Chapter 139: The Unreceptive Ye Jian

Because Ye Ying had no prior experience with military ranks, he could not explain it to her clearly. However, Gao Yiyang knew…

Looking at Ye Ying, who still had a hint of fright in her expression, Gao Yiyang sighed gently, “I’m as afraid as you are… Forget it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. If she’s not going, we’ll just go without her.”

He paused for a bit, furrowing his brows slightly as he bellowed, “You didn’t have to be so mean to Ye Jian. I’m not dumb to the point that I’m unable to distinguish between someone liking me and hating me.”

Ye Ying’s pretty pupils instantly darkened, and she glared at him for a moment. Tears welled up in her pupils, and she revealed a sad smile. “Is that so? Just treat it as a misunderstanding on my part then. I’m sorry, I don’t feel like going anywhere tonight. Bye!”

She did not insist on her opinions in front of him. Instead, she blamed all her mistakes on herself. The sad face she was putting on was enough to make a 15-16-year-old boy like Gao Yiyang surrender and admit his mistakes.

She revealed a hint of a smirk once he apologized to her. She always knew how to manipulate others to her advantage.

Teacher Zhu and Director Li, who was from Capital Experimental High, walked out of the hall while conversing with each other, “…So we will have to trouble you, Director Li, about the train tickets.”

Noticing that Gao Yiyang was in front of him, he wrapped up his conversation with Director Li and walked towards Gao Yiyang with a smile on his face.

Gao Yiyang and Ye Ying listened to what Teacher Zhu had to say. They were quite shocked to learn that Capital Experimental High had already arranged their transport, and had planned to go to an orchard farm for the students to relax after the selections…

“Hmm, you don’t believe me? Hahaha, I’m not lying to you two. Hurry up and notify the other three students. You don’t have to for Ye Jian; I have already told her.”

Teacher Zhu patted Gao Yiyang’s shoulder, and the smile on his face became more evident. “We only have a few days left till the start of the competition. This special event was arranged for the twelve representatives to relax. We, on the other hand, will bask in your glory, hahaha.”

Teacher Zhu’s gaze shifted towards Ye Ying. These two seem to be very intimate with each other. No matter how I look at it, this appears to be the budding of an early romance.

“What you mean is that we’re all staying in the farm tonight, and we’ll only be back by noon tomorrow?” A dark glint flashed across Ye Ying’s pupils as she asked uncertainly, “So what time are we leaving the capital tomorrow? If we don’t come back tonight, will we still be able to catch the train tomorrow?”

She has thought this through thoroughly. Teacher Zhu smiled, “Relax, you will be able to reach home tomorrow on time. Hurry up, we’re meeting in twenty minutes. We should get there ten minutes early.”

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After Ye Ying heard this, her pupils glimmered slightly and said to Gao Yiyang impatiently, “Then I’ll notify the girls; you go notify the boys.”

Having said that, she turned to Teacher Zhu to say goodbye before leaving in a haste.

Her eyes weren’t just gloomy; they even had a speck of malice could create fear in others.

Ye Jian, who had already walked out of the school compound, did not get in the car immediately. She stared at the spear-like uprightness and sharp silhouette of the man in front of her, a hint of amazement flashing across her eyes.

After Xia Jinyuan had worn his summer military uniform, not only was his temperament enhanced to the peak, but his entire being had also become graceful like jade, and she felt that he was so gentlemanly that every action of his made him appear extraordinarily noble and honorable.

“I’m sorry, we can’t go out together tonight. Teacher Zhu from Provincial High has just notified me that the school has arranged for us twelve representatives to go to an orchard. I did not reject his invitation.” Ye Jian raised her eyes and allowed her amazement at him to collect in her pupils quietly. “I can only back out of our arrangement tonight. I’m really sorry.”

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