Chapter 647 – Madam Charm Fox?

With a voluptuous and exquisite body,which was covered only by a few pieces of fox skin at the crucial areas.

A lethal and natural seductiveness.

Laying within Ji Mo Ya’s arms, she used her powerful twin peaks to rub against Ji Mo Ya, hoping to cause a male reaction from him.

With a smile she spoke tenderly, like how a lover would to her man, “It is truly not easy to deceive humanity’s genius, you should stop struggling, ok? This blood net is made from the blood of nine hundred and ninety-nine people, the more you try to struggle, the tighter it will wind up and cut into your flesh and bones.”

“Madam Charm Fox?” within Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes was a deep darkness.

Madam Charm Fox was the number one beauty of the Fox Demon Clan, her Fox Charm techniques were extremely potent and had earned her a widespread reputation. She used to be a Demon King but due to a mishap in her cultivation method, she regressed and became a Commander-Level Great Demon instead.

This individual was known for her vicious and ruthless ways, she used any methods necessary to achieve her goals.

“Ho, this brat actually knows who this madam is.” the beautiful mature young woman used an alluring method to lay within Ji Mo Ya’s arms as she used a finger and circled it on Ji Mo Ya’s chest.

Ji Mo Ya was currently in a frozen state, bounded by the blood net across his body, but his eyes was dark and cold.

“What a good plot Madam Fox Charm, this one admits his defeat. However, the enmity between your Fox Demon clan and I have nothing to do with Little Yan. I would like to request Madam Fox Charm to let her go.”

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No wonder the entire town had been transformed into puppet men, just the abilities of this Commander-Level Old Fox would not have been enough to achieve the feat.

This type of forbidden techniques could only be done with the help of powerful people from behind the scenes.

It was likely that Madam Fox Charm had knew about his relationship with Huan Qing Yan long ago; as she secretly collected information about him.

They secured Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure and used it to lead the two of them into Mask Town; then they used illusions to separate him and Huan Qing Yan and to steal her Phoenix Feather Bell.

At the same time, the Old Fox had been sent to fight with him; it would have been the best if they could capture Ji Mo Ya in the fight. If the Old Fox cannot win, then it would escape, allowing Madam Fox Charm who possessed the Phoenix Feather Bell to transform into Huan Qing Yan to bait him. That was because he relied on the Phoenix Feather Bell to track down Huan Qing Yan…

In addition to that, to prevent him from discovering the trap, she even acted as though she had turned into a puppet person, to prevent him from communicating or getting too close; she just needed to wait for the best opportunity to ambush him…

One must admit that this chain of events and methods were indeed splendid.

There was no grievance about falling into the hands of the Madam Fox Charm.

Madam Fox Charm tenderly and intimately said, “Did you humans let go of my man? Although I have many men, but Ninth Fox was this madam’s favorite, his ultimate techniques on bed was the best, can you compensate me the same one? If you humans can compensate me, then this madam is also willing to make peace with this situation.”

“How to compensate?”

“Use yourself to compensate this madam, how about it? Earlier on I was truly only thinking about getting revenge for Ninth Fox, but when I saw you in the flesh, this madam’s heartstrings seemed to be pulled as well. You truly are handsome; such a good-looking man can only make this madam feel happy and pleasing on the eye. Little Fella are you willing to spend some… happy time with this madam?”

Ji Mo Ya did not reply as he coldly stared at her with disdain.

The Old Fox on the side reminded, “Madam, this place is too close to the Holy City, we must end this as quickly as possible…”

A Half-Sage would only need a few seconds to reach where they were if they make haste.

Madam Fox Charm replied, “What’s the rush? The number of Demon Men within the Holy City is enough to make them busy for some time.”

However, despite saying as such, she still felt a lingering nervousness in her heart,; n addition, the gaze that Ji Mo Ya was looking at her with also made her feel extremely unhappy.

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