experimental High’s students under the teachers’ guidance.

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